How LEGO Can Help With Stress And Anxiety

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Stress and anxiety are two rising epidemics amongst the grown-ups of our modern-day society. As grown-ups, many of us make our bread and butter from jobs that are not only stressful but time-consuming as well. Stress is not good for anyone. It can affect your productivity at work, make you less sociable, and cause a major decline to your wellbeing. As you go about the hustling and bustling of your day, you can experience stress in different ways. But while it is almost impossible to avoid stressful activities completely, LEGO has found a way to help grown-ups stay relax, enlightened, unburdened, and chill. 

If you are experiencing stress at home or work, the newly launched LEGO Forma set may hold the key to your stress and anxiety-free existence. LEGO has proved itself to be a company committed to the wellbeing of its patrons, and the LEGO Forma set is the latest stride in fulfilling that commitment. 

lego forma

The LEGO Forma set

The LEGO Forma set aims to reduce stress and anxiety in grow-ups by combining organic forms and mechanical works to relieve stressors. The set uses LEGO building blocks to create a skeleton of a fish, and the mechanical parts are concealed by customizable skin.

Stress relief is a versatile subject that can be achieved through a wide range of activities from coloring books to mindful living and other activities aimed at relieving stressors. When you are stressed, your mind gets clouded with worry thoughts, which makes it difficult for you to concentrate on other important things in your life. An activity that flexes your creative muscles and helps your mind roam free is advised during these trying times. By engaging in stress-relieving activities, you can free your mind from worry thoughts and improve your health and wellbeing. Hence, the LEGO Forma set

lego forma sets

Before the Danish toymaker revealed the LEGO Forma set, which is now with IndieGoGo for crowdfunding, the LEGO creative Play Lab researched for the project. According to the research, 91% of grown-ups find play helpful in managing stress and anxiety, 87% find construction toys helpful in flexing their creative muscles, and 76% find LEGO bricks more appealing than any other form of play. 

The Joy of LEGO Play:

LEGO building is an activity enjoyed by thousands and possibly millions of people across the globe. Not too many people made it through infancy without snapping two LEGO bricks together, at least once. According to Abbie Head on, the 44-year old English author of the 160-pages book titled, “Build yourself happy: The Joy of LEGO play,” the Joy of LEGO is not just in building a perfect set. Rather, it is in how it helps you focus and think. While speaking to the Washington Post about her book, Head on said LEGO bricks are the perfect size of objects to have in your hands when you are thinking, regardless of whether you are stressed or not. 

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Although the project is still in the lab, you can test the theory at home, and help your child with his or her next LEGO building project. You can go a step further and buy a LEGO technic set for yourself. You can also make the set come alive with specially designed LEGO lights

Here is what you’ll experience when you start building LEGO to relieve stress and anxiety. 

How bricklaying can help you solve your stress and anxiety issues

1. Boost creativity: Stress can affect creativity in diverse ways. It is difficult to concentrate when your mind is plagued by stressors and you are pondering on worry thoughts. LEGO building takes your mind off your worries and anxieties. The art of bricklaying helps you focus on creating defined structures from LEGO pieces. By engaging in technical activities involving mechanical works, such as LEGO building, you can boost many functions in your brain’s Frontal Cortex. The Science of creativity has been associated with the frontal cortex of your brain. When you are stressed, the prefrontal cortex (PFC) of your brain is impaired by catecholamine, making it difficult for you to create or think. Hence, the LEGO Forma set. This unique set combines organic form with mechanical works, which engages your frontal cortex to boost creativity. 

2. Fun: Fun activities are the pinnacle of stress relief. Essentially, stress comes from being overwhelmed by the job and other pressing activities. Having regular fun in your life can help you overcome stress and anxiety. While you may not know this, fun activities are a source of eustress for your body. Eustress is the sense of excitement you get from achieving a major milestone, meeting a thrilling challenge, or building a LEGO technic set. It is a good type of stress that makes you feel vital and alive. By engaging in fun activities such as LEGO building, you can boost eustress and live a stress-free life. 

3. Convenience: from adult coloring books to yoga, meditation, and mindful living. The list of stress-relieving activities goes on and on. But while it is impractical to hit the gym every time you are stressed or anxious, LEGO building provides a more convenient option. You can buy your LEGO building kit for stress relief and assemble the set anywhere, including your home and office. LEGO building can bring fun and laughter into your life, and it is something you can do every day. 

There are other ways LEGO building can help you relieve stress and anxiety. If your relationship or marriage is the cause of your stress, it might be a good idea to engage in LEGO building with your partner. Couples who have fun together may enjoy a closer bond than couples who don’t. Besides, healthy relationships have been known to be a good source of stress relief. 


While we await the LEGO Forma set from the lab, you can test the theory at home, and help your child with his or her next LEGO building project. Buy your LEGO technic set today with, and enjoy a worry-free existence. 


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