Help your LEGO sailers feel safe when you build the LEGO Motorized Lighthouse 21335 Set.

by Mark Gini

Lighthouses have been a very important safetytool for sailors. The Lighthouse was made to be very tall and usually near acliff. At the very top of the Lighthouse was a huge torch or light whichcontained different colors. The light Element eke at the top of the Lighthousechanges color depending o the information it is trying to convey. Since theinvention of the Lighthouse in the 19 century BCE, it has gone through a seriesof changes and improvements to help it properly serve the purpose it was made for.Are you a lightkeeper who have used this Lighthouse to pass across lifesavinginformation? Then you must be a huge fan of this particular structure. 

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Whether you walk as a lightkeeper or not, youwill most likely not mind having a smaller version of it displayed in yourhouse. If you have any previous feelings, you will love Lego's new release ofthe Motorized Lighthouse 21335 set. This Lego set has many cool features,making it stand out as authentic. The Lego set also features elements that makethe Set look more realistic. Do you have kids who love Lego sets? If yes, thenthey are going to love this Lego set. If you have little ones with a wildimagination, you should also consider getting them this Lego set. This postwill consider everything you need about the Lego Motorized Lighthouse. Here aresome of the things this post will cover; these include (1) The Set's buildingexperience, (2) its amazing features, (3) its building experience, and (4) ourspecial light kit feature. Let's start with the sets building experience. 

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The Lego Motorized Lighthouse has one of themost engaging and interesting building experiences yet. The Set comes with morethan a thousand pieces and is designed to help keep kids engaged for hours. TheLego ideas collection also produces the Set. The Set comes with a couple ofdifferent building stages. The building starts with a blue foundation baseplate which represents the Ocean. Then, you build on top of that another layerwhich will represent the rock foundation. Once you have built the foundationlayer for the rock mountain, you will need to add more brick elements to makeit look like an actual cliff. Once you are done building the cliff-likestructure, you can build the foundation of the Lighthouse using the second baseplate the Set comes with. The building of this Lego set is not only fun butalso very technical. So you will need to pay more than the usual attention asyou bring all the pieces of this Lego set to life.

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The building of this Lego set starts asstraightforward but could get very difficult fast, especially if you are notvery experienced with building Lego sets. Well, though this is true, it shouldnot discourage you. Why? Because this Lego set comes with two instructionmanuals containing everything, you need to know about the Lego set. This meansthat you not only have something to refer to when you get stuck, but you couldalso have an extra pair of hands while you build, making it even better. And toensure that You can easily follow the instructions in the manuals no matteryour level of experience, the Lego company took their time to arrange allbricks into bags. Each bag is numbered, making it easy for you to identifywhich bag of bricks goes for which stage of the building. Overall, the LegoMotorized Lighthouse is fun and an organized build. Well, now that we haveextensively discussed the Set's building experience, let's look at some of thefeatures the Set possesses. 




The Lego Motorized Lighthouse, as the namesuggests, comes with motors perfectly engineered for movement. The engineeringwork starts to form the base of the Lighthouse and then gets its final work onthe roof of the Lighthouse where the light is. This motorization helps thelight at the top of the rotation, like the actual light on a Lighthouse. Thisamazing feature makes the Lighthouse so special and authentic. 

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Aside from a nice motorization feature, theLego Lighthouse set also comes with two Minifigures. The first Minifigure isthe Lightkeeper, who lives in the small building at the base of the Lighthouse.His Job is to watch over the Lighthouse and send the right signals to help keepsailors safe as they travel through the OceanOcean. He is dressed in hisuniform, which signals that he is ready for work. The Set also comes withanother Minifigure representing a woman sailer. These Minifigure helps makethis Lego set more fun and engaging to play with. 


The Lego set comes with other display featuresthat make it even cooler. These feature a boat with paddles for the boat, atelescope for the watchman, and Lego elements representing trees and grassgrowing all around the rocks on the Set. All these elements and cool featuresmake this Lego set look even more unique and authentic while on display. So,what's stopping you? Get yourself this Set today; you will not regret it. 

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Aside from being a very big Lego project, thisLego set is quite tall. This means that though the Set looks great on display,you might have some trouble finding a place for the Set to fit. But if youalready have space to store big Lego sets, storing this Set should not be aproblem for you. The Lego set comes with 2065 brick pieces. Once the Lego sethas been put together, it measures about 22 inches high, 10 inches wide, and 10inches deep. It's good to have this ratio handy if you plan to create a spacefor it. And if you are already building your collection of Lego City sets, youcould also include this Set in your Lego City. 


The Lego Motorized Lighthouse is now Live andcan be purchased from any Lego store in your area. If you are not a fan of shoppurchases, you could also get them from the Lego website. The Lego set isvalued at 300 US dollars, which some might consider very pricey. But if you fanof the Lighthouse or just authentic Lego sets, this Set is worth the price. Now,there is one more feature this Lego set needs, our Lego lights to make it lookmuch better. 


Though the Lego MotorIzed Lighthouse comeswith wiring for the light at the top of the Lighthouse, our Lego lights comewith a lot more. Our Lego lights also have different features added based onyour purchase type. To get the best out of the installation of this light kit,you will need to follow these three easy steps to improve your installationprocess. 


 Our lights kits are not so strong. So to ensure you get the best Lego lights, purchase directly from our store. Once your light kits arrive, check through lights upon arrival. If you notice any problems while inspecting, request a replacement using your 30days warranty card. We will be happy to help you with a replacement within seven days.

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We have covered you if you are unfamiliar with our Lego lights and don't know how to go about them. We have included an instruction manual along with each light kit you purchase. This detailed instruction book will help you get the most out of your installation. As you install our lights, remember that they are not very durable. So ensure to handle them with care.

Motorized Lighthouse 21335


As soon as you have installed your Lego lights successfully, it's time to figure out if it works and if you have done a good job and your light kit works. Try turning off and on your lights using the remote to do this right. Also, try putting it on for some time to ensure your light kit is stable. If the light is not stable, find out through the manual if that's part of the features. If not, try to figure out why the lights are not stable. It could be a connection issue. Once you notice any problems plaguing your Lego light kits, try and fix them. If not, make sure to put your Lego set on display for all to stare at its awesomeness.

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