Review: 41449 Andrea's Family House

by Nikita P.

In 2012 when the Friends theme got launched, each Friends set has acquired each of the characters from the Friends series. Starting from the 3315 Olivia's House in 2012, then the41095 Emma's House in 2015, let’s not forget the 41314 Stephanie's House in 2017, and 4136 Mia's House in 2019. During its 10th year, the Friends houses would be concluding using the 41449 Andrea's Family House.

lego 41449

This Lego set doesn't have a few firsts for the LEGO line. All of these previous houses have not only named these mini-dolls and the parents in the LEGO set. There are several casesthat the older siblings have gotten referenced. Using this set, we have met not just the parents of Andrea and her baby sister Liz. This LEGO set would also include Stephanie. This would make a lot of sense that the LEGO friendswould be at each other's houses. This is the first friend's house Lego set, which includes a second friend. This name is also different when one wants to reference it using the family home, and it is quite differentfrom those from friends.


Inside the box, there are about nine bags, which are numbered. Two of them are lavender, and one of them is a sand yellow eight x sixteen lavender plates. There are also instructionbooks and sticker sheets that are truly larger than one would expect for a Lego set with this size. Using this set, though the sticker sheet is quite packed and there’s an instruction book that isn't crumpled, someof these stickers have been starting to peel from the edges.

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Animals and Mini dolls

There are about five mini-dolls in this LEGO set. This is around the first time that one has had nearly two friends in the house. There are known as Stephanie and Andrea. Andrea is debutingher brand new outfit inside this LEGO set. Her brand new torso now has a sleeveless T-Shirt, which is white, and it has a crown print on top of it. This is topped using teal sleeveless vests, and it has some zippered pockets.These are paired using navy blue skirts, and it has some very high boots made using fuchsia that has laces and navy soles.


In this LEGO set, the number of Lego sets are about five. Being one of the first times that there are two Friends in a house, like Stephanie and Andrea. Andrea is getting her parentsshown this time. They are known as Martin and Donna. Martin is brand new to this LEGO set, and he has a beautiful smile. This is one of the first times that you could see a male mini-doll that has glasses. He also has somebeautiful gold frames. You would wonder why his glasses doesn't have an earpiece. He indeed sports the chin strap beard. This is another lovely first from Friends. His outfit isn't exciting like that. It is merelya black sweater on a White T-Shirt.


You notice her father wearing some beautiful navy blue jeans or pants and some beige shoes. They are quite impressive, and you can see this from all of the shops available at HeartlakeCity. There are not a lot of menswear shops. Martin can be found using the same type of shoes and beans as the father of Stephanie. From the 41398 Stephanie's House, you can find James and Mia's father, Angus. Youcan also motive his microphone, which serves as an accessory. This suggests that all members of the family have beautiful musical talents.


Donna, who's Andrea's mother, looks excellent. You can find her wearing her lovely beautiful yellow-green clothes. This dress makes her look epic. You would love the bodice andwrap style and the belt cause it's high waisted. She has beautiful gold shoes which complement her wonderfully. Her legs, torso, and head add brand new to this LEGO set. They are fabulous, and they've only been noticedin Lego sets, which are expensive before presently. Lego Sets like 75827 Firehouse Headquarters and 10261 Roller Coaster.

lego 41449

Looking at another Friends First family, Andrea, also known as Liz, is present in this LEGO set. Liz is honestly so adorable. She makes use of the micro doll mold. She also has a lovelyyellow outfit that has an excellent shooting star design that matches her shoes. Her hair, outfit, head are brand new to this LEGO set. This is another different lady of color. Her mini-doll head is quite welcome, but oneof the stars of this figure is her hair. It is lovely and has excellent detail. You would love the hairstyle using the two bun sides. There have been so many dearth and hairstyles that are present for people of color. Youwould love the fact that this provides enough for other ones.


The Model After it is Completed

There is just a side build for this LEGO set. It is the swimming pool. The pool has a heart shape, and it is one of the first houses for friends with a swimming pool. Stephanie looksbeautifully dressed for this occasion. This could be why she is visiting Andrea. The swimming pool has an of the trim. This is the signature color for Andrea. The remaining parts of the house do not have much of the signaturecolor of Andrea. Suppose you compare this to several other friends' houses. An explanation from Joel Baker, the designer of this LEGO set, stated that the Heartlake City turned to a color code because all of these friendsnow have their color, and these are all included in all Lego sets that she featured in. This is why we would keep noticing these beautiful colors that she possesses present in all Lego sets which are available. These are moresubtle and more logical. The orange flame included in this LEGO set is more than enough to show that a particular Minifigure is in the house.


We hope you enjoy the LEGO 41449 Andrea Family House. For those of us who are fans of the friends set, we will love this. Have fun. Cheers.


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