Top 3 New LEGO Releases 2020

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As long as you’re a fan of Lego, you'll feel excited whenever you hear there's a new Lego set available. This year, young ones everywhere enjoy that feeling because they know that soon something fun and creative would be available for them to organize, build, and play with. In February we saw young ones build an entire New York Toy Fair. They did a great job.

This article would show you the Top Three New Lego Releases. 

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List of Top Three Lego Sets

Lego Star Wars The Child

This Lego set is sold for eighty dollars. You can pre-order it. It should be released on the 30th of October 2020. This Lego set has a thousand and seventy-three pieces. It is created for young ones of ten years and above. 

Enjoy this Lego set by creating and organizing Baby Yoda. He is made again using Lego bricks. You can pose its ears, head, and mouth using several expressions. A gearshift knob is also included for it to look the way it did in the film Star Wars: The Mandalorian

Recreating vehicles, starships, characters, and locations from the Star Wars universe has been what the Lego group has been doing since the year 1999. Star Wars has been a theme that is quite successful. It has several Lego sets for display and play for fans of every age and gender.

This set can be purchased for twenty dollars. It became available from the 1st of July 2020. It has a hundred and ninety-three pieces. It is wonderful for young ones aged seven and upwards.

This Room of Requirement created by the Lego group transports fans of young wizards and witches to the Harry Potter world. There we join a little group of loved ones on a mission where we would keep dark magic at bay.

Harry Potter fans can use this to create Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix signature magical moments. They could conjure up adventures and moments of imagination they would like using Luna Lovegood, Hermione Granger, and our very own Harry Potter. Of these signatures, magical moments include parts where the Army of Dumbledore is rehearsing spells in the Room of Requirement. As mysterious as that sounds, you could also Harry learn how to master the Patronus Charm. An otter for Lady Granger and a hare for Lady Lovegood. There see also fitted magic that can be seen in the hands of these mini-figures. You could also use them to attack a death eater mechanical toy available in the set. There are also cool accessories and features that would make you enjoy the fun from this epic Lego set.

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This Lego set costs two hundred and fifty dollars. It has been available since the 1st of June. People from eighteen years and above would enjoy this. You could though bring your kids to join in the fun. It has three thousand two hundred and thirty-one pieces.

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