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41 products

    41 products
    ir sensor switch
    ir sensor switch
    IR Sensor Switch
    Multi-Effect Board (featuring 4 effects) for LEGO sets
    Multi-Effect Board (featuring 4 effects) for LEGO sets
    Multi-Effect Board (featuring 4 effects)


    LED Light Components for LEGO Builds

    Our LEGO lighting accessories collection offers a variety of LED light components to enhance your LEGO sets. These lighting components include bit lights and colorbit lights, perfect for adding vibrant and realistic illumination to your creations.

    Versatile Lighting Accessories for Every Builder

    Explore our selection of lighting accessories tailored for LEGO enthusiasts. From individual bit lights to complete LED light components, our products ensure your builds shine brilliantly with detail and color.

    Vibrant Colorbit Lights for Stunning Effects

    Transform your LEGO sets with our colorbit lights. These lights bring dynamic colors and effects, making every detail of your model stand out and creating a captivating display.

    High-Quality LEGO Lighting Components

    Discover the best lighting solutions with our premium LED light components and accessories. Each product integrates seamlessly, providing exceptional visual effects and enhancing your LEGO building experience.

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