LEGO Building Projects for Kids

by Nikita P.

LEGO is here to stay and is not going anywhere anytime soon. With advancements in design, structure, and even newer projects, year in year out, LEGO has proven to be a part of our lives. Whether you're a grown-up, or you have a kid, no matter the age, LEGO just always has something that you'll want. Here, we will be focusing on some cool and amazing LEGO projects that your kids can build.

kids play lego

There are hundreds and thousands of LEGO ideas for your kids to choose from and explore, but embedded in this article are the latest LEGO building projects for kids that you and the kids would most definitely love. Just before we get into the exciting list of LEGO projects, if you are new to the LEGO building family, or you are not sure if you need to get any LEGO set at all. I will outline the benefits of using LEGO and having your kids play with them.

Benefits of LEGO crafts

The importance of LEGO cannot be overemphasized, whether your kids are beginner builders or masters. LEGO has so many direct and indirect benefits to offer you and your kids, some of which include the following:

benefits of lego

• Keeping the kids busy

Are you tired of having the kids run around the house, tearing things apart? Do you want to give them a task to keep them on one spot thinking hard on how to reach the end of a task? Have you tried LEGO? If you haven't, then you need to. LEGO has the ability to keep your kids focused and careful. You deserve a quiet time even when the kids are around, your best bet is getting them a LEGO set to keep their hands always on deck.

• Problem-solving mindset

Every LEGO set is another problem to solve, and another milestone to achieve. Kids who work with LEGO have been known to excel above their peers when it comes to finding solutions to problems. Building LEGO will instill in your kids, the ability to think of every situation as a problem they can solve. It will help them focus and concentrate on finding the best and easiest way to get rid of a problem and reach a beneficial result.

• Building teamwork

There are LEGO sets that are gigantic and come with hundreds and sometimes thousands of LEGO pieces. What these sets help your kids achieve is the ability to work with their friends, siblings, or visitors. LEGO will help your children realize that, sometimes, you need a team of like-minded people to build whatever it is you are building or to find a solution to a problem. 

• A chance to play and learn at the same time

Kids love to play, they love to explore, they love to be free, but when it comes to learning, most of them just don't have the time. Taking on LEGO building projects offers them a chance to learn about academics, character building, management, architecture, and so much more. There are varieties of LEGO sets that will teach your kids different things, pick the one you know would work for you and see the magic.

play lego with kids

• Alone time with your kids

As a parent, spending time with your kids is the one really important thing that you should invest in. Kids love to have their parents around to play with them. Are you thinking of a good way to have fun with your kids while still teaching them values? Why don't you try investing in LEGO? It is not just a children's toy, you would also find it interesting and challenging when you give it a try.

These, among many others, are the unique benefits that you or your kids stand to gain from using LEGO. Now, let us get right to the list of LEGO building projects for kids, without wasting our time.

LEGO building projects:

Some LEGO building projects for kids include:

If you've ever watched any of the old war movies then you would have seen this machine before. It is designed specifically for sending long-distance fireballs to wreak havoc on the enemy. With LEGO, it has an even cooler design, made with a rubber band that expands when you pull is back and retracts when you let go to give you a long-range shot. The catapult is a cool way to demonstrate the potential and kinetic energy.

lego catapult

LEGO Pulleys

This project will help your kids to know, understand, and feel the mechanics of how pulleys work. In order to build this highly educative LEGO work, you need to build a basket to hold the load you intend to pull. Be creative in doing that, look for some small bricks that can go round in square shape, though any Technic bricks would do just fine. You will want to make sure there are up to two holes in the top of your basket for attaching the rope or string which you'll pull the basket with. It would work better if the holes are in the center to prevent the basket from tilting to one side when you're pulling the string.

LEGO Pulleys

When you finish with that, look for some LEGO tire rims that you can use as pulleys. Make sure you have bricks with axles to attach them to. Now attach the string to the basket, coil them around the rims (pulleys), and fill up your basket. Try to lift the basket when you have filled them with either, pennies, pebbles, or anything else that can fit, to see how heavy it is. Make sure though that it is not too heavy, so it doesn't pull down the entire work. There you have it, you have created a pulley machine.

LEGO steam train

You have seen them in cartoon movies, now, it is time to bring them to reality. The steam train is made with as few bricks as you can get, so you don't have to bother if you don't have enough bricks left. It is more fun when you have already had some good LEGO crafts created and you don't know what to do with the remaining pieces. It is easy to make and fun too. You can experiment with your LEGO wheels, remove the tires, and have just the rims to give you that original train look. The LEGO steam train is a fun project for kids aged 8 and above.

LEGO robot

You need to get really experimental with this one. You don't need a guide or a set of pictures to guide you in the process, just attach some small bricks together, with or without wheels and you have a robot. The robot needs your creativity to look awesome and like a real robot. With a few bricks as possible, and as less time as you can afford, you would make a LEGO robot with your kids.

LEGO robot

LEGO marble run 

This LEGO project is really epic! You are going to need bricks, lots and lots of them, small ones, big ones, long ones, and short ones. One more thing that you'll need to achieve this is a creative mind, which I trust that you already have. To build this, you would need to start at the bottom because it's a lot easier to build that way. 

LEGO marble run

Create a spot to hold marbles at the bottom, and then start building the slopy pathways for the marbles. Have it in mind that, the slope does not necessarily have to be steep, you can have one that your marble can just slide through gently. You stand the risk of having your marbles roll off the path if they roll too fast. Also, remember to build high enough walls on the edges of the ramp, that will also help to keep the marble in place while it rolls down.

Rubberband powered LEGO car

This is another great engineering project that shows your kids the power of potential and kinetic energy. There are several ways you can build your own car to give it a personalized look, all you have to do is understand the basic concept. The basic idea in this project involves having a pin that points upward at the front of the car, then another pin attached to the back axle. In order to make your car move, you’ll need to connect both pins with rubber band and turn the back wheels to coil the rubber band around the back axle. The more coils you make, the farther and faster your car will go.

Rubberband powered LEGO car

LEGO key safe with lock and key

This one is pretty plain and simple and will not take up much of your bricks. Although you can get creative and make it in several shapes and sizes, it actually looks more original and like a real bank safe when it is square-shaped. The safe or coin Bank, whichever name you want to give it, can have a slot where you can fit coins in, after all, that is the essence of a safe.

LEGO key safe with lock and key

In order to be able to open the drawer, you would have to slide the key into the little keyhole you made, with the teeth facing up. Make sure the key goes all the way in to get the key connected to the lock. Turn the key to the left (or right, depending on the direction of your drawer and the teeth on the key would push out the drawer but it can only go as far as the teeth can go, so you'll have to open the rest by pulling with your fingers. You can open it and enjoy all the money you have saved.

LEGO Night fury (Toothless) 

Whether you're a fan of the movie "How to train a dragon" or not, Toothless (the dragon) is an extremely amazing LEGO building project for kids that you would want your kids to try out. The design is magnificent and impressive, you can take pictures of it and save as one of the amazing LEGO crafts you have made. Although it would require a lot of black LEGO bricks, you can get creative and add extra colors to personalize your own toothless. It is a gigantic project, so you might want to invest enough time, and concentration when you eventually decide to make this one. You can also add the little guy (Hiccups) for a little extra stylishness, it doesn't have to look like him, but it would surely create the impression that you are trying to represent him with it.

LEGO Night fury (Toothless)

LEGO Bay-max

This is another cartoon movie star. If you have watched the movie "Big hero 6", there is no way you wouldn't have fallen in love with Bay-max and his extremely cute behavior and loyalty. Like with Toothless, you are going to need lots of white bricks to make Bay-max, and like I said with Toothless, you can also decide to personalize the craft, after all, it is yours. Making Bay-max is a little less complicated than making Toothless, you would hardly be required to include tiny little pieces that help you form curves and all that, it is quite plain and straightforward. Your kids would definitely love this one and dedicate their time and effort to it, who knows, they probably already have been dreaming about it.

LEGO Bay-max

There you have it, our exciting list of interesting building projects for kids. They are engaging, challenging, and mind building. There is not a chance that you would not love to make one of these, whether you are a beginner or an old-timer. These projects would definitely get you the satisfaction you ought to get from any LEGO architecture. If you do not have enough bricks to make some of the ones listed here, remember that LEGO building gets way cooler when you get creative. You can make it look smaller, or make it look slightly different and personal. But if you still want to make it look exactly as the actual characters look, then go get yourself some more bricks and fire away. 

Build one today, and don't forget to share the experience, as well as the pictures with friends and family.

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