Light Kit for Wintertime Polar Bears 40571

Light Kit for Wintertime Polar Bears 40571

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Embark on a charming seasonal journey with the LEGO Wintertime Polar Bears 40571 set. Our LEGO Lights don't just brighten; they enchant, casting a magical glow over this adorable winter scene. Each brick contributes to a heartwarming tableau of polar bears in their frosty habitat, inviting builders to craft a scene filled with icy beauty and playful charm.


Witness the joy of the baby polar bear sledding, brought to life with gentle illumination. The lighting adds a touch of winter whimsy, highlighting the innocence and fun of this festive scene.


Admire the adult polar bear watching over its young. The subtle lighting enhances the protective and proud stance, adding depth to this family moment in the Arctic.


See the polar bears turn as you rotate the base of the model. Strategic lighting amplifies this feature, creating a dynamic and interactive winter display.


Complement the scene with the included Christmas tree. The LEGO Lights weave through the branches, adding a festive sparkle to this enchanting display piece.


This LEGO Wintertime Polar Bears set is a perfect gift for kids and Christmas enthusiasts. The added lights transform it into a mesmerizing holiday decoration, sure to be treasured.


Standing over 8.5 cm tall, this model is a delightful addition to any winter collection. The LEGO Lights infuse the scene with warmth, making it a captivating display that captures the essence of the holiday season.

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Instruction Both PDF
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Illuminate the Arctic Holiday with LEGO Lights

Welcome the winter holidays with the charming LEGO® Wintertime Polar Bears (40571) model set, now brightened by the magical touch of LEGO LED lights. This delightful set, featuring two polar bears and a rotating base, becomes a radiant symbol of the festive season under the soft glow of LEGO lights.

A Glowing Winter Scene
The scene of the baby polar bear enjoying a sleigh ride while the adult bear watches is illuminated with LEGO lights, adding warmth and charm to the frosty Arctic setting. The gentle LED lights bring a sense of movement and life to the bears, enhancing the joyful winter spirit.

Rotating Base with LEGO Lights
As you rotate the base of the model, the polar bears come alive in a dance of light. The LEGO LED lights cast dynamic shadows, mimicking the play of sunlight on snow, and turning the simple rotation into a captivating display.

Christmas Tree in Radiant Detail
The set also includes a Christmas tree, which, when enhanced with LEGO lights, becomes a sparkling centerpiece. The LED lights twinkle through the branches, mimicking the look of a real tree adorned with festive lights.

A Festive Gift that Shines
This LEGO Wintertime Polar Bears building kit, lit up with LEGO LED lights, is a perfect gift for kids aged 9 and over, or for anyone who cherishes the Christmas season. The glowing bears and tree make it a unique and enchanting present.

A Luminous Arctic Display
Standing over 8.5 cm (3 in.) tall, the set, with the added brilliance of LEGO lights, transforms into a luminous display piece. The LEGO LED lights elevate it from a simple model to a glowing representation of wintertime joy, making it a delightful addition to any holiday décor.


Game of Bricks

Game of Bricks makes it a point of duty to provide you with the best LEGO lights for your sets customization. Quality of LEGO Light Kits is our speciality. This set is a light kit only. Model is not included.

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