Multi-Effect Board (featuring 4 effects)




custom lighting

Our Multi-Effect Board opens up a new dimension of creative possibilities, helping you to make your LEGO designs more interactive and atmospheric. With the ability to customize speed and light intensity, you can create and set the mood for any scenario. Step up your LEGO game with Game of Bricks and bring your brick world to life.

Machine Gun Effect: This thrilling effect makes your bit lights blink rapidly, simulating the dynamic flash of a machine gun. The speed of blinking is fully adjustable, allowing you to create an energetic or subtle atmosphere based on your design preferences.

Emergency Effect: With this feature, your LEGO city comes alive as your bit lights recreate the urgent flashes of police or medical car lights. As with the machine gun effect, the speed is modifiable to cater to your creative needs.

Pulse Effect: Add a pulsating heartbeat to your LEGO sets. This effect makes your bit lights throb with a rhythmic glow, imparting an engaging pulse to your creations. The speed is also adjustable, allowing you to control the tempo of the pulse.

Flicker Effect: Enhance your LEGO landscapes with the flicker effect, ideal for creating a realistic torchlight or fireplace glow. It's a wonderful tool for designing LEGO scenes requiring a gentle, flickering light source. This effect allows you to make your bit lights flicker at an adjustable speed. This capability to control the flicker speed offers versatility and realism to your LEGO landscapes.

Game of Bricks Multi-Effect Board for Lights and LEGO

Game of Bricks Multi-Effect Board for Lights and LEGO

Game of Bricks Multi-Effect Board for Lights and LEGO
Game of Bricks Multi-Effect Board for Lights and LEGO

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