Best LEGO Games for PlayStation 4

by Nikita P.

We all know that LEGO is a game of bricks that is very versatile. There are so many versions of things you can achieve with LEGO bricks. 

PS4 Lego Games

Playing LEGO Games on PlayStation isn't left out too. In this article, we are going to be highlighting the different types of Lego games you can play on PlayStation 4.

1.LEGO Marvel’s Avengers (Amazon link)

The LEGO Marvel's Avengers works perfectly on the PlayStation 4. It has similarities with the LEGO Super Heroes and Lego Marvel franchise. 

Playing this game requires that you solve the puzzles that are usually scattered all over the environment of the game. Puzzles come in different forms, it's left for you to find them out and solve them.

LEGO Marvel’s Avengers playstation 4

The LEGO Marvel's Avengers game is ideal for people who are very much interested in getting a superhero experience.

Just like the Avengers franchise and LEGO Marvel Super Heroes, this particular game has over 100 superhero characters like; Captain America, Iron Man, Hulk, Thor, etc in it. 

This game has a very wide land that allows you to go on adventures in this land. And At the end of the day, you and some other characters in your Avengers team will come together and save your world. 

Just like it is with all LEGO products, this game is very child friendly and very suitable for PlayStation 4.

2. LEGO Marvel Superheroes 2 (Amazon link)

Next on our list is The LEGO Marvel Superheroes 2. This game is an action/adventure-filled LEGO video game that was produced by Travellers Tales and released by Warner Bros Interactive Entertainment. 

This game was specifically produced for PlayStation4, Xbox One, Microsoft Windows and Nintendo Switch on the 14th of November 2017. Also, LEGO Marvel Superheroes 2 was published by Feral interactive on the 2nd of August 2018 for Marcos. 

LEGO Marvel Superheroes 2

This game was published in order to continue the Lego Marvel Super Heroes which was produced in 2013 and also the LEGO Marvel franchise. 

The game features a battle that exists between the Superheroes and Supervillains alike. It majorly helps you to fit into the character of the superhero and supervillains of your choice.

The tools or arms for the battle are special creations from LEGO this is to enable easy winning. The characters in this game include; Thor, Spiderman, Guardians of the Galaxy as well as other superhero characters that exist.

This game is a helpful tool for people who have an interest in traveling to different parts of the world. So essentially, with this particular LEGO game, you get to have fun, laugh, and learn!

3. LEGO Worlds (Amazon link)

The third on this list has to be the Lego Worlds game. The game which allows it's players to create structures according to 3D procedures was developed by Travellers Tales and released by Warner Bros Interactive Entertainment.

An incomplete version of the LEGO Worlds game was First published on Steam Early Access on the 1st of June 2015. Again, it was released on the 7th of March and played on PlayStation4, Microsoft Windows and Xbox One.

On the 5th and 8th of September 2017, a Nintendo version was created and released in North America and in Europe respectively.

lego worlds playstation 4

The LEGO worlds game specifically focuses on a particular thing and that is: to complete Lego. The game is created with LEGO bricks which simply means that you can replace any surface you want to, in the title. That is, you can make anything you want happen so long as you keep getting access to your Lego bricks.

The LEGO Worlds is a game that especially lets the player make their own structures and constructions using the LEGO bricks or blocks. At the end of the day, you get a special reward when you must have gathered objects that are dispersed around maps that have Lego studs.

Apart from moving around the environment of this game, you have other óptions of hopping into helicopters, motorbikes, helicopters, etc. This means that you necessarily do not need to walk, you get to use other means of transportation.

LEGO worlds are the perfect PlayStation 4 choice material for anyone who's very interested in getting the most out of LEGO.

4. The LEGO Disney Pixar’s The Incredibles (Amazon link)

This game is a LEGO action theme game that was developed by TT fusion. This game was developed based on the movie; The Incredibles and was distributed on the 15th of June 2018 and the 13th of July 2018 in North America and Europe respectively by Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment.

The LEGO Disney Pixar’s The Incredibles ps 4

Using the LEGO Disney Pixar's The Incredibles requires that you are going to engage other elements inside the game to build Lego structures. The parr family of The Incredibles game has power. And you need to use this power to call the shots in this game.

LEGO Disney Pixar's Incredibles makes it possible for the game players to independently have control over the super-heroes and villains that featured in both films (The Incredibles 1 and The Incredibles 2).

This game is usually happening in an open environment. This makes it possible for you to move freely in the city and find out how you can fit in.

5. LEGO The Hobbit (Amazon link)

The game LEGO The Hobbit strikes us with a variety of features from the games that existed before it. For instance; a situation where the player has to find a particular material to create a big Lego structure. Then after the player is done picking from the material he found, he puts in the exact materials then a new screen is shown. This illustration has been featured in previous Lego video games.

lego the hobbit ps4

The major aim of the game: LEGO The Hobbit is to help you the player, to go on an adventure and excessively explore through Middle Earth so you can have a feeling of the very exciting places from the movie: The Hobbit Franchise.

You also have an opportunity to play the role of your favorite character from the movie. E.g Bilbo, Gandalf and a host of others.

Fitting into the role of your favorite character requires that you start several quests for treasure so that you can dig and gather gems. Also, building Lego structures in the game is very easy.

When you want to build or create new structures, locate the Blacksmiths shop in the game, and use the Mithril (most important metal) and build to your satisfaction. 

The game LEGO the Hobbit has different kinds of riddles that require that you solve them as you go on with the game. If in the end, you successfully completed your game, you have the sole opportunity of being in charge of the One Ring.

6. LEGO Batman 3: Beyond Gotham (Amazon link)

The sixth Lego PS 4 game we will be talking about is the third series of the LEGO Batman titled Beyond Gotham. 

Using help from Batman Computer, you have the opportunity of accessing different game missions that are not included in the storyline. This game lets you battle alongside Batman and his team in the environment. Also, there's a special feature of you unlocking well over 150 characters in this game. 

LEGO Batman 3: Beyond Gotham ps4

There are six lantern planets in the game. You have a chance of exploring through these six lantern planets. The Lantern Planets have familiar features as seen in Lego Batman 2: DC, Your major aim in this game is to get your foes in separate lantern planets and try to snatch their lantern Rings as well as prevent Brainiac from putting the world to an end. 

This game is old so it's very easy for it to be seen in stores and its sold at very cheap rates.


This game is a very interesting PlayStation4 game and it’s also adapted to iPads.

7. LEGO Star Wars: The Force Awakens Deluxe Edition (Amazon link)

The last on the list is LEGO Star Wars: The Force Awakens Deluxe Edition. For solid gamers, the Star Wars franchise has always been a serious quest because if it's wonderful sci-fi features. Now the LEGO Star Wars: The Force Awakens Deluxe Edition should be able to offer even better experience don't you think? 

LEGO Star Wars- The Force Awakens Deluxe Edition ps4

This action-adventure video piece is packed with the same storyline as the movie; The Force Awakens. This game is, however, virtually the same with the already existing Lego video games.

It features a new multi-build system that allows you access to build several buildings with different options to choose from. A very great option for your PlayStation 4.

The game also allows you to fit into the personalities of different characters which include; Rey, Hansolo, Chewbacca, allowing you to explore and ride through the different planets and worlds you saw in the movie.

The most interesting experience you will get from the game is the new system which allows you to create anything you want to. 


Having gone through this list, I'm sure that there won't be any problem searching for Lego games that can easily adapt to your PlayStation 4. So on this note, we say, Have fun! 

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