Good day, wonderful brick lovers,

You’ve spent hours creating your LEGO world, and now you can bring it to life. Game of Bricks is now offering special discounts on our light sets this Black Friday. 

Our story is rooted in observing how lighting makes a difference in a piece of architecture. Game of Bricks is dedicated to enhancing your beautiful builds and make your concepts the awe of envy. We found that idea works just as well with LEGO. Add some incredible lighting displays to your environments and make them shine bright.

We’ve carefully crafted light arrangements to make your popular displays stand out, including Star Wars, Ninjago, Harry Potter, Marvel, and more. We also have a full range of lights for buildings and vehicles to flesh out the habitat.

Make them breathe and bring your LEGO stories to life. Using the special codes below, you can get up to €200 off your purchases:


Spend 20€, get 3€ OFF, code: BF3

Spend 30€, get 5€ OFF, code: BF5  

Spend 40€, get 10€ OFF, code: BF10

Spend 80€, get 20€ OFF, code: BF20

Spend 160€, get 40€ OFF, code: BF40

Spend 200€, get 50€ OFF, code: BF50

Spend 300€, get 80€ OFF, code: BF80

Spend 400€ or more, get 100€ OFF, code: BF100

Spend 600€ or more, get 160€ OFF, code: BF160  

Spend 700€ or more, get 200€ OFF, code: BF200  

*Offer is valid from From 23th November to 1st December (11/23 till 12/01)