10 LEGO Sets that Say I LOVE YOU this Valentines Season

by Nikita P.

This article is going to be talking about legit sets that you can give to your baby boy or baby girl and it would show you love them during this Valentine's season.

List of Lego sets for girls that say I love you this Valentines Season

This Lego set can be purchased for $29.95 at target. This could also be purchased at BARNES AND NOBLE for $29.99.

For all the baby girls in the club. For those that want to truly feel what the LEGO universe has to offer. Which way can one help their baby girls enjoy using queen Ariel? 

This is so simple to assemble and build. Here you would see two Flounder and Ariel figures which would help your girl feel delighted. Everyone loves the fact that there are lovely stickers that could get used in arranging these stickers and decorating the castles.

This Lego set could be purchased for nineteen point ninety-nine dollars from Walmart. You could get this too from Barnes and Noble for the same price. This Lego playset has the shape of a book when it folds out. Beautiful girls could build the castle and make it look like the type that Arendelle has. You could organize it by making use of stickers. You can play with Anna, Elsa, Olaf, and Kristoff. You could also take the LEGO playset as you move all across your house. 

This could be purchased for twenty-nine point ninety-nine dollars from Amazon. You could also get this from Lego using the same price. Also from target too.

If you have a girlfriend that enjoys the world of the trolls, they would enjoy making this hot air balloon and they would have lots of fun playing with the miniature mini-figures all around. You could complete these making use of all the troll fluffy hair. 

You could purchase this for fifteen point ninety-nine dollars. You could also get this for nineteen point ninety-nine dollars from Lego, target, and Walmart.

Making use of some of these Legos to create a lovely jewelry box that's personalized. These would have beautiful Lego dots and bright colors too. If you have the best colors, you could easily swap them out using these dots and create a lovely new design. 

You could purchase this for nineteen points ninety-five dollars from Walmart. Nineteen point ninety-nine dollars from Kohls too. These Lego Friends line as stated is truly adorable because there are cute companions in the shapes of animals. These miniature creatures are quite fine. They make you feel like you are a huge part of the LEGO universe. They have their own already made Lego playing a set. There are very serious details that can be found on these decorative stickers. Like food for toys which aids the set remain a wonderful charmer for beautiful kids aged six years and above. 

Friends Heartlake City Park Café

You can purchase this for $89.95, $47.99 at Kohls.

Everyone knows that we have girls that love playing with Lego playsets. If you have a female date that would like to create one of their friend's characters from the LEGO set from Central perk, these are some of the coolest parts of these. This is also gotten from a Lego idea. Some fans have submitted this and then the LEGO Group took this in and changed it into a beautiful Lego set for your girl.  

Friends Central Perk

You could purchase this for thirty-six point nineteen dollars at Amazon and nineteen point ninety-nine dollars from Barnes and Noble. Your girl could make use of this to create animal clinics where they could care for the animal figures making use of these epic Lego sets. They would help save the stranded babies from the rock hard shores using several different rescue items like bottles. 

Lego Friends Turtles Rescue Mission

Your girl would enjoy this cause it is affordable. It can be purchased for fifty-nine point ninety-five dollars and from Amazon for twenty-nine point ninety-nine dollars. Your baby girl is going to love the figure of the dog. For girls that love things, boys like them stereotypically. Like houses, cars, trains and lots more.

Lego Duplo All-in-One-Box-of-Fun Building Kit

List of Lego sets for Boys that say I love you this Valentines Season

1. Lego Brick Sketches: Batman

This can be purchased for sixteen point ninety-nine dollars from Lego to build various decorations that would be identical to the batman your baby boy loves. Your man would like this cause their Lego sets would get loaded using a base plate Lego that would be given and a 3D Poster that they could make use of in their rooms to display what they like. 

Lego Brick Sketches: Batman

Your man could get this as a surprise from you for nineteen point ninety-nine dollars from Kohls and Amazon. He would make use of the LEGO app to make a ride that would look like a dragster and that can easily complete the pullback action. After they are done playing with the dragster, they can rebuild this into a very hot Rod which would increase the action two-fold. 

Lego Technic Dragster

You could purchase this for your babe for forty-nine point ninety-nine dollars at Target and for thirty-four point ninety-nine dollars at Kohls.

Your man is going to love this Lego set because almost all guys are fans of Toy Story. You could use this to make the carnival that's available from Toy Story Four. These figurines are so cute, there are a lot of games and awesome accessories that one could use in creating this Lego set. This Lego set would give you so much fun and your boyfriend would be thrilled you got him this present. 

Buzz and Woody’s Carnival Mania!

This can be purchased for twenty-four point ninety-nine dollars at Lego and Walmart. Lego Ninjago is truly an epic serious. It has several movies, games and TV shows. Your husband or your boyfriend would enjoy this Lego set especially if they are great fans of the LEGO Ninjago series. Trust me. I’m an awesome fan of everything Ninjago. They would enjoy this.

You could purchase this for forty-four point eighty-three dollars and then for forty-nine point ninety-nine dollars all at Kohls and Amazon. Your Boo for sure loves the Minions and Despicable Me. They could converse these models to get playsets that have lots more, tools and plants. 

Brick Built Minions and Their Lair

6. Spider-Man: The Menace of Mysterio

You could get this for twenty-nine point ninety-five at Kohls and Target.

I love Spiderman so much. All fans like me would enjoy this superb Lego set. You would love this mech and the Spidy copter. You could play using these different scenarios by making use of epic accessories these are all simple and the playset is truly exciting. It is for practically everyone. 

lego lights

This can be purchased for your Boo for sixty-seven point ninety-five dollars. You could get this for fifty-nine dollars at Walmart. It is also available for the same price at Barnes and Noble. Lego fans of New York city especially your Boo would enjoy this. 

You can get this for $67.95, you can also get this for $59.99 at WALMART and BARNES AND NOBLE. All fans of Lego would enjoy this New York Iconic city with the Flatiron Building and TheChrysler Building. The Empire State Building and the statue of liberty with the One World Trade Center. It is a stunning addition to your lovely Lego collection.


This can be purchased for nineteen dollars from Walmart and Amazon. If you’ve got a boyfriend that’s an overwatch fan. They would love this spherical set. This looks great and it is a playset that's fun and interactive. This Lego set folds and transforms into a mech you're going to love. There's the lively, cute, and beautiful Hammonds inside this Lego set. 

You can purchase this Lego set from Lego online and from Target for fifty-nine point ninety-nine dollars. It is for your boyfriend and it would help them with their super Mario fantasies. This set has sounds and changes expressions too.

So there you have if, if you have these Lego set that all show and state the fact that you love your partner, your boyfriend, your girlfriend, and anyone you're in love with andwith who you want to spend Valentine with. These Lego sets are very easy to purchase. You can get them from Lego stores online, from Walmart, from amazon, and several different stores that personalized and make sales of legosets which you can use to tell your boyfriend or girlfriend that you are thinking about them all through this period of valentine. These sets are lovely and I hope to get some too you know.


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