Recreate disney cartoon moments when you build the LEGO Brick build Minions and their Lair 75551 Set.

by Eve Alessa Arevalo

The Minions are small yellow creatures or aliens who work for the Super Villan Guru. The release of the first movie drue so much crowd that Universal Studios made a sequel. After the great success of Despicable Me 2, which made over a billion dollars, a third movie was created and released, which again was very successful and has now made Universal Studios over a billion dollars. Indeed, the main story focuses mostly on Guru as he goes about causing havoc with the help of the Minions. Still, the true reason people watch the show with so much enthusiasm is mainly because of how cute and funny the Minions are. Thanks to the Despicable Me movies, the love, and popularity of the Minions and Guru have grown drastically. Are you a fan of Despicable me? Or any of the Minion movies that have been released since then? If so, you will love Legos's design and the release of a set based on this Movie. 

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The Lego set is named the Lego Brick Build Minions and their Lair 75551 set. This Lego set allows you to recreate three iconic Minions, Keven and Tom. The set also comes with two other smaller Minifigure Minions. The set would be great for kids who are fans of the Despicable me Movie. The set would also be perfect for adults looking for something fun and satisfying to build. This post will consider every aspect of this new Lego set and what makes it an amazing Lego set to start up the new year with. Consider the set's building experience first, its features second, and how our lights work with the set. If this is what you have been searching for, read through it patiently as we break down this Lego set. 

LEGO 75551


The Lego Brick build Minions and the Lair set come with over eight hundred bricks, divided into two main number bags. This set allows you to build characters from The Minion or Despicable Me, which if you have watched and are a fan off would easily recognize. The building of this set can be divided into two stages. The first stage is building one of the two characters and a Minifigure, while the second stage is basically the same as the first. If you have experience working with Lego sets before this time, you will love building this set. The building of the Minion character, which is the main attraction of this set, starts with the base. Once you have successfully built the body base, you can develop the set. Once you have successfully built the body, the arms and Legs will be next.

Though the set is originally designed for the recreation of Kevin and Stuart, you could also use the Bricks for Kevin to build Bub. This makes the set a lot more fun. Building two characters may take an inexperienced Lego user lots of time. And if you are the type that leads a busy life, getting the two sets built might seem somewhat impossible. On that note, the Lego team decided to include instruction manuals in the set, which you could use to recreate both characters at the same time with the aid of a friend. So if you have a friend who is a fan of the Lego set and would not mind assisting you in building this set, it is wise to get the friend involved. Overall, the Lego Brick build Minions, and the Lair set offers builders an impressive building experience and is an amazing display set. Aside from an impressive display, this Lego set also offers fantastic features. The next section will focus on these features. 

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One thing that makes the Lego Brick build Minions and the Lair set stand out as impressive is that the Lego team spared no expense in ensuring they used only the best materials for the Lego set. The Lego team worked hard to source the original materials used to create the bricks for building this set. Aside from that, the Lego team also ensures that all machines used for the production function properly and are well maintained. The Lego set team also ensured that each product passed strict quality assurance checks. These checks have helped to ensure the best user experience possible and the durability of the Lego set. So you can trust the Lego set to be of the highest standards and durability.

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Aside from this Lego set being of the best quality, the Lego set also offers an amazing display. This is because the arms of the sets are possible. This means you could display this Lego set with any pose you decide. Using this Lego set, you could also create whatever scenes you recall from the Cartoon. And if you have kids who love to play with toys, give them the two smaller Minifigures to play with.

LEGO 75551


The Lego Brick build Minions and the Lair set come with 876 pieces. The Lego set also comes with three smaller Minifigures. When fully built, the Lego set measures 3 inches long, 4 inches wide, and 5 inches tall. This scaling is for the two Minifigures built with this set. This scaling means you will notice this set if displayed on a shelf alongside other Lego sets.

LEGO 75551


The Lego Brick builds Minions, and You can purchase their Lair set from the Lego website or any Lego store in your area. The Lego set has become so popular and loved by Lego fans that it is now sold out. Suppose you would want one of these sets. You would have to purchase it directly from a retailer. It has been speculated that the price of this set is set to rise due to it being so scared. The Lego sold the Lego set for about 50,00 dollars at the time it was in stock. The set may cost about 70 dollars. So if you want this Lego set, now would be a good time. And once you can get your hands on one of these sets, be sure to purchase our amazing light kits with it. Doing so would be the best decision you ever made. Let's find out why.

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Our Lego Lights are special, sold separately lights that can improve the whole look of the set. Our Lego lights come in two main types. We have the basic and standard versions of Lego lights. Which one should you get? That depends on your level of experience using Lego lights. If you are new to our lights, it would be best to get the basic version. But if you are more advanced in your knowledge and use of our lights, you can go for the standard version. Returning to those unfamiliar with our lights, here are a few tips that can help.

Light Kit for Brick-built Minions and their Lair 75551


As soon as your Lego lights arrive, it would be safe for you to take a few minutes to inspect them. This ensures that all shipped lights and accessories look and are in perfect condition. It is not unusual for light kits to sustain damages during shipping. This is because our lights are very fragile. So To ensure you get premium quality Lego lights, make sure you inspect your package. If you notice any damages during the inspection, request a replacement using your 30days warranty card.

Inspection should include checking the batteries, wires, and power capacity. You would also need to look out for signs of short-circuiting. If, after your inspection, everything looks good, you can move on to the next stage.

Light Kit for Brick-built Minions and their Lair 75551


You can only begin this process after completely building your brick-built Minions and their lair set. To do this successfully, each light kit has a special blueprint manual to help you through the process. There are also many videos and articles you could watch and read on our website before embarking on this journey. Feel free to make use of all the recourses at your disposal.


Once you are done installing your Lego set, you can now take time off to test run it, making sure it is in the best condition. To do this, check for signs of short-circuiting, as this could help you quickly identify the problem. Once you have located the problem, be sure to fix it. Once you are sure everything is in the best condition, you can finally relive your Epic Horizon Forbidden West Tall Neck moment in style as you put this set on display.

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