Review: The Periodic Table of LEGO Colors

by Nikita P.

The LEGO Periodic Table Colors represents a chart with samples of information of more than sixty Lego colors laid out. They look like the typical table of elements on the periodic table.


The WLWYB produces these. They run MOCHub. The LEGO kit fulfillment center is mentioned and was reviewed at the ending of last year.


The Periodic Table of LEGO Colors

The second version of the Periodic Table featuring Lego colors

The second version of the chart has two colors which are not available in the first version. We have a discount count, and this code has been provided. Using this code, you can enjoyabout ten percent when you buy it from You can enter this code as you check your item out. Sadly this code expires on the 25th of February 2021.


This chart is measured for about 300x400mm. It is also manufactured from plastic cards, which are 3mm. It is quite sturdy too.


This has sixty-five genuine 1x1 pieces of Lego that are mounted on the board. Each of these has its squares which creates several different information about the number of sets, thecolor which it appears in, the year it is manufactured, and several other things too. These are all made up of three or two-letter abbreviation that looks like those of chemical elements.


The Periodic Table of LEGO Colors

How is the Periodic Table Chart Divided

This chart is divided into about three sections. It has warm colors available on the left. There are cool colors on the right. There are infrequent ones that are located fewer than threehundred or so sets. That’s where you can find rate metals regularly.


These would bring you to a key, and then you can find backlink names and their IDs, which would get cross-references to the names of Lego colors. Typically, it is printed in Grey color.It is a little bit hard to read through. It would honestly have been more sensible to order these using abbreviations that would enable you to look at these charts and order them using abbreviations. This way, you can findthe proper names of the color as efficiently as possible.


An information key is always present on the boxes, and they are always situated at the left bottom-hand corner.


It is appropriately made, all of these parts are correctly fixed. They do not have any glue types that spill out of the edges, and at the end of the day, it looks beautiful.


The Periodic Table of LEGO Colors

Something which aids in the facilitation of this periodic table is organized at its back. It looks great when you leave the 300x400mm Ribba frame. That’s as ideal as it can get.


Sadly, it also has its faults. Something that would mother you is the high amount of time that has been used to get some of these colors. At times these are not correct what lots ofpeople expect these to end up being different. Think of the colors sand green and dark blue. They are one of the first images which were used in 1964 and 1961.


These colors were the first to show thinking about those that were released in those years. Just as the bodies of those scale cars, not looking at the actual bricks this time. Thesedark blue bricks first appeared in 2002, and then there was sand green in the year 2000. The majority of people considered these to be the years with which they introduced the color palette into the LEGO system.


You might not enjoy the color IDs which were included. These are allocated randomly. They are relatively inconsequential and irrelevant to what the backlink has to offer. They are notimportant too. They end up gathering and causing clutter to the boxes. No one loves or enjoys clutter. They stand in the way of you, making headway and moving positively. Do you understand? You would not quickly notice thatthe number is BL ID and that from the LEGO ID with this clutter. BL is the top. You would then find Lego at the bottom.


The Periodic Table of LEGO Colors

In the end, honestly more annoying, you'll notice that some of the information obtained by her is not correct. The color for Lego is quite a vibrant color. It is given as 1017. Thefact here is that it is 353. The drum has metallic gold, which is known as 1004. This should have been 299. It is Trans Blue, and it has some glitter. These are all wrong too. There could be several other annoying anomalies.One would need to check them out, though properly.


Irrespective of these issues, which are relatively minor, it always remains eye-catching, engaging, and quirky for the producers of this to hand it in the wall. Some might not frameit before they hang it. You can imagine how beautiful it is going to look after you hang it just like that.


You can purchase this Lego Periodic Table featuring Lego colors from for $39.99 and then enjoy a ten percent discount when you use our name as you check out. Make sureyou go and purchase this Periodic table of Lego colors as soon as possible.


On the 25th of February, we would be giving all United Kingdom residents making use of Instagram a simple, easy chance to win one of these. You should keep your ears out to get all ofthe information which could make you a proud winner of this type of Lego Periodic Table featuring Lego colors.


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We remain thankful to WLWYB. Without them, we wouldn’t have this beautiful Lego Periodic Table featuring Lego colors to review.


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