Review: LEGO R2-D2 10225

by Nikita P.

Almost everyone who can boast of being a Star Wars fan knows the R2-D2, in fact, even non-Star Wars fans know it too. That goes to show how pretty awesome it is. So, yes, trust LEGO to create a large set based on the R2-D2 and give LEGO fans another reason to clear up space on their shelf. For a large set like this, it is unlikely for anyone who buys it to build it up and tear it down several times. Rather, you’re going to want to keep this masterpiece right on your shelf where everyone can see it or on the center table (may not be wise if you have dogs or little children as both could try chewing your R2-D2).

The R2-D2 is easily everyone’s favorite droid in the Star Wars Galaxy and LEGO was quick to cash in on that. As a part of the Ultimate Collectors Series, the LEGO R2-D2 10225 is intricately detailed. It is not uncommon to see adults picking this piece for themselves (although some may still claim it’s for their kids) and having a field day building it. Of course, the AFOL community will have a lot more to say than “it’s a nice set.” Nonetheless, it can easily be described as well-detailed and it is clear that LEGO put in a lot of design and planning into creating this set. 

LEGO R2-D2 10225 Light Kit


The LEGO R2-D2 has enough tiny details to require a significant amount of time to build but is still thoroughly enjoyable. With over 2000 pieces, this is perfect for adults and kids who love a bit of a challenge. Being quite a large assortment, it measures over 12” and 7” wide. This makes it better suited to add to your display collection. In addition, the set features a rotating head (can be pretty creepy if you’re not expecting it) and a retractable third leg.

The LEGO droid also comes with two front spacecraft linkage arms that fold-out, front panels with a universal computer interface arm as well as a circular saw. The colors blue, gray and white make this set particularly more mature and realistic.


LEGO R2-D2 10225


In total, it comes with 15 bags, some of which have smaller bags in them (well, how else did you think 2000 pieces would fit?) With bag one, you can start building the base of the droid while bag two continues with the center. Bags 3 and 4 move up with the upper body and the third leg, while bags 5 and 6 are for the retractable leg and the legs for both sides. Building the head begins with bag 8 and after completing the head with the final bag, it can then be attached to the body. Thereafter, the stand for the plaque and the R2-D2 Minifigure can be built. 


Of course, the LEGO Ultimate Collector Series R2-D2 set only has one Minifigure…you guessed it – the R2-D2. What more could we want from this excellent rendition of our favorite Astro droid? 

LEGO R2-D2 10225 Minifigure

Light it Up

If you are someone who wants something more unique that what everyone finds on the market, you will surely love our awesome R2-D2 LEGO Lights. These awesome lights will add some color and vibrancy to your droid friend and help you impress everyone this holiday period. 


All LEGOs are special in their own unique ways, but Star Wars and especially its droid entourage hold a very dear place in the hearts of fans. R2-D2 10225 is an awesome set and will add a huge power pull to any respectable collection. Be sure to grab one for yourself or your dear ones this Christmas, as it will make a fantastic gift! 

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