Some Lego Risk Your Kids Must Avoid

by Nikita P.

LEGO is very educational, it has a lot of benefits and it is fun too. Children love playing with LEGO. 

It is good for health and so on. But are there some Lego risks you need to know? Definitely, no game is fun without any risk. 

Lego safety warnings along with Lego risk

There must be a Lego risk attached to LEGO bricks. Let us consider those risks and know how to avoid them.

Swallowing of Parts

Children that play with LEGO without guidance tend to stray. Especially those kids from 3-5 years of age. 

swallow lego

If they are not guided they might swallow some of the parts. This is very dangerous for kids. 

Children who are not up to the age of playing alone must be guided in order to avoid this dangerous risk.

Electrical Parts

Although LEGO has its way of protecting this part, younger kids tend to be victims of this. If not guided, they may get hurt. 

Even if you lecture them on that, they will not be able to learn. What you should do is guide them on how to go on this part then as time goes on, they will get used to it and learn and they will be able to play carefully.

lego electrical parts

Pointy Part

There are some pointy parts of LEGO bricks that can hurt your kids. It is true that legit makes those points a little bit soft these days, but you never can tell. 

Control your kids on how to go about those pointy parts. If you lecture your kids on this and they fail to learn or understand, guide them instead. 

Always stay close to them while playing. Doing so will help them understand more.

Spinning Parts

When an object keeps rotating, it brings much excitement. But have you thought of putting your hand in that rotating part accidentally? 

It’s true we wouldn’t want that to happen but accidents do occur on a regular basis. All you have to do is avoid them. 

Children view spinning as fun, but as a parent or guardian, you should always guide your kids on how to follow this part in order to avoid accidents.

lego spinning parts

Separating pieces of bricks with your teeth

The teeth are a special tool in your mouth that helps you eat very well and enjoy a delicious meal you can think of. 

It would not be appropriate if something happens to your teeth likewise your kids. Separating pieces of bricks with the teeth can hurt your kids. 

When two bricks are joined together, they become very hard and can not be removed with just the fingers. 

You should get a separating tool for your kids so that they can use this tool to separate those hard bricks instead of using their teeth. 

When you get the separating tool, your kids may not be used to it. Teach them to use this tool and always guide them on how to go about playing with their bricks.

Always Share

Teach your kids to share their bricks when playing with other kids. If there isn’t enough piece for a particular creation, suspend that creation and move on to another one. 

Kids tend to steal pieces of bricks if they notice that you wouldn’t want to share with them. If the owner of the bricks finds out it may result in conflict and bopping. 

Always teach your kids to share and help them know how important it is and the fun it brings.

Arrange Bricks Properly

Look for trays or boxes to put you LEGO bricks when or after playing. This prevents kids from stepping or sitting on them. 

When bricks are scattered around the house, everyone might get hurt. In order to avoid an accident, you should arrange your bricks properly. You may put in a tray or a box.

Bricks Firing

Kids find joy in playing together as a group or as a team. As this goes on, they may fire their bricks at each other. This may be fun but very dangerous. 

When firing bricks at each other, it may result in damaging eyes or other important parts of the body. 

Always guide your kid and instruct them on this aspect. Instead of firing bricks, they should learn to construct with it. This would help to avoid this accident that can damage the body.


Always train your kids to be organized. If well trained and guide they would see the need to avoid being disorganized. 

Do not let your kids lift too many bricks at one time. Some bags can contain up to thousands of bricks. Would you let your kids carry them alone? 

Of course not! Maybe they would not be able to lift it but they may try and in this process, they may get injured. 

What you need to do is organize the bricks, put them in separate bags, and avoid them been wrapped together. This would reduce stress and prevent accidents from happening.

Choking on a Small Piece

Always teach your kids to learn to play carefully. If they do not, they might get choked up. 

Parents around the globe have been complaining about this aspect. So in order to avoid this, you need to teach your children. 

Always be with them whenever they are playing their games. As time goes on they would learn and understand.

Mixing of Piece

There are LEGO bricks and also LEGO led light kits. This light kits if LEGO has a very delicate part. This part is connected to some electrical instruments such as wires etc. 

It is not appropriate to mix the bricks and the kits together. If they are mixed together when constructing, you may be disorganized and as a result, cause an accident.

Install Lights Kits Properly

This kit is similar to an electrical instrument because it has some wires on it. Some kids light up their kids before construction. Kids feel that it is fun but it isn’t. 

You should teach your kids to see the need of constructing your creation first before lighting up the kits to avoid complications.

lego lights

Also when they construct their creation before lighting up your kits, they would be able to install the light kits and they would know where to fix each wire.

Test Your Accessories

 When you purchase the LEGO accessories you need to check them In order to be sure that they are safe to play with. 

Always check the light kits and some electrical parts to avoid accidents. If ever you see a brick that is not appropriate, you can replace it from the place you purchased. They always give a year guarantee. 

When you see your son bricks that are not in good shape and cannot be installed easily, you can just replace them in order to avoid accidents.

Passing Wires Forcibly

You do not need to apply force when passing led wires through LEGO pieces. 

When you finish your construction, you would be able to know where to pass the wires. If forcefully passed, it may damage your creation. 

You do not new to roughly pass in order for your creation not to be destroyed.

Connecting Led Wires Without Manual

It Is true that you have been constructing bricks for a long time, you may not have made any mistakes. 

But it is advisable to always look into your manual before connecting your wires. Sometimes you may forget some part and place you can connect your wires. 

For this reason, you should always look into your manual before connecting.

Get a Good Play Site

You are free to allow your kids to play where ever they want. But It would be appropriate if they have a good play spot. 

If you allow your kids to play where ever they want, they may mess the house up. They can even play under the bed, in the sitting room or on the couch. 

For this reason, you should provide a particular place for your children to avoid accidents or embarrassment.

lego lights

Avoid Playing With Strangers

Children love LEGO as a result, they play with anyone that also loves LEGO as well. Help your kids to see the need to avoid strangers. 

When your kids play with strangers, they may be molested or they may be taught wrongly. 

You should always guide your kid on this one because It is for their safety. Once they get used to playing without strangers, they would have fun too. 

This would prevent them from been deceived. Not all strangers are bad but you can not tell. So always guide your children and teach them to avoid strangers.


Your children are the most special possession you could ever have. You would not want them to get hurt for some toys. 

So all you need to do is guide them on what to do. Help them to see the need to cautious even when playing games

LEGO is fun and beneficial. Do not let the future of LEGO take over your kids. Teach them to be organized. 

Teach them to be clean when handling the LEGO bricks. Always have fun with LEGO.

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