Mr_Cross has taken a look at the new #LEGO City: 60290 Skate Park!

by Nikita P.

This 60290 Skate Park LEGO set is a new part of the 2021 City range sets that's to come. This has features like those from a small selection of pieces that are gotten from New road systems.

If you want to gain more coverage of these potentially exciting revolutionary parts, you can look at the excellent 60304 Road Plates from the town center.


 Why is the name Skate Park?

This name has this name because of some misnomers and because this LEGO set has its mini-figures that have been engaged in several other special sports activities. There are Extreme Wheelchair sports and BMX biking

One of the latest creator and city sets that have featured these big jumps and skateboard half-pipes include the 31081 modular skate house and the 60200 Capital City.

However, some of these LEGO sets have properties like these modular skates and Capital City. Some of these LEGO sets have featured these skateboard themes, which have been quite prevalent in the friends' music.

Some of these would admit to liking what these friends set have to offer. One of the previously dedicated skateboard themed sets was the sports gravity games gotten using these themes. Personally speaking, we prefer the half-pipe LEGO set from the last year.



What the Sponsors have to Say?

Rita Lush coming from Vita Rush and the LEGO City Park stated it was indeed time to get Zesty because we get to see and catch up to speed on all of the newstunts and tricks from today's display.


Vita Rush is like a sugar-free choice that one can enjoy instead of orange juice. You get to see this from about six different LEGO sets. Please don't go away in haste; we would come back and talk about extreme sports using urban means. Stay tuned.


We have all gotten the placement of our products out of the way. Let us now look at the Mini figures that are available for this lovely set.

Available Mini figures

This LEGO set has about four Mini figures. We have the bag one; then we have the Vita Rush rep. She was made entirely of parts that have always been available from several other sets.

She has got her helmet and other cans behind her truck. Inside the bag, we have about three sports characters that are used for extreme reasons

The young man on the mountain bike has a jacket from the baseball sport that Jack and it presently hides the side thee. He is quite pleased that it has medium-sized legs, and happily, it is added to the sets that would be released in the year 2021.


The cute skateboarder has the same puffer jacket torso, which can be found on Rami. This is also from the Hidden Side. This can also be seen in the year’s 10273 Haunted House. This molded cycle Helmet was also introduced in the CMF line Mountain Biker. It was featured there as a recolor.


You would enjoy what the guy on the wheelchair is wearing with the stunt's top that has the word Xtreme on it. It makes everything look entirely professional when you think about it. The green dirt bike helmet is another element that is recolored, but sadly, all parts of this brand new.


Just the skateboarder has a different face. You rarely see him, and he can only be seen previously when he was available. He is also available in sets that are used for promotion, with limited availability. It is excellent for expression and lovely to know that it is known generally.


For this particular one, we doubt that there would be anything exclusive or new using these figures. You could tell us more if you notice anything different, varied, or strange.


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What's Inside the box?

Inside the box, you get to see two books with instructions, two different bags, a small sheet for stickers, and a plate for a loose road. And of course you get to see everything that was promised from the packaging of this LEGO set. It is nothing surprising you see. Just what you were expecting that would be given to you.

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lego lights

The Models when Completed

The First Bag

One of the first things you need to put together is the Vita Rush Pickup truck and lady. This is a simple, straightforward build. There are a few quirks available, though. But when you have built this LEGO set for a long time, all of those quirks seem to fall away.

This LEGO set is just a side build for relatively smaller groups. It could be doing you more to keep this in the long term. But it is worth it, trust me. There are some parts of this LEGO set that are notable in scarce colors. Don't stress your mind about it so much, though. 


The Second Bag

This has Mini figures which are given with some types of equipment used for sports. These things are what you would assemble first.

This LEGO deck is quite an uneventful bare dark purple deck with wheels and black trucks. It has clones of skateboards, which are available in about eleven sets since the year 2013. For LEGO sets known as SKATEPARKS, it doesn’t have enough luster from our point of view.

The skate parks are quite lonely. Just available for their beauty and nothing more. The sense of specialized décor is exclusively not open like this from the LEGO sets from 2003. The deck isn't even eventful. It is just dark purple with wheels and black trucks, which it is a clone of.

This Vita Rush Drinks bottle is honestly a cute, cool build. It indeed looks like a bottle meant for sports in our eyes.

When you take a tremendous good look at the bottle, you will understand where we are coming from. But none of that can happen till you have full access to the LEGO set. So till then, here's to us waiting till you get it—Kuddos for now.

lego lights
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