Light Kit for Yoda 75255

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LEGO Yoda 75255 Light Kit


As a fan of Star Wars, you can now bring your favorite Star Wars scene into action right in your home as you put the pieces of this LEGO Yoda 75255 together to create an amazing Jedi master with the help of the astonishing beauty of our LEGO Lights. Recreating this piece of creation with lights on!

LEGO Yoda 75255 Light Kit

LEGO Yoda 75255 Light Kit

LEGO Yoda 75255 Light Kit
LEGO Yoda 75255 Light Kit


Life is always restored to inanimate things when there is light. Therefore, your Jedi Master can as well come to life and look realistic when it has been decorated with our wonderful LEGO Light kit.

LEGO Yoda 75255 Light Kit

A sublime

LEGO Yoda 75255 Light Kit

Display with
lights on

LEGO Yoda 75255 Light Kit


What's Included

LEGO Lights

LEGO Lights with Original

Battery Box

AAA Battery Box (AAA
Batteries are not included)


PDF Instruction (please
let us know if you need one)

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For Readers

LEGO has produced many outstanding models in recent times and among them is the LEGO Yoda 75255. It is a very impressive model that brings back the memory of the Jedi Master. It has been designed to have magnificent features that make the set look more accurate than the previous ones.

Looking at the eyes of this newly added edition, LEGO Yoda 75255, you will observe that there is something significant about it and you will also notice that LEGO made a great improvement on this LEGO Star Wars set compared to the 2002 model, LEGO Yoda 7194. Therefore, the new set can stand beside other LEGO Characters (large-scale) when comparing them.

LEGO made sure that all their large-scale characters have plaques and the LEGO Yoda 75255 is not exceptional. This trend of making use of a plaque for the large-scale characters continues with new Yoda set and when this character is being displayed, it will look unique and splendid as it features blue and black colors that make it tally with the UCS.

Some of the important features of this model are the panels that are being combined together, many curved slopes (sand green) that envelopes the head of Yoda, the marvelous structure of the ears, eyelids that can be articulated – making the character has an angry outlook, the nose, mouth, his robe, and his fingers holding his magnificent lightsaber. The lightsaber was designed to be attached to Yoda’s right palm. This lightsaber also has some features that include 4 black grips that can be found on the top of the pommel and it has a button to activate it.

Coming to the feet of Yoda, there are 8 toes although there were only six of them in the Star Wars movie. But, the last two toes that complete it eight are not visible.

This LEGO 75255 Yoda is a very impressive one as the eyes can be made to portray anger or sadness. So the price is worth it. You can bring Yoda to life as you customize him with our special LEGO Lights, adding radiance to his lightsaber. Be ready to be blown away by the wonders of our amazing lights.


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