TOP 10 Best LEGO Sets for Adults

by Nikita P.

Next time someone tries to judge you for playing with LEGO bricks, be sure to point out that there are sets actually made for adults and more importantly – it’s your money. While LEGO started out making plastic toys for kids, and then interlocking building bricks…still for kids, it turned out that adults loved the thrill of putting pieces together to form a pretty cool house or car even more than kids did. In time, LEGO started creating larger, more complex sets that are best suited for teenagers and adults due to the large number of pieces and complicated building process.

adult play with LEGO

These sets can contain up to 5000 pieces, and we all know most kids don’t have that kind of patience to set up so many pieces. Moreover, the large and more complex sets are way too expensive to be typically for kids. Nonetheless, some adults are still somewhat ashamed of being seen playing with LEGO bricks and simply say they’re buying the set for their kids (come on, we know you’re still going to try building it at night in your bedroom). 

To be honest, there really isn’t anything to be ashamed of. If adults can play video games (and have an abashing love for it) then adults should be able to play with LEGO without judgment. There is a growing community of adults who love LEGO sets and are proud of it. This is the AFOL (Adult Fan of LEGO) community. It is fast becoming a large community of like-minded adults with a beautiful sense of wonder. So, while your girlfriend might find it childish that you’re always building a new LEGO set, rest assured my friend, there is a whole community that accepts you. 

adult LEGO Community

Why Adults Love LEGO   

1. It makes them happy! 

Adult fans of LEGO cannot deny how much fun they have when they build a LEGO set. The thrill is not just in seeing the final outcome but in tearing it all down and using different pieces to build something else. This is where I should probably insert a quote about doing what makes you happy and living your best life. So…just do what makes you happy. That’s it. 

2. LEGO helps adults battle with stress

More often than not, adults that are so busy with work and family life have no time for themselves. LEGO gives adults a chance to work and play at the same time. Some adults just need to spend an hour or two on LEGO bricks and they’re more relaxed after a hard day at work. 

Lego stress

3. Adults who didn’t get a chance to play with LEGO as kids get a second chance in life 

LEGO was widely in use over 60 years ago but many adults today never got the chance to play with these bricks as kids. This is basically their only chance to make up for it unless they’re going to be building LEGO sets in their retirement home. 

4. It builds creativity (ha-ha…builds…get it?)

The day-to-day activities of adulthood can get so boring and monotonous. LEGO gives adults a chance to get creative, something that is often being stifled by work and chores.Best LEGO Sets For AdultsWith so many reasons to love LEGO and so many adults who love LEGO too, here is a compilation of some adult LEGO sets you would love to get your hands on. 

Best LEGO Sets For Adults 

With so many reasons to love LEGO and so many adults who love LEGO too, here is a compilation of some adult LEGO sets you would love to get your hands on.  



LEGO Millennium Falcon 75192

LEGO 75192 MILLENNIUM FALCON - This set is most suitable for adults and expert builders as it contains over 7500 pieces. Once fully built, it measures 8 inches high, 33 inches long and 22 inches wide, hence, it makes for a great living room centerpiece or display piece. But then, this set does not come cheap. It is sold at $800, so, it’s pretty unlikely to see this set being bought for kids to throw around. There is so much attention to detail that the set has all the components of the ship intact including the engine room, two escape pod hatches, a seating area, and an engineering station. This set is sure to give Star Wars fans an exciting playtime.  

Main features: 

1. Set Number: 75192 

2. Pieces: 7541 

3. Minifigures: 10 

4. Released: October 1, 2017 

5. Buy online: Amazon

6. Get special lights: Game of Bricks Store



LEGO 10188 Stars Wars Death Star - The Death Star will require a great deal of patience to complete as it contains about 4000 pieces and the building process is not just for the exterior but for an intricately detailed interior. This means you’re going to be thinking quite a lot to figure out where everything goes. It is both a challenging and fun-filled set that enhances your problem-solving skills. Of course, like most adult sets, it will cost you more than a big buck. The LEGO Star Wars Death Star costs $500, with several features including a control room for the laser, a hangar bay, and 23 Minifigures. The 16”x16” orb is a must-have for adults, especially since it is a bit too complicated for kids (unless of course your kid is a little genius). 

Main features: 

1. Set Number: 10188

2. Pieces: 4016

3. Minifigures: 27

4. Released: September 15, 2016 

5. Buy online: Amazon

6. Get special lights: Game of Bricks Store


LEGO Taj Mahal 10256

LEGO 10256 The Taj Mahal -  set is by far one of the best sets ever created and is amongst the most expensive. At a jaw-dropping price of $1400, this is one of the large LEGO sets for adults ever sold on the market. The asking price does seem quite ridiculous, but believe it or not, people are still spending that large amount on a LEGO set with no regrets. With 6000 pieces, you can expect to be working on this set for weeks to come.  

Main features: 

1. Set Number: 10256 

2. Pieces: 5923 

3. Minifigures: 0 

4. Released: November 1, 2017 

5. Buy online: Amazon

6. Get special lights: Game of Bricks Store


LEGO pirate silent mary 71042

LEGO 71042 SILENT MARY - Based on the Pirates of the Caribbean movie, Dead Men Tell No Tales, the LEGO Pirates Silent Mary set is an excellent rendition of the destructible flagship in the film. The adult LEGO set that comprises 2300 pieces is measured at 26 inches long and 18 inches high. It also comes with a rowboat, two ghost sharks and eight minifigures based on the movie. The set does a great job of bringing Pirates fans and LEGO fans together. 

Main features: 

1. Set Number: 71042 

2. Pieces: 2294 

3. Minifigures: 8 

4. Released: 1 April, 2017 

5. Buy online: Amazon  


LEGO Tower Bridge 10214

LEGO 10214 TOWER BRIDGE - Every now and then, LEGO creates a set based on some of the most significant historical structures and events. The Tower Bridge set is one of these. When completed, it measures over 40 inches long and will definitely take up a lot of space! It would be great to display this massive masterpiece upon completion rather than take it down and rebuilding it over and over. In addition, this is a Creator Expert set, so it does not come with numbered bags, hence keeping track of all 4300 pieces is no small feat. Nonetheless, adults would definitely find this an interestingly challenging kit. 

Main features: 

1. Set Number: 10214 

2. Pieces: 4287 

3. Minifigures: 0 

4. Released: October 1, 2010 

5. Buy online: Amazon

6. Get special lights: Game of Bricks Store


LEGO 3450 Statue of Liberty Sculpture

LEGO 21042 STATUE OF LIBERTY - The LEGO Statue of Liberty is another model based on a historic landmark designed for history lovers. With 1685 pieces, the set is intricately designed complete with a pedestal, columned balconies and of course, what’s the statue of liberty without the golden torch? LEGO did a good job of giving the set a realistic color scheme so the gold and green look much like that of the real Statue of Liberty.  

Main features: 

1. Set Number: 21042 

2. Pieces: 2882 

3. Minifigures: 0 

4. Released: September 1, 2011 

5. Buy online: Amazon


LEGO New York City architecture 21028

LEGO 21028 NEW YORK CITY - While many LEGO fans feel that this set is not as detailed as it should be, it is still very interesting to build and serves as a beautiful display piece. Surprisingly, it only contains 598 pieces, yet it features the Statue of Liberty, the Empire State Building, the Chrysler Building, and two other New York landmarks. This is a much cheaper adult LEGO set compared to the others on this list.  

Main features: 

1. Set Number: 21028 

2. Pieces: 598

3. Minifigures: 0 

4. Released: 2016

5. Buy online: Amazon


LEGO porsche 42056

LEGO 42056 PORSCHE 911 GT3 RS - Technic sets are the best chance to look cool even though you’re just playing with LEGO. The LEGO Technic Porsche is a sophisticated replica of the real-life supercar, giving car lovers a chance to build and possess a really cool car. With about 2700 pieces, building this set will take a great deal of focus, time and ingenuity. The set is also one of the more expensive, costing about $400.  

Main features: 

1. Set Number: 42056 

2. Pieces: 2704 

3. Minifigures: 0 

4. Released: 1 June, 2016 

5. Buy online: Amazon 

6. Get special lights: Game of Bricks Store


LEGO Old Fishing Store 21310

LEGO 21310 OLD FISHING STORE - LEGO Ideas sets are those actually designed by people in the LEGO fan community that have acquired up to 10,000 votes. This particular set reached 10,00 votes within six weeks and is so well detailed that you can confuse it for an actual fishing store (if you’ve had too much to drink). The LEGO Ideas Old Fishing Store comprises 2049 pieces, a removable roof, and 4 Minifigures. 

Main features: 

1. Set Number: 21310

2. Pieces: 2049 

3. Minifigures: 4

4. Released: 1 September 2017

5. Buy online: Amazon 

6. Get special lights: Game of Bricks Store


LEGO 10255 Assembly Square

LEGO 10255 ASSEMBLY SQUARE - This set is literally a full city block, with telephones, storefront signs, a baby carriage, and a small Chihuahua – all to give it a more realistic feel. We all know cities are always bubbling with fun and excitement and this structure is large enough to depict this. With the LEGO Assembly Square set, adults get the chance to recreate a model somewhat similar to their current lives.  

Main features: 

1. Set Number: 10255 

2. Pieces: 4002 

3. Minifigures: 9 

4. Released: January 1, 2017 

5. Buy online: Amazon

6. Get special lights: Game of Bricks Store


So, if you happen to come across any one of these sets, rest assured you will get both a challenging and fun experience. More importantly, be proud of being a true LEGO builder because not everyone can actually build these sets, especially those that look down on it! 

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