LEGO Wrecking Ball 75976: Detailed Review

by Nikita P.

Currently, Overwatch has a number of mech-based characters that fans can't get enough of, and the LEGO Wrecking Ball 75976 is one of them. This set seems out of this world, and a lot of fans in the universe agree with us. It takes the form of the source material, with a round shape. We loved the fact that as usual, much attention was paid to details. 


If you look at the LEGO Wrecking Ball 75976, you will notice that it reminds me of the architectural marvel, the 75973 D.Va & Reinhardt. 

Apart from that, it seems affordable compared to other sets out there. For its play features and building experience, we can say that paying less than twenty dollars for this set is out of this world. 


Have you seen the price of prior LEGO Overwatch sets? When you compare it to this one, this seems cheap.


We love the fact that it comes with a small Hammond figure. Its sight is cute to the eyes while ensuring that the high standard for these characters had was still maintained.


The manufacturers didn't deviate in any aspect. The theme and quality were kept to.


1. Size 

LEGO Wrecking Ball 75976

When you are done coupling it together, you should have the following measurement, 11cm in height. This can be a bit disappointing to one if you are a fan of bigger sized models. If you are a fan of the minute sized models, then you will love this, as a lot of attention was paid to details. 


When you place this model close to other LEGO Overwatch heroes, you will notice that this is bigger compared to them. The manufacturers seem to prefer the heroes being minute, and paying a lot of deal to accuracy.


2. Interior 

LEGO Wrecking Ball 75976 Hammond

The interior of this Overwatch model is something that we can't help but be happy about. It comes with an action figure that takes the form of an intelligent hamster. Do you have a hamster at home? Well, the intelligent hamster is so great that he founded his own Horizon Lunar Colony. 


This character reminds us of the numerous characters that we have come across in different Overwatch models. Out of them, Hammond seems to be the most interesting for now. 


LEGO Wrecking Ball 75976 Hammond

Hammond was made with serious attention to detail, as he was made with three shades of plastic. When you compare this Minifigure with the real deal, you will notice that they do look alike. Apart from that, you will also notice his dark blue-grey harness and backpack. 


The printed decoration on Hammond was delicately done, as it reminds truly of Hammond's adorable appearance. We could put this model of Hammond and the superhero together, and we won't notice a difference.


This Minifigure reminds us of those animals that we see in the Friends theme. The scaling of this Minifigure is reasonable when you place it near other Minifigures.


3. Exterior 

LEGO Wrecking Ball 75976

After you are done coupling it together, you should notice Hammond in its natural environment. When Hammond is in its vehicle, you will see the great influence that he had while on the battlefield. His mech is out of this world, as it comes shielded with a sand green armor. 


The manufacturers made sure that the round shape was properly replicated, while its bright color scheme could be compared to its source material.


You may be wondering why we are praising this set a lot. Have you looked at some pieces made in the past, before the coming of this one? The designer may have created nice pieces, but they didn't come out in the right hues.


The size of the vehicle can be a bit disappointing to one if you are a fan of bigger sized models. If you are a fan of the minute sized models, then you will love this, as a lot of attention was paid to details.


When you place this model close to other LEGO Overwatch heroes, you will notice that this is bigger compared to them. The manufacturers seem to prefer the heroes being minute and paying a lot of deal to accuracy.


On the model, you will notice six stickers are placed on it, and one of them would be close to the cockpit. This sticker is in true detail of Hammond's original Specimen 8 designation.


LEGO Wrecking Ball 75976

A sticker will be placed on the grappling claw launcher. This is cute to the appearance when you compare it with the video game character. Do not expect that the hook will fire, it won't.


Apart from that, its yellow 3L Technic axle placed in the middle is nice to the eyes, and we couldn't get enough of its matching handlebars on every side.


Usually, powerful quad cannons are hinged onto the Wrecking Ball. We can state that it made great usage of the black Technic pins which were used in the creation of the barrels, and we won't be wrong.


We love the appearance of the cylindrical magazines, but we didn't come across any ammunition belt. Why won't there be a ton of ammunition belts there? They would have added to its appearance.


LEGO Wrecking Ball 75976

I think that the mechanical detail underneath these weapons is nice. Its articulated legs are marvelous, giving it the needed movement.


Though much of the decorations came about with the usage of stickers, you will also come across printed components too.


One thing that you will definitely notice in this model is its substantial 8x8 dish that is linked to the back. LEGO truly was intricate in its creation, as it made much attention to detail, as always.


I feel that the hue of the system should have been heightened. The printed 3x6 curvy windscreen element that is sited at its front made up for it.


Hammond will always be seen at the top, manning the mech, while staring at its environment.


LEGO Wrecking Ball 75976

You won't have any issue putting the figure inside it, and you will also see its simple controls that reminds you of what is obtainable in the game.


Apart from that, the black 2x2 curved corner tiles are cute to the eyes, as they once showed solely in 41365 Wyldstyle. This is a design that is quite scarce.


4. Play experience 

LEGO Wrecking Ball 75976

As Hammond sits on top of his mech to stare at the environment, you will have no option but to fall in love with it. 


If you want to Hammond to retreat into the vehicle, all you have to do is twist the orange lever that is underneath the cockpit. 

It is quite simple to do, and it is done quite smoothly. The orange activation lever fits into the engine detailing. 


Once Hammond retreats into his mech, a circular hatch will close the mech totally. If you want to transform the Wrecking Ball to something else, you can. It can be transformed into either the Roll or the Quadruped mode. Using these modes ensure that the character can effortlessly move on the battlefield and wreak havoc to its enemies.  

LEGO Wrecking Ball 75976

The function can be seen in this model, as using these modes will allow the vehicle to take the spherical shape, which reminds us of what is obtainable in the video game. 

While in the mode, the quad cannons, legs, as well as shoulder armor tend to fold inwards. During that time, a sand green 4x4 dish can be placed on the grappling claw. 

Though they may have had much attention to detail, the Wrecking Ball can't roll. Its spherical shape does not resemble the real deal in every aspect. This is a snag, we know that. 


Notwithstanding, the set is marvelous, and I feel that there would have been no way that the manufacturers would have made it truly spherical when you look at the materials used in its creation.  

Let's look at the folding legs. We love its creation and the fact that the weapons are quite hidden underneath them. 


The magazines can be seen in the shoulder armor, as they sit there effortlessly, which was created with the usage of sand green bonnet parts. The wheel arches were properly exploited, which were properly positioned to ensure that the 2x2x2 round bricks were received.


You may notice some narrow gaps below the magazines. If they had tried to improve the design of this model, we are sure that it would have compromised the quality of the Quadruped configuration.


Smash With Color 

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Coupling this model together is quite easy. There is an instruction booklet that can take you through the process. Apart from that, you can stumble on videos that can help. Coupling this should take less than a few hours, and you will be ready to play with your mech.  

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