Six Top Tips for Building Better Creations

by Nikita P.

Playing with Lego bricks can be fun and worthwhile. It becomes even more exhilarating when you can construct better Lego Creations. I mean, imagine playing with those colorful bricks and even challenging your children to a game of building. Isn't the idea delightful and refreshing?

Apart from the beautiful and priceless memories, one can create on a Lego playground, the experience can help one harness a flare for building engineering and develop other artistic faculties. Some people, however, do not seem to achieve the most out of the Lego experience. This is why we have decided to share some useful keys.

Here are six insightful tips on how to build better Lego Creations. 

1. Pick the Right Colors

Colors appeal to the eye. They go to the heart of the Lego Creation. A Lego Creation will look more real if it is built with the right colors. For instance, if a person wants to build something like a tree, the color green, will come in very handy to appreciate the artistic value of the work. 

While it is true that colors are very important, one should not be hinged on the availability of colors at all. If you do not have enough colors, simply make do with what you have. Colors can never be too perfect. Besides, there's always room for a new perspective. 

lego pick the right color

2. Create Real-Life Objects

Here's a tip to take to heart if you really want people to appreciate what you're creating. Creating real-life objects that people are already familiar with will make them see through your Lego Creation and easily resonate with what it is you've built or intend to build. Also, I strongly advise you to create these objects in their life-size. If you are looking to create an abstract object, your best bet may be painting and not Lego. Simply stick to more relatable objects that people encounter in their day to day activities. 

real life objercts lego

3. Master the Curves

Mastering the making of curves whilst building Lego creation is just as important as it is difficult. However, there's an easy way out. You can plot graphs making use of objects that have curvy or circular surfaces or edges to trace the curve on to the grid. After plotting your graph, all you need to do is follow the pattern as you build. For this purpose, round plates and bowls would come in handy.

the curves lego

4. Go off the Books Sometimes

Yes, sometimes you have to pay less attention to the instructions and pay more attention to your intuition. Remember, as Albert Einstein says "creativity is intelligence having fun". So, you may want to calm your nerves and enjoy what you're doing. After all, the whole idea is to have fun. Don't get me wrong though. Instructions are good but your ideas may be better. Try out that idea and see what it births. 

lego lights

5. Keep an Open Eye

To surpass the average builder, you must develop a keen artistic eye. When you look at a piece, you should ensure to pay detailed attention to all the dimensions and perspectives to that piece. You must build an artistic consciousness for you to stand out as a master of the craft. Let me give you a practical example: You should be able to construe a design that looks like a ceiling fan as a wind turbine or even as the top of a helicopter. Simply put, try to see more than what meets the eye.

6. Be Organized

The last tip but certainly not the least on the scale of importance, points to the organization of Lego bricks. Some people like to arrange them by color, others sort them by size and some other people separate them according to purpose or shape. Whatever parameter you use for organizing them, just make sure that your pieces are well kept and organized. This will help you to build faster and better creations.

Even nature is not exhaustive. This is why there is room for man-made innovations and inventions. Hence, be sure that you're free to use whatever tips you may come to find on your own as you build. However, these six tips if religiously applied, will take your Lego creations far above the hallmark of average. That is a promise!

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