LEGO Technic 42113 Bell-Boeing V-22 Osprey (Review)

by Nikita P.

In between last week, LEGO made it public that one of its upcoming Technic sets had to get canceled because of how it was associated with the military. This Technic set known as the42113 Bell-Boeing V-22 Osprey was supposed to begin sales on the 1st of August. Some of these 42113 Bell-Boeing V-22 Osprey have started being distributed to someretail stores in different countries. Some retailers have started even putting it on their websites and some pre-orders have been falling through. This Lego set has a thousand, six hundred, and seventy-three pieces with twopowered up components made with electricity used for motorization. Its retail price is $119.99 / 139.99€.



It’s Packaging and Box

This Lego set is packaged in a hefty and big box. The box has muted art with an eye-catching impressive model look. The back of the box shows all functions of the model. If one checksthe side you’ll be able to notice information showing details of the electric elements of the Lego set. This set has a basic hub that doesn’t support Bluetooth.


This set's 1673 pieces are organized into four different groups. The first stage necessary for organizing this needs more pieces than the other stages.


Another bag that isn’t marked carries more than 5 rotor blades.


The two electric elements are organized in a specific box. There isn’t anything unique about it. The box resembles the ones seen in 42109 App-Controlled Top Gear Rally Car and42099 4×4 X-treme Off-Roader sets.

lego lights

The Stickers and Instructions

We all love looking at the guide in building a Lego set, and the sticker sheets that are covered using plastic. This set isn’t different and it made sure it has all of these.


The sheet for the stickers is bulky. It has more than forty stickers. This set has designs that rely seriously on tiny visual elements that were made by graphic designers. It is simpleto notice bent Technic panels that are covered using stickers.


We all typically have been criticizing LEGO Technic sets for not being accurate in terms of shaping and scaling. But this V-22 Osprey model tried hard to remain the same way from itsprototype that was shown at the end of its instructions. After organizing this, it has a nice proportion of great shape. There are a lot of parts that move outside and inside the aircraft.


lego 42113 stickers

New Colors and new Elements

After this LEGO set had photos that were sent online, different LEGO Technic fans put this LEGO set to their wish lists immediately. Apart from this LEGO set, other recent major setsinclude 8297 Off-Roader (2008) and 42078 Mack Anthem (2018). V-22 Osprey has wonderful dark grey elements and this makes it stand as a remarkable source.


The first plastic large bag brings in about two handy elements. Technic panel having an angle 5×11 (part number 18945 / element ID 6112843) which is gotten in dark gray colors forthe first time and it has great possibilities for creations with fans. Technic T beam 3×3 in orange (60484/6305545) is a fine surprise and a wonderful addition to the large set of orange pieces the world has presently.


Rotor blades 3×19 (65422/6305550 ) started appearing in the 42115 Lamborghini Sián at the beginning of summer and it looks eye-catchy if it's completely black. Havingpanels with angle 5×11 (18945/6303439) and orange color which is useful in a color that’s popularly known. One of the best things that could happen about this curved panel set is the plain dark Grey color. It haspanels 3×5 #1 and #2 (87080/6013548 & 87086/6303445), one curved panel 3×13 (18944/6303446), and curved panels 5x13x2 #1 (67142/6310171 & 68196/6310172). They all come for the first time in dark feet andthe entire set has more than forty panels in this color.


In 2019, the powered-up platform made the public know about a new hub that had vast knowledge and skills. This is a smart sharp device that had four ports, a battery section, two sensorsand you could make use of Bluetooth. Presently it is available in three different Technic sets (42109, 42099, and 42100) it also has a different component that could be purchased for $89.99 | CAN $119.99 | UK £74.99.


This platform has helped in taking LEGO models to a new level which could be played and how one could learn different coding methods through playing too. Using this, you could controland program and build making use of your tablet or smartphone. This is also the biggest drawback of this system at the same time. If you don’t have a smart device, you’ll not be able to turn on your set and withoutthis, you’ll not have any means of playing it. For example, without having a tablet or a smartphone, the 42100 Liebherr R9800 that is so massive would be a rather useless set. None of its parts can be moved without asmart device.


V-22 Osprey tries to close this gap. It has two physical switches and two ports with a simple hub. Presently, the new hub doesn't have Bluetooth support and onboard sensors aren'tavailable. Looking at this from a functional standpoint, the smart hub looks like a combination of an IR receiver and the Power Function regular battery box. But this new simple hub just has two switches and a battery box.When you look at both of them, they look the same, but the simple one just has a LED indicator and two ports instead of it having a top button.


lego lights

It’s build

As we've mentioned from the beginning of this article, the first stage is more difficult than the ones that follow it. After you're done with this stage, your hull would almostbe finished, you'll see a completed landing gear, a cockpit, and a rear ramp. At this point, the build can house a gearbox which makes it ready for assemblage during the stage after this.


The next steps are available for mechanisms used in the manipulation of engines and rotors. This makes it have varieties of gears. You would enjoy the heavy-duty clutch gear (46834 +46835) which is arranged inside the medium-sized 7×11 frame for the Technic. This was introduced a year before. You get to enjoy a nice sample of how you can add protection in a similar model.


lego 42113 build

This model is about 20″/53 cm long, the space inside the hull isn’t so much. The components necessary for transmission sit tightly together. You can easily see a little actuatorput close to the motor. You don’t get to see this in LEGO Technic sets most times. Creating combinations and solutions of elements like these makes sets made officially become highly valuable in terms of the experiencegotten while they’re being built.


After organizing this LEGO set, the gearbox is connected and complete to the motor. This includes gear shifters that are four in number. This looks like the ones used for 42042 CrawlerCrane. But unlike that one, V-22 has a compact structure that’s incredible. There aren’t a lot of extensions and connectors. This has a section that mixes gears, lift arms, and shifters, which makes this a designthat's outstanding.


The design of the interiors of this engine wouldn't surprise you. It is a nice structure that simply makes use of small panels that has shapes resembling aerodynamic. These littleturntables allow the smooth tilting and robust mounting of the engines.


The rotor design is robust but primitive. Having blades that are tilted slightly which lets them rotate using airflow. The blade pieces are about nineteen studs long and it's rotorshave a diameter of about 12″/30 cm.


Any way you display the V-22, it would look great. The sides, the top, and the bottom are made beautiful using panels. There are no axles or gears exposed. You could think about thereason more than one cross connector was used with light gray colors instead of dark gray. This piece can be going in dark gray from a lot of different sets one can find in this day and age. A group of light gray connectionsthere and here makes the color scheme ruined a bit.


lego 42113

One of the only parts of this LEGO set one should criticize is how the cockpit designed. It looks like some panels are missing but also looks like the designers did their best. Especiallywhen you look at the interior features like the seats for the drivers of the plane and the space available in front of the landing gear.


The tail flap is the only feature on the LEGO set that is manual. You wouldn’t think this model should have had a tail flap that is playable. You might want to get rid of the liftarm which sticks out in between the rear section.


After you’ve finished organizing this LEGO set. It is time to turn it on and watch all features doing what they were created to do. Red switchers about 4 in number are locatedconveniently on either side of the model. When you’re manipulating it while playing, you get to enjoy it. But it often takes some time to know how you should hold the model properly so the landing gear wouldn’tbe blocked when the wheels are trying to descend.


The ramp at the rear is a little bit complicated and it is moved using an actuator that isn’t large. What makes this wonderful is that it has two halves with sizes that aren’tequal. They also have speeds that are not the same.


Reliability issues and flaws in Design

At this point, this model of V-22 Osprey should already have a place in your heart. But spoiler alert, not everything about this LEGO set is epic. Let's begin with the issues thisLEGO set has. One of the important features of the hub is to manipulate the output power and speed of the motor. For the simple hub version, a motor that'll be connected to it would at every point in time operate at maxspeed. You should also have this in your thoughts that motors that are powered up are really powerful. The model has different types of overload protection. There isn't any available mechanism which would grant safetybetween the gearbox and the motor. If you get any issues like mechanisms jamming, this should be caused by the serious energy that's coming from the motor and this could easily cause horrible injury to the gearbox.


lego 42113 box other side

This set has 4 motorized functions and a powerful motor. Three of these have good positions at the end. There are lots of situations where there could be an excessive power load on thegearbox. These spinning rotors are the point that doesn’t have an end position. These can with ease be blocked while you’re playing with the set. While playing, under some situations, your gearbox could feel thepower of the high load. You'll now begin to think if the gearbox can manage to handle heavy power load.


Performing tests to check how this LEGO set worked, the entire set worked very well without jamming or sounds that were not necessary. At the end of such tests, you could hear the gearsrattling inside. And checking through every available LEGO set, this is never a good sign. These gears are one of the softest available when you settle down to check all the LEGO Technic gears. And they are publicly knownto wear off if they get faced with excessive power loads. If anything goes wrong with even one of these necessary gears, the entire LEGO set can be considered useless because none of its functions would work properly anymore.One shouldn’t accept this for a LEGO set with such high a price.


Other than these issues, this is a great LEGO set and if you enjoy it with stable power loads, it’ll work for a long time.


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