LEGO Scala Construction Methods

by Nikita P.

This Lego piece would give a brief explanation about LEGO Scala Construction Methods and how it is done. We would also be talking about the LEGO sets. You know, how detailed they areand how strong they can be if you build them correctly.



Scala might get considered to be a system created by Lego. This is as a result of its broad compatibility using regular Lego systems. It utilized and introduced several connections andunique pieces with methods that haven't been used before. 

Using this article, we would be talking about Scala dolls, which are set to get released around the century turn. It would take about 3134 indies stable to explain these. Then we wouldshow what is now possible using the crowning glory theme. 3290 The Big Family House.



Several different larger Scala sets were also known as houses of dolls. These were also similar structures. Various parts were numbered and used to enable large ones to fit these dollsand their creation to be made using small pieces.


These structures got constructed, making use of wall elements and frames. These were topped using a single piece of roof, and these had just two sizes.


The frames are available for the stable consists of about eight pieces. These have four L-shaped supports that are horizontal in shape with four pillars too. These have two lengths.Small ones on this set were about eighteen studs long, and some doubled in size.


These walls came in several different widths. This specific set has about nine flowers and eighteen studs. Some of these have vertical grooves on each side, and some bad a straight sidethat's usually printed. These would both get held into the frame using tongues that had mated using the pillars grooves.


These pillars are about 28.5 studs or 22 2/3rds bricks high, and on each end, we've got a pin that clips into base plate holes. There are also some on the horizontal support at thetop. These pins are available at a larger diameter than those that are Technic. This L shaped supports available horizontally are clipped together, making use of a hook that's similar. These have holes found underneath,and they are the types that are accepted on the pillar. The resulting structure is quite robust, and they are quite tricky for the little fingers to disassemble and assemble.



Things like towel rails, shelves, mirrors, notice boards, furniture, and a lot of others could get clipped into vertical walls grooves. The essence of these clipping is for these partsof the LEGO sets not to fall off as you play with your Lego Scala after you’re done organizing it.


These systems work quite well. They are robust, simple to detach and attach, and they provide lots of flexibility. If they were not concentrated, not easy to separate, and if they arenot flexible, it would cause you many problems as you try to use them. These serve as advantages of these Lego sets when you compare them to other Lego sets available.


What is creative particularly about these is that these terms that merge these walls could also get connected back to back. Without back to back connection, these walls wouldn'tbe adequately merged, and using the Scala sets might serve as a problem.

These bookcases are topped using a 6x3 plate that has studs that are reduced.

There are also 6x3 tiles and 6x6 tiles, which appear long before the 6x6 tiles can be seen everywhere.

These tiles are not typical tiles that we know. They do not have things that prevent studs. They have simple rims around the edge that is enough to keep them in one place. 

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These Scala sets are gotten using two different types of a baseplate. This large 44x44 one is obtained in 3290. The Big Family House. This is one of the heaviest and largest chunks ofABS the LEGO Group has ever created.

This is one and a third bricks high, and it has about two different Strip studs from the edges, which keep it in one place. When this is positioned on top of the horizontal support,this would be the case in two-story buildings.

Like typical systems, there are vacuum-formed plates that are also produced. These are 12x22 studs or flowers, which are 6x11.

These are not like those system ones. These have lips around the edge, and there are dimples in the middle to stop these from bowing when pressed. These are precisely a plate high. Inregards, they are superior to the system ones.


The plates which are found in these sets are those that do not contain that special Scala plate. These were only produced using the 2x4 and 4x4 or 2x2 and 1x2 sizes, flowers.

These studs have Scala instead of Lego molded on them.

These are quite compatible using typical Lego plates and bricks. They are only 2x sizes, and they could get affixed to them using a circular groove around the center of the stud, whichaccepts 1x1 circular bricks.

The shoes have high heels, which would help these dolls stand correctly. 

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The Big Family House 3290

This got released with the wave that came first from the year 1997. This is also the most extensive Scala set that got produced. It is about sixty-five cm tall and fifty cm wide. Italso weighs a lot.

One of the odd things that this doesn't even really cost much at all. One cannot remember the amount exactly, but it is not up to £100. £69.99 should be the price.


lego scala

A friend of mine got this for her child. You get to see two layers of these frames that'll form these two storeys of the building. There are large wall pieces between them, whichare beautifully decorated outside and organized inside. There are larger ones that have holes for windows and doors. These are separate pieces that clip-in.

These bases consist of a 22x22 and an 11x23 flower base plate, joined using 2x2 flower plates below and above. These are sturdy enough to move around.

The staircases are created using handrail pieces and individual steps.

You can notice the shelves, towel rails, cupboards, pictures, curtain rails, and more attached to the walls using these grooves.

There are customizable, colorful, large dollhouses. These are the dreams of every cute little girl.

Comments on the LEGO Scala Construction Methods

Gravatar is so thankful for these beautiful articles. Usually, he didn't give Scala any look. They are not his cup of tea. There are several things one can admire this Scala system.There's the big family house, which looks like a modular precursor, which is truly impressive. 

The vast family house set goes for a lot of money when it gets to the secondary market. The cheapest ones go for like two hundred and forty dollars. That is indeed a lot for somethingI feel a lot of people might not like.

@LegoDavid stated that he thought the big family house Lego set would go for a low price. This is because he feels not a lot of people would even like this set.

The several different collectors of Lego weird themes would purchase whatever they need. If it is not popular widely, it will make sense to price these difficult to find sets higher.Especially if these sets are in excellent condition and they are complete. This is because the availability is low. 

2020 has been quite a strange year. It's like this week would be one of the most bizarre weeks to occur.

Lego sonic from Singapore stated some similarities are significant between the 44x44 baseplate and the IKEA BYGGLEK lids. These are the 44 stud dimensions, for starters.


GeordiePaul asked if people were enjoying these Scala articles. The LEGO Group had gone to places that are weird before they pulled these things back again.

On a side note, one hopes the Huw gets the brand new video out. These tease fans for the new Blacksmith idea. So delightful, yeah?

lego scala

It is quite strange how these pins aren't the standard of Technic. They would harm all they've tried by not keeping to the proper standard there.

Similarly, using some of this large plate, it's a huge shame really that these studs aren't available on the other side. If they were, they would have joined the other Scalapieces and transitioned into regular sets.

These are great articles, I'll say. Several people all across the world do not give Scala even a second's thought. This blows one away using the care the design team uses onthese Lego sets. All these sets have great detail using traditional system elements. So there we have it. 

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