What Can You Build With 25 Lego Bricks

by Nikita P.

Challenge your kids today to craft out Lego designs with the least available Lego bricks and help them learn how to create and invent awesome ideas using the least available resources. 

Lego crafting is a fun way to keep your children learning and playing at the same time, but with this challenge, you would also be pushing their creativity level by a telling inch. You never know how creative your children can be until they find themselves in situations that require them to find a possible way out of a challenging condition or situation. Building Lego crafts with very few Lego bricks is an awesome way to see them explore this creative and entrepreneurial side of them.

lego creativity

In this article, I will show you some challenging crafts you and your kids can try to build using flat Lego bricks with or without wheels, and with only 25 bricks or less or just a little bit more (like adding an extra brick in order to complete the work). Adding the extra brick advantage, you, as the parent, can tell your kids that you will hold one or two Lego bricks apart and all they have to work with are 25 bricks, but if they cannot complete the task with the 25 bricks they have, then they can choose one or both of the bricks you have held apart and that would be all. It will surely be an amazing and challenging experience for both you and your kids.

Importance of this challenge to your kids

Kids pick up traits, ideas, and behaviors from some of the fun things they engage or are engaged in. Some of these behaviors and characters stick and stay with them as they grow older. When they become responsible adults, they employ some of these skills intuitively and subconsciously. This is basically how good characters and behaviors are formed. Below are some of the important things your kids can develop if you ask them what they can build with 25 Lego bricks, and assist them to make it possible:

• Creativity: children have a lot of ideas, they can easily and quickly come up with series of things to do with their toys; giving them this opportunity to challenge themselves with only 25 Lego bricks will help them to think up brilliant ideas. This will most definitely improve their level of creativity, as well as, sharpen their minds.

kids play lego

• Problem-solving ability: the kids will learn how to quickly think of ways to solve problems and save the day with this challenge. They know there is a task ahead of them and they want to see the end of it. They want to be the ones who brought the ideas and furnished it till completion. This is a skill even us adults want to explore.

• Managing available resources: kids will grow up and during this process, they will be faced with a series of events that will require them to make use of scarce resources in order to solve difficult problems. Challenges like this one will help groom them and shape their minds for situations like that.

Without further ado, let's get right into the list of some of the creative things your kids can craft out using 25 (or slightly more/less) Lego bricks, most of which will be vehicle-based designs.

1. Big, off-road vehicle 

This is one perfect example that you shouldn't dare kids too much. You have no particular idea what things they use their beautiful minds for. This is a 4x4 off-road truck designed with flat pieces of Lego bricks and 4 tyres. It is a totally creative Lego idea that you need to let your kids handle. They can build a variety of other designs like this, depending on what they have in mind. 

off road car

2. Racing cart with a runway 

This is another amazing idea when it comes to limited Lego resources. It is a vehicle-based Lego idea that employs the use of very few and majorly flat Lego bricks with four wheels. Challenge your kids a little further and you'll have them create several other creative things to complement this great craft. As seen in the picture above, there is a runway/race-track for the vehicle to run on; you could make your kids create similar ideas with an even lesser number of bricks. 

racing car with runway

3. No tyre or flying car: 

Like I said earlier, you cannot predict what kids can craft out if you allow them. This is an idea of a future-based flying vehicle that was built with totally no wheels at all. Shaped like a mini space ship with its flat body structure because it was made with flat Lego bricks. Your kids will most definitely love to challenge themselves by trying to build this awesome Lego craft. What makes it more interesting and less difficult to make is that, they don't have to stress or rack their minds too much to know where each brick goes, since it can be made with as few Lego bricks as possible. You may want to try this one out with your kids. 

no tyre or flying car

There you have it; the list of creative Lego ideas to make with 25 Lego bricks (with maybe a little less/more bricks and wheels). You should consider sticking around them while they are at these tasks to guide them and share ideas on how and where to fit each brick into. Also, note that these are not the only Lego arts that can be made with few bricks. It wouldn't be so challenging if they have to copy some already made works. Encourage them to think up ideas that they can make with few bricks and help monitor the process to see to the completion of each craft. Finally, take pictures of these crafts for the sake of memory; they may need it for extra motivation when faced with more difficult tasks.

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