LEGO Lightsabers: Detailed Review

by Nikita P.

One of the greatest ways Lego won the hearts of Star Wars fans is by creating Lego sets based on Star Wars movies, scenes, characters, droids and yes, lightsabers. If you meet a Star Wars fan who doesn't know what a Lightsaber is, then watch out, that's probably not really a fan. Of course, die-hard fans may know a lot more and take it a little too seriously, but that's the beauty of being a fan. You get to go crazy over what you love. 


lego lightsaber blue red yellow

The Lego lightsaber is a favorite amongst both Lego and Star Wars fans (but mostly Star Wars). Who can blame them though? What's really awesome about the Lego lightsaber is that it often looks very realistic. It makes any Star Wars Lego set look even more believable and in fact, a Star Wars set is not really complete without one (provided the set actually relates to one of the episodes or movies that feature a lightsaber). While Lego sets are built for display purposes, the Lego lightsaber is no different. 

The truth is, the Lego Lightsaber is still a set of interlocking bricks, so it shouldn't be expected that it can actually be used to...fight any wars. While this is every Star Wars fan's dream, you may have to hold on to that dream for now. Lego lightsabers are strictly for display purposes, despite how realistic they look. Admittedly, it is very tempting to take one, dress up like one of the characters in your favorite Star Wars movie, and beat your younger brother in a mini war. But perhaps you should do that with an actual lightsaber. So, you probably have a pretty good idea what a lightsaber looks like but do you really know what it is? Let's look at a proper description of a lightsaber and the background to this iconic weapon. 


What is a lightsaber? 

Simply put, a lightsaber is a weapon that is comprised of two main parts - the hilt and the blade. Lightsabers are used in Star Wars movies which is one of the top reasons they have gained so much popularity. If you have never seen one (which rock have you been living under?), just picture a sword, but more toy-like with a plastic blade that often glows. You may have even seen it in cartoons or on Nickelodeon. However, we are not talking about those less cooler versions, we're talking about those in Star Wars! 


lego lightsaber star wars

A lightsaber is not just a weapon used like a sword, rather, it contains a tight loop of energy which can cut through anything. That's right, it can cut through another being not with sharpness but with energy. Of course, the only thing it can't cut through is another lightsaber (if not, what would be the point of fighting or protecting yourself with it?) In Star Wars, these lightsabers are handled by force-sensitive beings such as Jedi and Sith because lightsaber blades are weightless and extremely dangerous.


Now that we understand what lightsabers are, it makes sense that Lego would create brick versions of such cool weapons. I mean, who wouldn't want one of these for themselves? The real lightsabers should not be confused with Lego lightsabers because Lego lightsabers do not have that glowing energy that can cut through anything (unless you want Lego to get banned or something). They are made of Lego bricks... made of plastic. While some do look pretty realistic, that's where it ends - for display purposes.


Why Lego Fans Love Lego Lightsaber 

As much as some people believe Lego fans love everything that comes from Lego, on the contrary they can also be the biggest critics of new Lego sets and ideas. After all, they know so much about Lego sets so this makes them the best category of people to judge these sets. 


Fortunately, Lego fans absolutely love Lego Lightsaber, and not just because it makes them look cool. These sets are often customizable which means you can build your own Lightsaber and give is a custom Lego Lightsaber hilt or blade. This all depends on the type of Lightsaber you get. 


minifigs with lightsaber

In addition, Lightsabers come in several awesome colors making them a favorite amongst kids. Hilt colors can either be medium stone gray, white, warm gold, black, silver or have a Chrome finish. The blades are even more colorful (as expected) and you can see blades with colors such as light blue, neon green, bright green, purple and even black. Lightsabers with black blades are called darksabers instead. The colors of the blade may vary but they are always transparent colors. 


Star Wars fans turned Lego fans also love Lego Lightsabers because they are used in video games as well. The four Star Wars Video games all featured Lightsabers which were used in battle to attack both objects and enemies. They were also used to deflect threatening lasers. You can see this in action in either of the four video games; LEGO Star Wars: The Video Game, LEGO Star Wars: Complete Saga, the LEGO Star Wars II: Original Trilogy, and LEGO Star Wars III: The Clone Wars.


Types of Lego Lightsabers 

There are several types of lightsabers you can see in the Star Wars universe which can equally be found in Lego sets. 

1. Light-up Lightsaber 

This is a lightsaber that is attached to a Minifigure and cannot be detached from it. This means that in one hand of the Minifigure, there will be a hilt attached which cannot be rotated since it is fixed to the hand. The hilt has an open space for a blade to be inserted and once this is done, you can press down the minifigure's head which will prompt light from within the Minifigure to light up the blade.


2. Curved-hilt Lightsaber 

This particular lightsaber was designed specifically for Count Dooku. It is a great rendition of the actual lightsaber he is armed within Star Wars. Basically, the lightsaber features a hilt that is curved and this happened to be a new type of hilt design introduced in 2002 just for him. The hilt is metalized silver and in every Star Wars set that has Count Dooku in it, you can expect to see his curved hilt lightsaber with a transparent red blade. 


curved lightsaber

3. Double-bladed Lightsaber 

This lightsaber is easily a favorite amongst fans as it is completely different from the standard lightsaber. Instead of two pieces, the double-bladed lightsaber comes with a hilt that has two holes, and a blade on either side of it, making three pieces in total. This variant was first seen with Darth Maul in 1999 in the 7151 Sith Infiltrator set which featured transparent red blades. It was later in 2012 that Lego featured double-bladed lightsabers with light blue and bright green transparent blades. 


double bladed lightsaber

4. Lightsaber Spike 

The Lightsaber spike is another pretty cool Lego lightsaber that has three pieces. The hilt also has two openings, one for the blade and the other for a shaft which is much narrower than the blade. Both the hilt and the shaft are gray while the blade is red. In addition, the hilt was actually used in the past as a telescope. This lightsaber was designed in 2015 for Shadow Guard Minifigures. 


5. Crossguard blade 


This lightsaber is another unique version that was designed only for Kylo Ren. The lightsaber basically features a blade that is shaped like a cross, and this is achieved by the way the blade sits on the hilt. Just above the titanium metallic colored hilt is the horizontal part of the blade which is what gives this lightsaber its cross shape.  

crossguard blade

6. Darksaber


Well, since light and darkness cannot coexist, the "dark" lightsaber is actually called a darksaber. This is because it actually has a solid black blade, not a transparent one. It is a replica of the ancient lightsaber which had a pitch-black blade and a silver metallic hilt. The darksaber can only be seen in two Lego sets namely, the Pre Vizsla's Mandalorian Fighter and the 75022 Mandalorian Speeder. 


darkblade lego lightsaber

7. Double-bladed Spinning Lightsaber


This also falls under the double-bladed lightsaber except that this one belonged to The Inquisitor who used it by spinning it. The lightsaber has a dark silver hilt with a handle designed for a Minifigure to hold onto. The hilt still features two openings on either side for two blades to be inserted. 


Custom Lego Lightsaber Hilt

It's undeniably cool that you can get a custom Lego lightsaber hilt that will be unique to your own Lego set. In general, lightsaber Hilts have a standard silver or gray color, but with the introduction of custom hilts, you can have your own unique one. Even though you're not actually going to use your Lego lightsaber to fight off any enemies or deflect any incoming lasers, you can still get creative with the hilts. We simply cannot have it all, but Lego lightsaber is by far one of the most interesting pieces Lego could have decided to incorporate in brick versions. 


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