Recreate action-packed scenes when you build the LEGO Rise of The Domo 76156 Set.

by Eve Alessa Arevalo

The Rise of Domo is a beautiful Space Ship built by the Eternals, a powerful group of superheroes in the Marvel Universe. The first-ever movie based on these comic book characters was released in 2021. The movie followed the story of the Eternals as they battle to keep earth safe from the birth of the celestial, whose birth apparently would mean the end of the human race. The attempt to stop this leads to the death of many Eternals and Deviants as well. Ooh, Deviants are creatures sent to kill off the earth's apex predators in preparation for the birth of the celestial. They later rebel, which leads to the Eternal's creation stopping them.

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The Lego Eternals is a great movie, and as such, it would not have been long before Lego decided to create a set based on this movie. So in the same year, 2021, Lego released a set based on The Eternals movie. This set has tagged the Rise of Domo, the Starship used by the Eternals, and the main centerpieces of the Lego set. The set features all Eternals featured in the movie and some Deviants. All this has been designed to give Marvel Eternals fans something to remember the great movie by. The set is rated as an eight-plus set. This means that kids can also engage in the building of the Lego set. But the Lego set is not only restricted to kids alone. Adults who are a fan of the 2021 Movie can also engage in the building of this set. This post will consider everything there is to know about this set. We will even cover how our Lego lights help display this Marvel Lego set. Let's start with the Lego sets-building experience. 

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The Marvel Eternals Rise of Domo set is the largest Marvel set based on the Eternals movie. The set comes with over 1000 brick pieces used to recreate a replica of the Starship of the Eternals and 8 Minifigures. The set comes properly packed in a paper box with the Domo Starship displayed on the body of the box. Then once you open the box, you will immediately start to see how the Lego team has organized everything to ensure you have the best experience. The sets of bricks for the building are arranged in numbered bags. There are seven of these bags, which contain the building of the Ship and Minifigures. You could start your building by first putting together the Minifigures. Or you could decide to recreate the Spaceship first or build the set alongside the Minifigures. Whichever way you approach the set's building would be fun and engaging all around. The building of the Spaceship, which is the major build, begins from bag one and ends in bag seven.

If you are new to our Lego set, the Marvels Eternals is a good place to start. The set is easy to build and straight to the point. The set also comes with a smaller number of pieces when compared to Lego sets created by Lego. But if you think the Lego set is a bit too difficult to build, the Lego team has covered you. They have done this by including an instruction booklet that contains lots of detailed information concerning the Lego set, including images and diagrams to help aid your building experience. The instruction has been tailored so that young kids engaging in the building of this set can understand and work according to the instruction manual. So if you judiciously follow the instructions in the manual, you can overcome any challenges the set offers. Aside from a building experience to die for, this Lego set also comes with some cool features. Let's find out what some of these features are. 

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If there is one thing we know the Lego Group for, it is staying true to the original design of any set they try to replicate. And for this set, the Lego team has done a great job. The original Domo Spaceship comes triangular. This could not be easy to achieve using Lego bricks, but the Lego team scaled through using simple but complex technics to get the work done. These technics and specially designed bricks made it possible for the Lego team to achieve the triangular shape. This makes the set look like the movie counterpart. The set also uses stickers to achieve more details in the look of the set, making it more fun.

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Aside from the fact that this Lego set offers an amazing build with lots of cool details and stickers, the set also comes with eight Minifigures. These Minifigures include Thena, Sersi, Drug, Phaistos, Ikaris, Makkari, and Deviant Minifigures. These Minifigures allow you to recreate epic scenes from the Marvel Eternals movie, including epic fight scenes with the Deviants. This Minifigures also add to the set's impressive display.

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The Lego Marvels Eternals Rise of Domo set comes with a total of 1040 brick pieces. When completely built, the set measures 8 inches on all three sides of the set. You could easily display this set on your shelf or center table. This set could also be kept alongside other Lego sets and easily transported without needing to dismantle the whole set. This adds to the set's total look and prestige, making it an amazing Lego set.

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The Lego Marvels Eternals Rise of Domo set can be purchased from Lego Stores in the US and other parts of Europe. You could also get this Lego set directly from the Lego website and other online retail stores. The set is sold for 90 USD, a very reasonable price for all the details and features the Lego set offers. And this Lego set will be retiring soon, so its price is bound to increase soon enough. This again means there is no better time to include this Lego set in your collection than now. This amazing set also allows for the installation of our light kits, which greatly influences the price of this set.

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Our Lego lights look amazing on the Eternals Rise of Domo set. This is because once our light kits are installed, it looks like part of the set because all the wires are well hidden. Our Lego lights come in two major types: the basic and standard light kits. Both have unique features; one is more difficult to install than the other but offers more features. To learn more about this set's light kit, visit our light kit page right now. The Although the installation of our light kit could be a bit challenging, if you follow the few steps below, you can succeed.

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When you get something new, you are always going to need guidance. You should study it carefully to get the best out of your light kit. Make use of the manual when building. This is very important to ensure you keep your light kit intact. It also helps make the installation process straightforward. So if you want an installation that is as smooth as possible, it would be best if you use the manual.

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Once you install your light kits, you should test them. Chances are that the light kit you installed needs to be fixed. Search out for signs of short-circuiting. This sign would quickly help you detect a problem. Once you notice any problem, be sure to fix it. Once you have successfully installed your light kits, put them on display for all to see!

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