LEGO to Get Your Co-workers

by Nikita P.

It would be nice when you feel like getting your Co-workers presents at any time of the year. These would help your Co-workers be excited and happy. It would help them know that youappreciate them.


Giving your Co-workers presents is not as straightforward as what you can buy a relative. You could get your relatives anything. These could include things like scarves and baskets.But this piece would be talking about Lego-themed presents which you could get for your Co-workers.


Looking at how things work on the federal level, there are stringent rules that govern the type of presents that government employees color. Putting a ten dollars limit as you give presentsis something. But all could go very well if you work for the local government, region, or the state. There are chances which your agency could have if ethics guard the rules for gifts used during the holidays.


LEGO to Get Your Co-workers

You could give your Co-workers presents which are highly expensive in the office for them to share. These could be indeed time-consuming, and they could Wade through these presents.Make sure at the end of the day you give your Co-workers presents genuinely from your heart.


This article will remain a gift guide for Lego fans to other Lego fans if they have these people as Co-workers. These would serve as meaningful treats for your wonderful colleagues workingwith you.


LIST of Lego-themed presents to get your Co-workers

1. Career-Themed Lego Mini Figures

You could grant your co-worker a little Lego mini-figure that shows how delightful they are about their government careers. Some of these Minifigures are perfect for government workers.These include presents like a hiker, which is priced for($9.35), mountain climber, which is priced for($7.27), a wildlife photographer who is priced for ($8.79), a secret agent which is priced for ($6.49), the astronaut whois priced for ($6.45), alien who is priced for ($9.25), policeman who is priced for ($9.55), traffic cop which is priced for ($7.41), firefighter who is priced for ($9.99), animal control which is priced for ($8.75),farmer which is priced for ($8.75), carpenter which is priced for ($7.95), paleontologist which is priced for ($8.15), zookeeper which is priced for ($9.50), scientist which is priced for ($9.95), and artist which ispriced for ($9.00).

Career-Themed Lego Mini Figures

2. Inca Tea (boxed teas $7.99 each, loose tea $9.99 and up)

This is an excellent present for Co-workers like me who enjoy drinking tea. For people who are in awe when it comes to drinking unique and fresh flavors. The Inca Tea company is proudof its purple-based corn teas. These are gotten from an ancient Incan recipe. There are free caffeine flavors, including the Cusco Chamomile Tea, the Machu Picchu Mango, Peruvian Spiced Berry. For people that really cannotdo without caffeine, you can gift them the LEGO-themed Pachamama Green Tea, Tewantin Black, Punchau Peach. 

3. Gourmet Marshmallows by 240sweet ($10)

This is priced perfectly at just ten dollars a bag. There are two hundred and forty sweet gourmet marshmallows that create beautiful presents. They also work and create fantastic flavorslike Crunchy Cinnamon and Sugar Cookie. These wonderful puffs would bring delight to your heart. Your Co-workers could pop these marshmallows into your hot chocolate cup. These would get them through the doldrums of the afternoon. 

Gourmet Marshmallows by 240sweet

4. Giant Googly Eyes priced for ($6.99 & $7.99)

Have you ever looked at the file cabinet in your office, and then you wish it could just turn back and stare into your eyes? This Giant googly eyes would make your Co-workers thesight they want to see. You could select between the three-inch or four-inch big substantial googly eyes. 

5. Virtual Reality, Google Cardboard Glasses, priced for ($7.99)

This works using VR or Virtual Reality. This is also proclaimed as the future of entertainment tech. To begin enjoying the great 3D experience, all you would need is a phone and thena pair of these Lego Google Cardboard glasses. For your tech-savvy Co-workers, addicted to their smartphone or those that like to game, this Virtual Reality, Google Cardboard Glasses, inspired by Lego, would be a wonderfulpresent to get.  

Virtual Reality, Google Cardboard Glasses

6. Crocodile Bookmark priced for ($6.83)

Have you tried getting your co-worker a present? Especially a co-worker that loves to study so much. This particular Lego-themed present would bring a lot of joy to their bookshelves.If you are not a fan of crocodiles, you could get a hippo lamp used for reading. These are so clever and cute too. 

Crocodile Bookmark priced for

7. National Parks Coloring Book priced for ($3.85) and Historic American Landmarks Coloring Book priced for ($3.99)

These coloring adult books are excellent ways to reduce stress, increase how mindful one can be. It would also help you relax properly. There are lots of coloring adult books available.There are not enough people that like these books and work for the government. It is up to you giving out the presents to know that yes, this person loves coloring, let me gift this present to them, do you get? The HistoricAmerican Landmarks and National Parks would help put some of this play as one works. 

8. Gift Cards priced for ($10 or less)

One of the first holiday-giving gift rules includes knowing for a fact that people who are picky in this life deserve nothing but gift cards. Because stressing over what you want toget for someone should not make you slum on the floor one faithful afternoon. The secret here is to buy several various gift cards. Then distribute these cards to different people. Making sure they are all Lego-themed andLego-inspired, of course. You can get these gift cards from AMC Movie Theater, Cold Stone Creamery, Subway, Starbucks too.

9. Magnetic Wrist Band priced for ($7.99)

Putting on this lovely magnetic wrist band would feel like you have a third hand which would adequately help you with projects on the go. These provide lovely spots with which you canstore your screws, drill bits, and all other little magnetic items that you don't want to lose as you're working. This magnetic wrist band is lovely for Co-workers that enjoy repairing electronics or handling severalother DIY themselves. 

10. Tea Drops priced for ($10)

This is great when you want to gift a Co worker that you know for a fact they do not stay at a particular place. These Tea Drops are tea that has been molded and carved into whimsicalfun shapes. They dissolve immediately when you put them inside hot water. Imagine getting tea that looks like a miniature mini-figure. That's going to be quite lovely, I'll say. These teas are created using spicesand organic tea. They are sweetened lightly, making use of cane sugar obtained organically. These Tea Drops are packaged beautifully in sustainable wooden boxes. These make them even more gift-worthy than your typical tea. 

11. Happy soap priced for ($9.95)

This is a very affordable present which lets your Co-workers know that they make you happy. This soap that is based on vegetables is enriched using Shea Butter that moisturizes yourskin. They are appropriately infused using herbaceous oils, lightly floral, red very is, and fresh citrus blends.

You would also gift your Co-workers this present as it is wrapped in beautiful festive purple packaging. This soap is a proper Lego-themed holiday present that helps people enjoy thehappiness obtained from their surroundings. 

Happy soap priced for

12. Unicorn Tape Dispenser priced for ($9.79)

Inspired by Lego, there are several days when working or going to work would be so stressful, tiring and you would want imaginary things. You could gift your co-worker this present sothey would know that the stressful days would soon come to an end. 

lego lights

13. Resqme Lego Car Escape Keychain Tool priced for ($8.50–$9.95)

I'm sure a lot of your Co-workers spend lots of time staying in their cars. What happens to these lovely Co-workers of yours when something terrible happens? You could give thema resqme Car Escape Keychain Tool for your colleagues that are usually outside a lot. This little car escape tool is essential. It has a car window breaker, seat belt cutter, and car window breaker. Service personnel, recreationemployees, parks, and rescue professionals enjoy these types of presents. 

Good luck with that!

14. Lego Globe Stress Ball priced for ($5.49)

When you feel sad or depressed, your Co-workers could take out all of this stress by giving you this globe stress ball a proper squeeze. You could have the entire world in the palm ofyour hand. These could also help people change their problems and understand more too.

 Lego Globe Stress Ball priced for

15. Lego Lunar Bands priced for ($10)

If you have a partner or a Co-worker who works outside a lot at night, you could give them this present to ensure they are safe personally. These lunar bands are led electronic bandswith several colors that you could wear on your ankle, arm, and wrist. You can wear all of these conveniently. It can also hand from your waistband bag. These glowsticks have three settings. These include solid light, fastblink, slow blink. These bright lights would last a hundred hours, and you could replace the batteries too. 

16. Lego Knock Knock’s Pads and Sticky Notes priced for ($4.64 and up)

These checklists are not projected planning chores. They wouldn't feel so dull when you gift your Co-worker the Knock Knock’s pads and sticky notes. These are safe forwork choices and items that include Today's plan of Attack Pads, Make a decision, Self Therapy Note, Paper Tantrum, Brain Dump.

17. Lego Crazy Aaron’s Thinking Putty ($5.78 and up)

This Lego Crazy Aaron’s Thinking Putty would promise to keep the hands of your Co-workers extremely busy. Thanks to this beautiful Lego-inspired present. Your stressed-out Co-workerscan reduce the amount of anxiety and stress they feel. Their fidgety fingers could properly feel more than than they should, and their hands can gain lots of agility and strength to the fingers of your hands. These come inseveral different colors and effects, which your Co-workers would love. These include glow-in-the-dark Krypton, shiny green Super Oil Slick, and color-changing hyper colors. You could hold the pack of holiday-themed puttyfor your Co-workers. They would love this. 

18. Gifts for an Office to Share like these Bella Sun Luci Sundried Tomato Gift Baskets have varying products.

You could create your beautiful holiday gift baskets and make them stand out by making sure the presents inside are both sweet and savory. These Bella Sun Luci’s gift baskets aregreat gifts that you could make use of for your break room. This Lego-inspired Bella Sun Luci Mediterranean Pantry gift basket priced at ($59.95) has everything's which includes things like dulcetto chocolatepastries, foccacia crisps, cheese spread, salami, snacks, and dips; these include sun-dried packages too. Have you tried these tomatoes before? They have lots of olive oil, and this makes them extremely addictive. 

19. Sweet Jules Caramels these are priced for a half-pound $24.95, and then if you want to get one pound, $42.95

These are Lego-themed sweets that are wonderful for your Co-workers, especially during the holidays. If you give your Co-workers this present, they will fight over who would get thesweet Jules caramels. Each piece of this is tasty, and it is wonderfully made too. These have flavors that are appropriately mixed in practically all palate. These flavors include salted pecan, dark chocolate, Sicilian orange,Bananas Foster too. 

20. Strawberry Hill Povitica this is priced for ($24.95 per roll, if you want to get a sampler pack, it goes for $45.00)

This Lego-inspired American Made povitica is rolled using the hands. Its fillings are wrapped using delicious swirling layers of beautiful dough. There are sampler povitica packs, includingthe four mini one-pound loaves from Cranberry Walnut, English Walnut, Cokolada, and Apple Cinnamon. You could order the favorite flavor for your team using a whole-sized loaf. These could include full-sized loaves or samplerpacks too. You and your Co-workers can share these happily in peace. 

21. Cracked candy this have lots of packs that are priced at $22.95

This Lego-inspired cracked candy has no sugar. It is sweetened using sweeteners available in cinnamon, orange, peppermint, and lemon flavors. There are no net carb effects. These areperfect for your co-workers who do not want to take sugar and those who want to reduce their weight or waistlines. This is perfect for co-workers that are diabetic, vegan, or those that don't want sugar in their diet.  

Other Lego sets you could get include the following:


This has a set number of 10276.

It has about 9036 pieces.

It has no Minifigures.

It was released in November 2020


This present is for your Co-workers that are great Lego fans. This is an extensive Lego set. It is the most prominent ever-made architecture—created to look like architecture from the Roman amphitheater. This model is more than ten-point five inches. It is twenty-seven cm high, twenty point five inches wide, and twenty-three inches deep.

This has several details from the model it was made from. It remains true to the actual Colosseum. It also has about eighty ribs on the spectator stands. There are also about three different columns that represent this Roman landmark. The Colosseum can build an experience that matches the exact process from the original. There are also modern arenas that would stay as the latest part placed on the LEGO models. These all look correctly like they did in the 1990s.

It has around a thousand five hundred pieces which are a little bit more than the LEGO Millennium Falcon. It is about a hundred and fifty dollars cheaper too. For all your Lego fans, Co-workers would genuinely enjoy this present. 


This has a set number of 75192.

It has pieces of about 7541.

It has Minifigures of about 10.

It was released in October 2017

You can purchase this online through Lego stores.

Set Number: 75192


This is the most significant Lego Star Wars set. This comes in a great box, and it has a lot of external details than all other Millennium Falcon Lego sets. Several interior sections like the rear compartment, the top gunnery, the cockpit, and the main hold also exist.


This has a set number of 71043.

It has pieces of about 6020.

It has Minifigures of about 4.

It was released in September 2018.

You can purchase this online through Lego stores.


This incredible Lego Hogwarts Castle measures twenty-two inches high, twenty-seven inches wide, and sixteen inches deep. This recreates a landmark which is as large as Hogwarts. Thislandmark is enormous. A micro version of is school with some beautiful microfigures which perfectly fit inside it.

This castle has a great hall. The staircases move, the potion for classrooms is also available even other rooms, and the Defence against the dark arts premiered in the series is alsoavailable.

This Lego set costs about 399.99€, $399.99 / £349.99.


This has a set number of 10256.

It has pieces of about 5923.

It has Minifigures of about 0.

It was released in August 2008.

You can purchase this online through Lego stores.

This Taj Mahal has an incredible 5922 pieces. This Lego set does a beautiful job as it creates its ivory-white marble mausoleum.


This has a set number of 71741.

It has pieces of about 5685.

It has Minifigures of about 19.

It was released in January 2021.

You can purchase this online through Lego stores.


This launched on the 14th of January 2021. LEGO NINJAGO City Gardens is the fifth most extensive Lego set presently in theworld. Your Co-workers would love this present.

This is from the LEGO NINJAGO TV series. It measures seventy-three cm high, forty-four cm long, and thirty-three cm wide. These include student apartments, ninja control tower, zen garden,museum, noodle house, and ice cream shop. 


This has a set number of 75978.

It has pieces of about 5544.

It has Minifigures of about 14.

It was released in September 2020.

You can purchase this online through Lego stores.


This is the second Harry Potter Lego set which you could surprise your Co-workers with. It represents the Diagon Alley properly.

This Lego set has things like the Wand Shop used by Olivanders, Weasley’s Wizard Wheezes for supplies you Co-worker would keep as silly supplies, and implements writing stationeryshop.

You can pick up your broomstick from here too. 

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