LEGO Technic Lamborghini and Fast & Furious sets coming soon

by Nikita P.

For a lot of us that love LEGO and Fast and Furious franchise, we have no choice but to say that we are excited. There is hardly any Fast and Furious movie that I have not watched. If you are a fan and you have missed a movie, I think you should be stripped of that title. For fans of both worlds like me, we are excited that LEGO would soon be gracing us with these sets. 

When the Nuremberg Toy Fair was held, a lot of fans heard different news concerning the release. From official channels, only two announcements have been made concerning this set. For fans of LEGO Automotive sets, we can't get enough. 

It is expected that this LEGO Fast & Furious Technic set will grave the scene on 27 April 2020. I can't wait to have one. It will come out in the same period that the 9th Fast & Furious movie will be premiering. This movie is expected to grace our screens in May.

Some fans feel that the brick-built LEGO bust of a character in the movie won't be a bad idea. It would have made sense if it were a bust of Dominic Torreto. Who wouldn't want to have that amongst their collection? I, for one, would love that. Well, unfortunately, we don't expect it to be a bust of any character. 

The set that will be released falls under the Technic theme. This means that whatever we are getting will not be a bust. There is a great chance that it will be a car. 

I am expecting it to be one of the numerous cars owned by Brian. Some fans are thinking in that line, but we are not sure. I won't mind if it were a Skyline GT-R R34, a Toyota Supra. 

If you are following The Brick Fan, you would have noticed them saying that it may be a lime green Mitsubishi Eclipse.

Apart from that, we have also been teased about the Technic Lamborghini that we are expecting to come out soon. When it is released, it will join the league of other fast cars like the Porsche 911 GT3 RS and the Bugatti Chiron that have been churned out. It is expected to be a set of a 1:8 scale set. There is speculation that it will be released by the Summer of 2020.

We don't know the model that it may be. There are thoughts that it may be a Sian. This is the first hybrid fast car of Lamborghini.

Well, I would want it to be an Aventador. I would be ecstatic if it were an Aventador. I can't help but love this brand of Lamborghini. It is out of this world. Whatever is released, we are sure that it would be top notch. Apart from that, we expect that it would have the right curves. What do you think?

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