LEGO Sets That Won't Be Made Today

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There are some LEGO sets that if they were made today, no one would have bought them. They would have stayed on the shelves for a long time. Many fans would have rolled their eyes and wondered what made the creators make these sets. Some of these sets have some meanings that only true fans may know. 

We are going to look at sets that can't be made in 2020, and if they are made, only very few people would buy them. 

LEGO is one firm that is known to churn out the best products in existence. They are of high quality, but it seems that the same company decided to create weird looking sets. 

1. LEGO Breaking Bad 

If you see this set, you may end up hating the series. Have you watched Breaking Bad? You should consider watching it. The series is interesting. The LEGO depiction of it may be awesome, though quite controversial.

lego breaking bad

We can't blame the manufacturers for making it. It is a custom made set and is only available to those that want it. Left for me, I will not be caught dead with this set. 


One thing some fans do not like about this set that it encourages catcalls. There is hardly any woman that likes being catcalled. It comes off as rude. 

The manufacturers may not have had that in mind, but it comes off like that. 


The set tries to depict construction workers catcalling women as they walked by. This can be seen in the “Hey, babe” sticker in the set. It might have been done to seem funny and somewhat innocent, but is it? 

Some fans complained bitterly about it, and before you knew it, the set was linked with controversy.


3. LEGO Simpson

You may wonder why many parents kicked against this set when it came out. Everyone likes Simpsons cartoon. It is an interesting cartoon that is so popular. There is hardly any person that has access to the internet that may have not heard of the cartoons.

Well, if you look at it well, the cartoon is not generally a cartoon for kids. 

lego simpson set 2020

Do you now understand why some parents may kick against this? It is just like creating a LEGO set for Sausage Party. I know that I am exaggerating. 

4. Jabba's Palace

When this set came out, many people felt that it came across as being insensitive. It may not be surprising that many people felt that because it resembled a place in Istanbul. It seemed to make a mockery of a revered part of Istanbul. 

This caused a lot of complaints, as many people asked that it be recalled and an apology be released by the manufacturers. 

lego jabba palace

The manufacturers may not have had this revered place in mind, but it doesn't matter since the users felt otherwise. 

5. The LEGO Camp

When LEGO collaborated with Zbigniew Libera, an artist from Poland, to create a LEGO structure, everyone was waiting to see the result. The result was a camp that reminded us of the dreaded camps, where millions were killed. 

It was not taken quite well, but thankfully, it was not brought to the shelves. It was merely a partnership between an artist and LEGO. If it had made its way to the stores, it won't have been funny. 

This camp made from LEGOs can be seen in the Museum of Modern Art in Warsaw, Poland. 

6. The Ugly Bunny

One would have thought that this Bunny was created by a kid that was starting life. The set was made by LEGO and it is quite surprising. They should not have released it. 

If a kid had made this, it won't still be tolerable. The fact that it was made by the manufacturers of great products is surprising. 

7. Clone Wars' Twilight Set 

When this set was released, it was not funny. The thoughts of it are rushing back and I wish that I could forget. When it came out, everyone was disappointed. The reviews were so bad, that I doubt if I read any positive review. 

The fact that it was too expensive and had a few specifications worsened the situation. People felt that it was a sheer waste of money. 

8. LEGO Friends

When LEGO Friends came out, a lot of women groups came together and asked that the set be yanked out of supply. It was not funny. 

The set preached that females were expected to use some particular sets, while males had to stick to some particular sets. 

This brought up massive gender controversy. When it was released in 2012, many fans asked that it be pulled down. Once it got forty-seven thousand signatures, LEGO had no choice but to yank it down. If the manufacturers try to bring back this set in today's world, it would lead to massive calls for boycotting. 

9. LEGO Podracing 

This set made Podracing seem so bad. This was something that was fancied by many people, but LEGO found a way to spoil it.

To those that knew of Darth Maul, they were happy with the memes, even if they didn't agree on other things concerning it. 

LEGO Podracing

Can we say that this set was bad and sucked out the fun of things? We won't be wrong for saying that. 


10. LEGO Spider-Man Trike 

I love Spider-Man. I am crazy about it, but I did not fancy this set. Why on earth is spiderman riding a tricycle? Why? Tricycles are not cool, neither are they fast. How is he expected to chase bad guys if he is not on a fast mobile? He already has a web game that is awesome. I don't see the need for a slow motorized tricycle. It makes no sense. Some fans felt the same too when this set was released. 

LEGO Spider-Man Trike

11. LEGO Galidor 

This set should be the definition of the word, 'bad'. What were they thinking when they made this set?

It came out in 2002, and it seems to be a reflection of that time. Bad decisions were been made. Thank God, for some awesome sets of that period that resurrected the company. Left for bad sets such as LEGO Galidor, no one would buy them. 

The set was created with a show in mind. The Fox show seemed to make sense, but what LEGO created was not funny. Thank heavens, those days of bad decisions are long gone. 

12. Cool Guy

When this set came out, it seemed like a bad idea from the first day it hit the shelves. LEGO wanted to recreate the cool persona of James Bond in this set, but it flopped. 

This was another bad idea that was created in the 2000s. This was the time that LEGO was about to go broke and they were churning out any product that felt would save them from oblivion.  

13. Fire Chief

This set seemed to be created in a bid to offer some users cheap sets. The set is quite ugly. Those that lived in a time when only rocks were used to play would not be proud to use this toy. They would have opted for their rocks. 

It seems that this fire chief deserved a great pay raise. 

Fire Chief

The fire truck is nothing to write home about. What of the walkie talkie? It seemed that the manufacturers wanted to depict an underpaid fire chief. 

14. The Mandarin

You may know The Mandarin as Iron Man's rival, one villain that loved disturbing Iron Man. We know he is bad, blah blah blah, but won't it be a great idea if he had a great vehicle?

Why did had to have to be stuck with a vehicle that needed serious upgrade? 

The motorized scooter that The Mandarin rides is nothing to write home about. It seems that the scooter may have been an afterthought. If I were The Mandarin, I would have resigned as Iron Man's rival a long time ago. Come on, upgrade hid vehicle. 

The Mandarin

15. Lego Mixels 

This set was ugly and scary. I won't be surprised if it came to the users' nightmares. 

Lego Mixels

There was a cartoon series that some people watched in 2014 on CN. This series was abhorred by many, and LEGO decided to make a set that bore semblance to this series. Can we say that it didn't end well?

16. LEGO And Shell's Set

When LEGO decided to partner with Shell, some environmental protection groups protested greatly against it. One of them was Greenpeace. 

LEGO And Shell's Set

The group decided to hold a serious protest campaign against that partnership. They took it to the extent of creating a video where Minifigures sunk in oil. This made LEGO break its partnership with Shell. 

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