Light Kit for The Insect Collection 21342

Light Kit for The Insect Collection 21342

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Embark on a fascinating journey into the microcosm of insects with the LEGO The Insect Collection 21342 set. Our LEGO Lights don't just highlight; they breathe life into these realistic, life-size display models of three captivating insects. Each build allows you to delve into the unique biome or ecosystem these extraordinary creatures inhabit, inviting builders to not just assemble models but to celebrate the intricate beauty and diversity of the insect world.
LEGO Insect Collection 21342 light kit


Craft the formidable Hercules Beetle, showcasing its mighty form and characteristic horns. The LEGO Lights enhance the beetle's impressive stature and the dynamic textures of its attachable wings, illuminating the marvels of the largest beetle species known.


Capture the breathtaking beauty of the Blue Morpho Butterfly. The lighting casts a gentle glow on the shades of blue and white that adorn its wings, highlighting the delicate relationship between the butterfly, the honey bee, and the flower in their shared habitat.


Build the poised Chinese Mantis, sharing its space with a 7-spotted ladybird. The LEGO Lights create a dramatic scene, showcasing the predatory grace of the mantis and the vibrant contrast of its companion insect, emphasizing their roles in the ecosystem.


Experience the 'Green Noise' playlist, inspired by the unique sounds of these insects, recreated using LEGO bricks and sound-effect techniques by Foley artist Sanaa Kelley. The ambient lighting sets the perfect atmosphere for a deeply immersive building experience, surrounded by the natural soundscape.


This LEGO Ideas set makes a thoughtful gift for nature lovers, insect enthusiasts, and fans of intricate building projects. Enhanced with LEGO Lights, it transforms into an educational and captivating display, perfect for home or office.


The LEGO 21342 The Insect Collection set, with its detailed construction and fascinating subjects, becomes even more striking with the addition of LEGO Lights, offering a display that captures the essence and complexity of the insect kingdom.

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Instruction Both PDF <br/>and Online
Instruction Both PDF
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Transform your home into a showcase of the world's most fascinating insects with the LEGO® Ideas The Insect Collection (21342), now illuminated with the captivating glow of LEGO lights. This exquisite set, a perfect gift for nature enthusiasts, features detailed, life-size, buildable models of a blue morpho butterfly, a Hercules beetle, and a Chinese mantis in their natural habitats, each model brought to life with the subtle illumination of LEGO LED lights. These stunning models can be displayed individually or together, forming an impressive piece of nature décor enhanced by LEGO lights.

Posable display models with a touch of light
The blue morpho butterfly features adjustable wings adorned with LEGO elements in various shades of blue, presented alongside a buildable flower and a honeybee, all under the enchantment of LEGO lights. The Hercules beetle, with attachable wings and the distinct horns of the male species, alongside the fully posable female Chinese mantis (a species of praying mantis) with a 7-spot ladybird, adds to this captivating collection, each habitat glowing beautifully with LEGO LED lights. Separate building instructions are included for each model, allowing for a solo or collaborative building experience, enriched by the brilliance of LEGO lights.

Adults welcome to a world illuminated
Step into your zone with LEGO Sets for Adults, a premium collection of models designed for the discerning builder. Whether it's a deep passion for nature or a love for intricate builds, find your next hands-on project here, now more mesmerizing with the addition of LEGO lights.

LEGO® Ideas The Insect Collection (21342) under the spotlight
Embrace your love for nature with these three life-size, posable display models of iconic insects, each in their natural setting and each scene brought to life with LEGO LED lights. From the vivid blue wings of the Morpho peleides butterfly, including a buildable honeybee and flower, to the majestic Hercules beetle and the detailed, posable Chinese mantis with its accompanying 7-spot ladybird, this collection is a tribute to the natural world, illuminated by LEGO lights.

This 1,111-piece LEGO® Ideas set is an ideal gift for insect and nature enthusiasts, now offering a luminous display feature that enhances the beauty of each model. The Chinese mantis model, in particular, stands over 18 cm (7 in.) high, with its dimensions adding to a visually stunning display, lit by the soft glow of LEGO lights.

Build alone or share the experience with others, with separate instructions for each insect model, plus a booklet full of fascinating facts about these creatures. Additionally, digital instructions are available on the LEGO® Builder app, making the building process even more engaging with the added charm of LEGO LED lights.

As part of a diverse array of LEGO Ideas sets, each born from a fan designer's vision and brought to life by the votes of LEGO fans, this collection stands as a testament to quality and imagination, now enhanced with the warm ambiance of LEGO lights, ensuring a building experience that not only satisfies the urge to create but also to display with pride.


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