LEGO London Bus 10258: Its Review

by Nikita P.

When LEGO decided to add the LEGO London Bus 10258, we were impressed that it had decided to add the fundamental bus system of London in the form of a LEGO bus. Many fans couldn't get enough of the fact that they would have iconic LEGO Bus within their grasp.  

This red double-decker Routemaster bus is commonly seen around London and has become a significant part of both its identity, as well as history. Who wouldn't want that LEGO Bus in their collection and piece of London history with them? 

When it was launched, we were able to get a set from one of the LEGO Brand Retail Stores. We used it and have decided to draft up a review based on that.

Main Features


LEGO London Bus 10258

The London bus is around 18cm or 7” high, 34 cm or 13” long, as well as 13 cm or 5” wide. It has 1686 pieces, which means you will have to spend a long time trying to couple them together. Every LEGO fan knows that the more detailed a set is, the more interesting it is. We guarantee that you will love coupling this set together. Who wouldn't?


LEGO London Bus 10258

If you want to access the inner deck, it is easy to do it by taking off the removable roof. In no time, you would be staring at the highly detailed interior part of the London bus, with some details that blew our minds. How dare they be so specific even to the extent of representing the normally forgotten newspaper, umbrella, chewing gun and beverage can that we regularly see in a London bus.


LEGO London Bus 10258 Light Kit

When it comes to authenticity and paying attention to details, we have no choice but to regularly duff our hats for LEGO. As usual, LEGO put in a lot of effort in the creation of the LEGO 10258 London Bus. It incorporated its iconic flair of design in this cute double-decker London Bus. We could see a number of details there like the panoramic windshield, crimson-red hues, destination symbol, standard-tread tires that one could easily spot in LEGO 10258 London Bus, as well as a ticket bin. 

That is not all, as this LEGO Bus also has a fire extinguisher, an open rear boarding deck with a hand pole, as well as a half-spiral staircase. When you look at the staircase, you will notice that it moves towards the higher part of the sightseeing deck, the deck that we can't get enough of. 

It comes with the following functionalities, which were thoroughly thought out: the driver's cab, opening hood with engine, upper deck, sliding door, as well as a roof that can easily be removed.

Building The LEGO London Bus 10258 

LEGO London Bus 10258

Picture from The Brothers Brick YouTube Channel 

The LEGO London Bus 10258 was created to give its constructors the challenging building experience that they would love. Who wouldn't want to be captured by the London bus' charm and nostalgia? 

For this set, the guidelines book has 176 pages. It could be scary for anyone that doesn't like reading to read, and that is why we have decided to shorten the process. Take out the Part 1, which possesses the staircase, body, and the chassis.

The chassis normally starts with the frames, as well as the blocks. We must commend LEGO for taking the time to create the studded construction. You rest assured that you will have a great foundation, where the other parts of the set will sit in.

Once you pass the 21 main steps, lay the floor, as well as the stand where the death will sit on. There, the stairs will begin. We have to craft up the engine by using the grey bullion, which acts as the roof of your engine block.

Now, we should begin the bodywork building. You will see the 4×3 panels, which will act as a lot of the flat bits, though you may notice a bit of a curved back.

While you try to build the stairs, the process is quite easy. You will have to keep each step end in one place by using a single stud round plate. You will notice impressionistic steps as the outcome.

LEGO London Bus 10258 instructions

Excerpt from instructions

The bus has a back that has the 1x1x1 2/3 brick, as well as two studs on the side. If you place then on the washing machine piece, you will notice that they fit well. Use it to link the two rear light clusters together.

There is a yellow number plate, as well as a yellow fire extinguisher. Put the latter underneath the staircase.

When you are done with the side benches, the Part 1 is done. You can then move to the Part 2 to have the lower deck done.

You should then continue building up the body, and after that, we add the windows. Don't forget to put the nice touch of the sliding driver’s door at this point.

You should then go to the rounded rear driver’s side corner, as well as the axles. You will know that this part is done when you add the umbrella, front lights, grab stanchion for your back entrance, as well as radiator grille.

From the Part 3, as build the yellow stripe, floor, and upper deck.

Now, we build up the thirty-six seats, and in the end, you will have sixty-two seats. You can then add the flair of the abandoned 7UP can to the front of the bus.

Now, we are down to three bags. You will see the advertising, roofs, windows, front corners, rear destination blind, as well as the LEGO News copy.

The windows, here, are not like the ones we mentioned earlier. They have a stud bulge on top where the ad boards are.

You are expected to put the ad boards before you put the roof's main part to ensure that the boards sit well.

This LEGO bus should take around four hours to build, depending on how you love building and even your experience level. It won't be a bad idea to invite your friends to build with you.

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