Game of Bricks COVID-19 policy

The Game of Bricks is a company committed to the wellbeing and prosperity of its patrons. This commitment is what drives the company to fulfill customers’ orders despite the severity of the COVID-19 pandemic. It is in our custom at the Game of Bricks to prepare for all eventualities and emergencies including a devastating viral outbreak such as the Coronavirus epidemic. Thus, you can enjoy our premium quality services and products throughout the COVID-19 lockdown. While we implore our customers to stay indoors and maintain the right self-care practices, we’ll be working round the clock to fulfill your orders.

It is business as usual at the Game of Bricks; count on us to provide the best quality products for you and your family’s entertainment. However, due to the Coronavirus pandemic and its ease of spread, the team at Game of Bricks will be taking extra precautions in packing and dispatching your orders.

Our experts are healthy individuals and they’ve been trained with COVID-19 preventive practices. Besides, we work in a safe environment that is devoid of all viral strains and diseases. As a result, we can ensure that the products delivered to our customers are completely safe from the virus. Even with the lockdown, we’ll still make it a point to dispatch your orders on time. However, because of some factors, most of which are beyond our control, you may experience 1 to 25 business days’ delay in deliveries.


Possible reasons for delayed delivery
Due to the rising epidemic of coronavirus across the world, transportation companies are taking extra care to ensure that goods transported are safe from the virus. Also, governments of different nations are implementing strict measures to curb inland transportation to the barest minimum. Because of these restrictions, you may experience a delay in the delivery of your LEGO lights. On the off chance that you are ordering from a foreign nation, border inspections and safety measures implemented by your government may also impede the delivery of your LEGO lights.

We implore you to bear with us for the delayed deliveries during the COVID-19 lockdown. While we work on a more expedient way to get our products across to you, you can still enjoy the premium quality services and amazing discounts that the Game of Bricks offers.

We take your health and safety seriously at the Game of Bricks and we’ll continue to outfit you with safe and quality products that will provide 100% satisfaction in your space.