Top 20 LEGO Sets to Get by New Year

by Nikita P.

This article is going to talk about the hottest, most in-demand, and available LEGO sets that you should own by the coming year. There are so many LEGO sets that get released monthly. Keeping track of all of them is not an easy task.

It is also not easy to place budgets for all these LEGO sets. We need to think about the fact that some releases are limited. There’s the presence of sporadic stock levels. There are also shelf lives that are capped for all sets before they get retired permanently.


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This list after being updated also looks at the levels of stock available in the United Kingdom’s version of the LEGO website.


Top 20 LEGO Sets to Get by New Year

Here is the List of Top 20 Lego Sets for The New Year of 2021.

This has the Star Wars theme and it is purchased for €799.99, £649.99. It has seven hundred and forty-one LEGO pieces. If you do not have this LEGO set, you should get it. It was released in the middle of the year 2007.

It is one of the original ultimate series for collectors. It marked the highest point for LEGO designs and aided in increasing the scale of Mini figures. This is how it captured one of the most iconic trilogies from the star wars universe.

It has about ten years of full four-figure after market prices. The LEGO Group has made the public have a remastered, redesigned, and upgraded version which got released in the year 2017.

This LEGO set lives way more than the status of those it follows. It reimagines the buildings on very crazy scales as a result of the multi-bag creation process which got packed using ingenuity using 7541 LEGO pieces.

Though it is double the price of the 10179, this LEGO set sold out way faster through the first hour after its release to various LEGO Stores worldwide. This is before it reappeared at the beginning of Christmas.

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Having the Disney theme, $349.99, £299.99. It has four thousand and eighty LEGO pieces. If you do not purchase this LEGO set soon enough, you would easily miss it.

This got revealed in July 2016 and it got officially released by the LEGO Group in August that year. This homage from the home of our lovely Cinderella spent about four years going in and out of stock.

Till presently, it is not available in the United States version of the LEGO website. You can only get this from the back-order status in the United Kingdom.

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Having the idea price theme can be purchased for €199.99, $199.99, and £179.99. It has two thousand five hundred and forty-five LEGO pieces.

This is like the second LEGO Ideas set which is the largest. This classic pirates theme is from the ending of the 1980s and the beginning of the 1990s.

It has all you need for a set that is epic in design and it is one of the only ones that LEGO from the modern world has to offer.

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For LEGO and Nintendo fans, this is for you guys. This is a console a lot of people use to love back in the day. Marking its thirty-fifth anniversary in the year 2020 the LEGO Group has granted the world this LEGO set.

It is truly detailed and it is an accurate recreation using LEGO. This creation has its television, controller, and game cartridge. It is shaped beautifully in a way that the brick form is the only part of this set that loads.

It is available for its cross-set and plays feature. These both tug at the nostalgic parts that retro gamers would love and enjoy.

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The theme for this LEGO piece is from the Creator Expert Price. It can be purchased for £449.99 and $549.99. It has nine thousand and thirty-six LEGO pieces.

As is always said, Rome was not built just in one day. As a result of the high number of LEGO pieces used in building this LEGO set, you should know that organizing this is not an easy task.

This LEGO set is unique for a lot of reasons. It is challenging, infused with tasks, and you would take days to finish building this LEGO set. The experience it takes to be done with this LEGO set is quite memorable.

This is one of the best LEGO sets that the LEGO Group has produced all through their years of production for a lot of reasons. It is great as a result of its size and the amount of time you would enjoy as you fix it.

This has the Star Wars theme, it is sold for €29.99, $29.99, and £24.99. It has two hundred and eighty-five pieces available.

This LEGO set is gotten from the last appearance at the last star wars season known as the Clone Wars. This LEGO set has gone back to its LEGO form after we all have been waiting for about seven years.

The LEGO and star wars universe has been anticipating the release of this LEGO set for quite a while now. Immediately after it started sales, it sold out and with haste both in stores and on the internet.

This LEGO set is epic because it is quite cynical for a LEGO set like this to be gotten from the star wars universe. Apart from the fact that it is just Mini figures, it looks great from its appeal and its design.

The flaws are quite small when you look at it you know. Like how many times can you purchase a trooper and be excited? I mean. It is something you purchase, enjoy it and purchase some more when you feel like it.

This is gotten from the Harry Potter theme and it can get purchased for €399.99, $399.99,and £349.99. It has six thousand and twenty LEGO sets.

All Harry Potter fans, both LEGO or not, you need to own this LEGO set in the coming year. It is 69 cm wide and fifty-eight cm tall. It is a detailed and ultimate recreation of Harry Potter's central setting.

There is so much that's packed in this 360-degree display. It is almost not possible for one not to admire this beauty. It has lovely sweeping shotsof the real castle which can be done from the series of the Harry Potter movies.

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This has the Star Wars theme and it is sold for 79.99 dollars, or £69.99. It has one thousand and seventy-three pieces.

This takes center stage and it would steal your heart. Stealing the hearts of lots of star wars and non-star wars fans, baby Yoda has turned into a lovely cultural phenomenon and he is quite popular in places like those from Disney plus and all other shows it in.

This has the idea price and it is sold for $119.99, €116.97 and £109.99. This has 1979 LEGO pieces. This LEGO set captures using skill the popular Saturn V Rocket which is in a quite large model.

It has a unique and intuitive build structure inside it. From the type that designer’s submitted on ideas to six weeks into the design team. They have successfully converted this into their own official set. Taking this through a great deal of expertise and knowledge through design.

These have all been packed into very long tubes. 91276 and 21306Apollo Saturn V are way more than that. These are a great celebration for this epic vehicle which is from the space travel history and a LEGO set you need to get yourself as the year is coming.

This has the Monkie Kid theme, it is sold for the following prices£129.99 or €149.99. It has sixteen thousand and twenty-nine pieces.

Some of these Lego sets aids in giving Lego themes to their definitions. This is the case of this LEGO Monkie Kid. These serve as the behemoth which stands out. Standing out by heads and shoulders above all the others.

The remaining from this Chinese legend themes with haste clearly and quickly create a cartoon and vibrant colored world. This 80012 Monkey King Warrior Mech looks and feels like the center piece which shows that there are a hero and Lego fan. These are properly inspiring.

Forgetting about your interest in what Monkie kid has to offer as a theme, it promises you color, designs, and a great scale. It prevents Lego fans from salivating too much. It is properly well balanced. It has great use of color than ever before.

It has a great build. It has been looked at by the design teams and you get to enjoy yourself as you get challenged as you create and build this Lego set. 

11. TreeHouse Ideas 21318

This has the Ideas Price theme. It can be purchased for €199.99, $199.99, £179.99. It has three thousand and thirty-six Lego pieces. Did you know that these models get submittedto LEGO ideas? They must be less than three hundred pieces. Luckily for all the fans out there, when the design teams throw out their rule books they decided to make use of the 21318 treehouses which would serve as a productto be used officially. This is the largest set yet for this Lego team. None of these Lego pieces would get wasted as you create this Lego build. So it is an interesting one. It has a great and wonderful textured model.

This Lego set beautifully achieves a sense scale which is quite difficult to achieve using images. The tree rises properly above the picnickers from the Minifigure. It later stretchesout through rooms and branches above. It has a merge and mix of several different elements and colors which grants a master class in Lego organic building. 

12. Friends Central Perk Ideas 21319

Gotten from the theme of the idea again. Can be purchased for €59.99, $59.99, £64.99. It has 1049 Lego pieces available. We all enjoyed watching friends. It was a great series.This Lego set got released in September 2019. It is an exclusive from stores. It has kept on hitting the stock strategies. It is one of the fastest and best sellers for great reasons. It features the main cast of the seriesfriends are Joey, Rachel, Monica, Phoebe, Chandler, Ross too. You get to enjoy Gunther too. This recreates one of the most known parts of TV which the entire world has watched. It paid a lot of attention to detail, even addingthe famous orange sofa which the gang always sat down at. 

13. Batwing Lego 76161 Batman

This is from the Batman theme and it can get purchased for $199.99, £179.99. This Lego set has two thousand, three hundred, and sixty-three Lego pieces.

None of the Batman depictions has more vehicles that are iconic like this Lego set. This has the hero that always broods from the 1989 Tim Burton movie. One of the main attractions ofthis Lego set is Batman. The superhero we all know and love. The superhero we all feel we can be because what does it take to be this type of superhero. All we need is to have the funds necessary and that would be it right?This Lego set has all it takes for you to enjoy it properly as you play with it. 

14. 123 Sesame Street Ideas 21324

This is from the ideas Lego theme. It can be purchased from Lego stores for 119.99 dollars. It has a thousand, three hundred, and sixty-seven Lego pieces.

You would get blown away by the techniques this Lego set has to offer. This Lego set is filled with lots of joy as you organize, reassemble and it would make you feel quite nostalgictoo. It is the equivalence for Lego as comfort food.

It wouldn't have been easy to take you through all these paths of nostalgia without giving you all of this at a price that's quite low. Luckily, without you settling down tobuild this Lego set, it would end up remaining half baked. So take your time, purchase this Lego set, and have a blast.

15. 1989 Batmobile Batman 76139

Coming from the Batman theme, you can get this for two hundred and forty-nine dollars. It has three thousand, three hundred and six Lego pieces. This Lego set got released in the secondto the last month of the year 2019. This ranked the eightieth year of Batman in an epic style. This captured Batman in his Batmobile and it's glory using a large scale. It has a beautiful Jet Engine Turbine, it has a cutecanopy, and beautifully shaped fins. Everything is made to look pretty black and lovely. This Batmobile is a vehicle that is designed with style. It is classic and made for its role in the Batman movie. 

16. Old Trafford Creator Expert 10272

From the creator expert theme. Can be purchased for two hundred and ninety-nine dollars and it is available in three thousand, eight hundred and ninety-eight Lego pieces. 

17. Warhol’s Marilyn Monroe Andy LEGO Art 31197

This is from the Lego art price theme. It can be purchased for a hundred and nineteen point ninety-nine dollars. There are three thousand, three hundred, and forty-one Lego pieces available.Being a huge part of the Lego team's growing need to grab the rate at which adults are patronizing the Lego markets. The LEGO Group has decided to exorbitant price all of this using simply a lot of times and frames andplates to create this with. There are lots of plates that could get used in the creation of these Lego plates. There is always something you can do when it comes to looking at details and watching what these sets can do. Thesewould pique your interest and check to see what you can do and the techniques you would pass through intentionally as you build this Lego set.

This Lego set comes using a lot of boxes which you could make use of to create. There are songs you could make use of to build these images. There are several possibilities to make useof those that are not conscious of budgets to join several copies of these sets together for larger images and collections. These help in building more processes than those from the usual Lego constructions. You could makeuse of these pieces and paint more than you would be using physical tools. The entire process to the end of this is purely based on tiles. There are plates too which are all the way more fascinating. 

18. Lamborghini Sián FKP 37 Technic 42115

Gotten from the Technic Price theme, can be purchased for three hundred and seventy-nine dollars. It has three thousand, six hundred, and ninety-six Lego pieces.

This comes using the same Lego scale as the Porsche 911 GT3 42057 RS from 2016 and the Bugatti Chiron 2018's 42083. It is one of the latest Lego sets which have served as one ofthe first hybrid vehicles.

A lot of people have benefited from this. There are lovely extra external elements that were introduced in this Bugatti. They have gotten their designs which got introduced using newstyles and added focus. Creating angular designs and these have made them challenging. Combining them with improved interior functionality and accessibility. These are models that aid in capturing the matter of the subjectwhich are unique. These have you the builders in mind. If you check and compare this with other Lego sets, you'll understand my point way better. But it's all good. We hope this has fully explained why you need toget this Lego set by the new year. 

19. 75810 The Upside Down Stranger Things

Gotten from the stranger things theme, this can be purchased using a hundred and ninety-nine. Ninety-nine dollars. It has two thousand, two hundred and eighty-seven sets.

Looking at practically almost any type of these Lego sets would make you go Wow on the spot. These Lego talented teams filled with designs would show you how attractive these modelsare. You just need to understand how you can recreate extremely lovely things from these. Things like fantasy, film, life too. Using any piece count. These models truly stand out, even among the best Lego sets available. Theseare epic and wonderful. That's what the Lego group has got to offer. 

20. 10273 Haunted House Fairground Collection

Gotten from the fairground collection theme. Can be purchased for two hundred and twenty-nine point ninety-nine. It has three thousand, two hundred, and thirty-one Lego pieces.

The fairground rides for Lego have gotten released using a few regularities. This Lego set grants you the time and energy to properly depart from the attractions which are colorful andthey would explain why you need to go that far. Instead of yellows, reds, and blues, these offer you a ghoulish and grim look and the merge between olive green, bluish grey, and all the colors in between. This means if youare a fan of this type of art, then there's no telling how well you would enjoy what this Lego set has to offer.


Put on tube seat belts, get in the car, drive to your favorite Lego store, and order as much out of it. This list as you can. It's the holidays so happy holidays. We hope you havea great time. 

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