LEGO The Hulkbuster: Ultron Edition 76105: Its Review

by Nikita P.

When LEGO Batman Movie was made, a lot of DC’s superheroes were made into the LEGO brick form. Yippee! Who wouldn't have wanted that?

It seems Marvel is trying to fight back, as a number of its characters are now gracing the brick form. 

When the new Avengers: Infinity War movie came out, LEGO decided to create a set that is in tune with the character of the day, which is the massive 9-inch-tall Mk44 Hulkbuster Iron Man suit. Who wouldn't want the Iron Man suit? Everyone would. Iron Man did marvelously well with the suit, saving all of mankind during the epic battle. 

When it was announced that the LEGO The Hulkbuster: Ultron Edition 76105 would be released, a lot of fans couldn't get enough of it, and we won't blame them. We clamored for it too, as it reminded us of a great superhero that we may no longer see on the screen, at least for the time being. 

lego 76105

It comes with numerous features that our eyes could bit get enough of. If you want a set that comes with play features, this may be the one for you. 

This may not be the initial Mk44 that graced the LEGO brick form, but we love it. It is one of the best and the biggest. 

This could be likened to a set in the ‘Ultimate Collector Series’ that is seen in the LEGO Star Wars range, as much attention was paid to details. We have no choice but to give the manufacturers a thumb up. The issue we noticed with it is that it lacked articulation, which some feel will affect its display value. 

1. Size

This set comes with 1363 pieces which you will see in ten bags when you open the box. A lot of the pieces will be used in creating the Hulkbuster suit itself. The suit comes with a rotating torso, trouncing jackhammer arm, glow-in-the-dark pieces, posable limbs, as well as a light brick in the chest. 

lego 76105 inside the box

If you want to change the jackhammer for a standard arm, you can also do that. The entire thing is kept at the info plate's base, after being accompanied by a desk that holds a number of extra mini-builds, which are a Veronica satellite, as well as a small hot-rod and a Veronica satellite. 

You will see robot arms at both sides, with one holding the spare arm of the suit. You will also stumble on a fire extinguisher that seems quite large when you compare it to other parts of the model. 

We would be wrong if we ignored the Iron Man Mk43 Minifigure. This comes with a minute display stand, while the printing found on the suit is quite nice. Apart from that, you will notice that its helmet comes with the normal flip-up faceplate instead of the fixed one that is seen on the Mk51 armor which can be found in the Detroit Steel Strikes set (76077). 

We can say that this is an empty suit, as you won't see any Tony Stark head in it. What you will see is a transparent plastic headpiece.

Man Mk43 Minifigure

2. Interior

In the LEGO 76105 The Hulkbuster: Ultron Edition, you will not be the exclusive Iron Man Minifigure. There, he has on the Mark 43 armor that came from the movie, Avengers: Age of Ultron. You will see the similar armor in other sets that were created with the movie in mind, which allows us to know that LEGO loves to pay attention to details. 

In the LEGO 76105 The Hulkbuster: Ultron Edition, the armor is quite different, as it was uniquely added to the Hulkbuster suit.

We love the fact that it comes with an updated torso printing, while its legs have some wiring that is exposed. This is something we haven't seen in previous models. 

The helmet has black streaks, as well as a metallic gold faceplate. When you compare it with the movie, you have no choice but to notice how perfect they look. 

Man Mk43 Minifigure vs movie

Like earlier mentioned, one thing we couldn't understand was why a plain trans-clear head was used below the mask. This seems strange because the modern Tony Stark head has been used in other sets seen in the Avengers: Infinity War range. We wonder why they didn't use that. 

Apart from that, this Minifigure is nice and is a great fit for the LEGO Marvel sets. 

3. Exterior

One thing that we love about this set us the fact that it comes with the satellite service module called Veronica. This is what deploys the armor. Though it is on a small scale compared to other pieces, it is still good, as it comes with four rare light bluish grey panels.

Immediately you see the hot rod, you will notice what it is, though some people feel that it is a bit out of place. Another thing we feel should not be a part of the set is the big fire extinguisher. It was made to match the scale of the Hulkbuster, which is quite unnecessary. 

The Mark 43 armor has a display stand too. The Hulkbuster also comes with a black display base, where it is supposed to be kept on. We feel it is merely for decoration, as it is cute to the eyes, but it can't support the Hulkbuster. If you doubt us, try it and watch the Hulkbuster stumble down. It comes bearing an information plaque that looks like what is obtainable in the Ultimate Collector Series. You can fold the plaque into the base too. 

build lego 76105

To the stand, you can attach the robotic arms, as well as a dark bluish grey platform by making use of Technic pins.

The yellow arms are quite impressive once they are on the Hulkbuster, though the majority of what they do is to keep the mech's alternative arm when you are not using them. 

To us, we feel that there was no need for the entire stand. It should have been ignored when creating this model, while they spent more time on other aspects of the Hulkbuster armor. This is merely our thoughts. 

We feel that the legs and arms should have been bulkier, especially towards the shoulders area. 

We love that they paid attention to minute details when creating this LEGO marvel set. 

4. Play features

This set comes with intriguing play features. You could push a button at the back, and you will have the light brick that is sitting on the chest activated. The light brick takes the form of the primary Arc Reactor which gives the armored suit the needed power, while it works with ten smaller reactors. 

lego 76105 push at the back

The orange glow may be alright, but we felt that going for a pale blue light would be much better. 

When you look at the back of the torso, you will notice that much attention was paid to its details compared to the front.

One snag that we noticed about its appearance is the blue Technic pin that can be seen on top of the central reactors. You will also see similar elements on the shoulders, things that we do not like. We felt that they should have been hidden instead of being shown to the entire world. 

Building Experience

More time will be spent on building the Hulkbuster itself, and you may spend more time on a bit of repetition. What can you do as you will have to create two legs and arms that follow the same method? 

You won't be bored, we guarantee you of that, as there are some interesting building techniques that you may use. Apart from that, you will also incorporate some rare parts like the 12 glow-in-the-dark round flat plates, gold slopes, as well as the light brick for the chest reactor. These things work together in beautifying the model up. 

We had fun with some details like the revolver pistols that were utilized in the pipework.

When you are done coupling them up, you will notice that you have done a great job. 

lego ironman hulkbuster mk44

Light Up Your Punches

If you want to make your Hulkbuster stand out and look unique from every other one out there, check our our specially made Hulkbuster Lego Light Kits. They are vibrant, fun, and will earn your exclusive bragging rights over all of your friends. 

lego 76105 Lights


The Hulkbuster is quite steady when placed on its feet, though you can balance it out more by posing it on the feet. 

This set comes with much play value if you can be able to take it off your shelf. After coupling this together, many fans prefer to keep it displayed on their shelf instead of playing with it because of how magnificence it looks.

The snag that we noticed is the fact that the set depends more on stickers for the decoration of the armor, save for its head. 

Coupling the set together is quite easy, as there are instruction manuals that could guide you. Thank God for the internet, you could stream videos showing the coupling of this LEGO Marvel set together.

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