Secret LEGO Tricks & Tips You Should Learn

by Nikita P.

The LEGO community is filled with so many people, LEGO builders of varying degrees. Every LEGO builder desires to be an expert LEGO builder but for some reason might not have achieved that, the good news is that there is no ultimate rule or system you must master to become an expert. There are several tips and tricks that you should learn on your journey to becoming a LEGO expert builder, most of these tricks are secrets even though they might seem commonplace, most people do not know or use them.

In this article we are going to explore some of these secret LEGO tricks and tips that you should learn, they are sure to make your creations spectacular.

Secret LEGO Tricks and Tips

1. Colour Contrast: 

This is important because it sets the tone for your build, for example, you are trying to make a creepy forest made out of a horror film idea; it would be good to use contrast colors like dark brown, black, dark green. If you want to make something bright and happy it would be good to use bright colors. The use of colors in this way gives your build more character, however, it is very important that you use colors wisely. 

2. The SNOT Method: 

This is a very useful trick, you might have heard it several times but did not know the meaning. This is just a term that stands for “Studs Not On Top" this technique is incredible because it seems to add a fourth dimension to your build, there are a variety of different types of pieces you could use to accomplish SNOT. Some of the most common ones are SNOT bricks and plates. Take advantage of using this technique because it is very useful and can add great details to your builds. 

3. Illegal Building: 

This is another trick that expert builders use, it is a cool way to spice your builds. It is not what the name implies, it simply a way that you use pieces together that is not the official way they are supposed to be used. In the long run, illegal building techniques create this awe-inspiring moment where people could say stuff like "I have never seen a piece used that way before" it is mainly for rebel expert builders who do not like abiding by the standards of official piece use. So if you are one of the rebel builders try this trick and see because they are not only cool to use, they are also very fun to experiment with. There are many illegal building techniques that you can try. 

The SNOT Method

4. Balance Between the Tiles and Studs: 

The human eyes perceive your build differently depending on the number of tiles and studs you use. The masterful use of tiles and studs can manipulate how the human eyes perceive your build. If you are trying to build a car it is advisable that you do not use a lot of studs because if you do the build will have a bumpy, rough, and rugged look. 

On the other hand, if you are designing a living room and you want to design a carpet it is advisable that you use a lot of studs for the floor. This is not something a lot of people do, it is done mostly by advanced builders. 

5. Transitions: 

People do not know a lot about this but it is very important if you want your build to look advanced. This means moving from one section of the build to another and putting in mind how they are supposed to look and flow into each other. For example, letting the bottom of a building to look rocky, then as you build higher it smoothness out. This can be done by using a lot of transitional pieces. 

Using colors is also very important for transitioning, the shade of color can help with this, the base of your build should have darker shades that transition into lighter shades as your building gets higher. At the end of the day, you will get a mixture of flowing colors that will give your build a unique look. 

6. Shape: 

This is also a very important trick, it is good to give your build a lot of shapes. When some people start to build they are not really conscious of the shapes of their build, they end up coming out blocky because most of the buildings are rectangular or square, but as you become more advanced it is important that you branch off and include more shapes in your building so they will no be so blocky. 

Let your builds have more shape, to achieve this it is important that you use more angles in your build, this improves the looks of your builds, it also adds more shape and roundness. Use pieces that have a lot of roundness, do not be like a beginner builder that uses pieces like default tables and chairs, countertops and drawers, experts will get more creative and make their own chairs, tables, countertops, and drawers.


This helps your creativity to bloom and grow as your journey in the LEGO building community continues, it allows you to get more in-depth in your building. Consider default pieces as training pieces to help you get better, do not overuse them in your builds. As you become more comfortable move away from using default pieces and try to build your own, you will notice your improvement as you practice your designs. 

Balance Between the Tiles and Studs

7. Paying Attention to the Small Details: 

This is arguably the most important trick there is. If you look at the build of an expert no matter how you focus on the small parts you will always notice some unique characteristics in it, small details that you can see everywhere and this is what expert builders really focus on with their creation. 

You shou6be able to take your LEGO creation, look at one small aspect of it and ask yourself “did I put enough detail in this spot?” and if your answer is “no" then there is definitely more improvement that can be made to that part. 

8. Balance Between Simplicity and Complexity: 

This is an important trick when people usually think of a LEGO creation they think of something complex, but in reality, there is a lot of simplicity in that creation. Some of the best LEGO builds you will see out there are actually very very simple. To be a true expert builder you have to know when it is appropriate to be simple and when it is appropriate to be complex, this will save you a lot of time and energy. 

Do not spend your time thinking of some complex technique of building something, that can throw away your motivation. Know the balance between these two sides and use them appropriately. This is sure to help you advance faster and make superb LEGO creations. 

9. Experiment: 

This is the best way you will get better in building, it is very important you learn this trick. Experimenting as you already know comes with a lot of trial and error, a lot of hardship and time, getting frustrated, and a lot of patience. The truth is there is no better way to learn than to experiment, trust me, you will be the better for it. If you do not do this your building will not improve. 

I recommend that you try different styles of building and see how other people design their builds and the cool techniques they use, this is sure to improve your skills, you will be better for it, your builds will look better, you will get more fulfillment for the time you have spent and you will be an expert faster than you can imagine. 

10. Make Friends and Participate in the LEGO Community: 

There are a lot of fans of LEGO just like you that want to grow their skills and become expert builders, practicing with them will help increase your skills. 

You can also learn from experts in the community or expert friends when you meet them, ask for more tips and tricks to help you better your skills, even if you are an expert there is always something to learn from someone because you do not know all the tricks that are out there. 

You could for an online group where you all share ideas and lessons that you have learned for the benefit of other people on the group.

Make Friends and Participate in the LEGO Community

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There is no clear cut, straightforward, and single trick that you should know, the tricks are many and you can learn them through various platforms. Do not isolate yourself in your LEGO journey because there are many people out there that are willing and able to help your grow your skills and if you are a master already you can help people grow theirs. We have explored some tricks in this article, try them, and see how your skills will get better.

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