Lego Ideas and how to turn your Lego imaginations to get Royalties

by Nikita P.

Hello everyone. Today this piece will be talking about things you need to know about LEGO Ideas and how you could turn your Lego thoughts, ideas, imaginations, and whatever you think of to Lego sets. Then you could get a percentage of Royalties from the Lego Group. You should know from the start that the Lego Group would not just take any idea or imagination or thought and premiere it immediately before you could get your Royalties. But do not worry. That is what this piece is here to explain. Could you stick with us and find out more? 


lego lights

What are Lego Ideas to begin with?

Lego Ideas is also known formerly as Lego Cusco. It is also known as a website run by Chaordix in collaboration with the Lego Group. It allows its users to submit various ideas for Lego products to be converted into potential sets used commercially. The original designer or the person who initially brought on the idea gets a percentage (1 percent) of all royalties given to the original Lego set. This idea and group of sets started in the year 2008. It is a spin-off from the Cuusoo company from Japan. It is named after the Japanese word for Fantasy or Daydream kūsō 


The Background for Lego Ideas

Lego Ideas was introduced first as a spin-off from the Cuusoo Japanese Company. The company created this as a collaboration between that Japanese company with associations of the Lego Group. Then it was now titled Lego Cuusoo; the website was later labeled as a beta site, and then it remained the same till the Lego Ideas was now unveiled as a finished product. In the year 2014, the platform now later moved and remained at Chaordix.


Japanese lego

What are the Lego Ideas and Royalty Collection Process?

There are a variety of phases for the Lego Ideas and Royalty collection process. For instance, the 17th Apollo 11 Saturn V Rocket has nine hundred and sixty-nine pieces from the first year that the moon landed. 


What is the user submission phase?

Various users express their ideas by merging written descriptions and then sample Lego models, demonstrating concepts into project pages. After these pages are published, they are now viewable to other users. The essence of the goal of a project needs to be supported by ten thousand different Lego users. 

These are the things that would make your idea, imagination, or fantasy eligible. The page here would then get published, and then it would be reviewed. In the beginning, the projects would be held on the ideas/cursor website for about two years, and then it would be removed if it did not reach the ten thousand necessary votes needed to support that idea, thought, or imagination. 

After a long, while later, Lego Ideas changed the threshold, and it included a minimum number of one hundred votes that were used in the first two months after a project that was submitted expired. This followed by another year which then reached a thousand voices. After another six months, it got five thousand votes, and then in six months, it could go ten thousand supporting votes. 

If all of these happen, then the chance your idea, fantasy, or imagination would get picked or selected to serve as the inspiration for a Lego set or Lego creation would bump up and increase.


Lego Ideas

What are the Lego Ideas which have been available in the past?

Typically, different project submissions were allowed to be about anything or something, which did not limit the style or the size of a project. But over time, there were Lego sets and Lego Ideas, which ended up getting rejected because they violated one law or the other. Because of this reason, the Lego Group started stopping the usage of some specific types of molds. 

These banned properties used intellectually that were owned by other toy companies that we're competing with the Lego Group. Even those that were competing with the Lego Group that manufactured, produced, and distributed adult content. The Lego Ideas further restricted the submissions of projects in June 2916 after limiting the project size to around three thousand pieces maximum. 

It stated that any project that replicated a weapon that looks like one that could be used by a person or any other project that looks like an intellectual property would not be accepted. Lego Ideas also restricted submissions in 2017 after it disallowed every type of project based on licenses that had third-party affiliations that the Lego Group already created. These included projects related to the Harry Potter or Star Wars universe. 

So if you have any fantasy or idea from these magical universes, we are sad to say you have got to let them go.

Every eligible project would be reviewed collectively in order of the type that would get ten thousand supporters within any one of the three annual deadlines of January, May, and September.


Lego Ideas to begin

What is the Review Phase Like?

As a result of a very high number of projects submitted based on different ideas that the Lego Group ends up rejecting, the Lego Group has changed its standards for submissions as the years went by.

After its inception, several Lego sets have gotten the ten thousand vote threshold, and these have gotten rejected through the review for various reasons. 

There are abandoned sets that have been based on different intellectual properties. These were all dismissed as a result of the content matter that was presented. Various themes related to religious references, drugs, sex, alcohol, after world war II, or items related to first-person shooters that young Lego fans should not use have all been rejected because of Lego sets like Shaun of the Dead and FireFly.


There are also other projects which were rejected, and these include those that are based on the My Little Pony friendship magic as a result of the original property being owned by Hasbro that is a competing toy company. Other Lego sets were created from The Legend of Zelda due to the need to manufacture completely original molds; the Lego group did not entirely rule out all other projects from the franchise. 

There were sand crawler sets available for the complete Ultimate Collector Series because of the ongoing collaboration with Lego Star Wars from Lucasfilm and the Lego Group. 


Background for Lego Ideas

There was a review that occurred in the year 1909 and 2015. It was announced in October, and it stated that there were no projects selected for the first period. Just like various projects were rejected for different reasons. Many of these projects did not meet revised standards for submission, which were issued in June 2016.


There was also a record of about twenty-six projects which qualified for the first 2020 review. This also followed another thirty-five qualified projects through the second 2020 review. The Lego Group also cited the sudden increase in projects which surpassed the ten thousand vote threshold. This was a result of the Covid-19 pandemic and the long lockdown period. The first review, done in the year 2921 phase, noticed another record number with fifty-seven qualified projects after a project was disqualified due to intellectual conflict from properties. 


What is the Production Phase Like after an idea, imagination, or thought has been selected by the Lego Group?

If the product ends up getting cleared for production, it is later appropriately developed and looked at by the designers from the Lego Group. Then the final model would get created by the designers of the Lego Group. After all of the designs have been made, the set would get released just like the others published by the Lego Group, officially with the Lego Ideas banner. 

Users who have their projects manufactured or produced end up getting ten different copies of the completed set and then (here's the part you have been waiting for) a one percent royalty of the Lego set's net credit and sales and bio on the materials of the group. You would then be called the Lego Ideas set creator.

Lego Ideas

What is the list of Lego sets made or created using Lego imaginations, ideas, thoughts, or fantasies?

This part would let you know sets that have won had more than ten thousand votes, and have made it into the Lego world. Around thirty-seven Lego sets from Lego Ideas have been produced, while forty-four groups have been announced.


Set established on an initial opinion

Sets that are based on a subsisting intelligent possession also have locations that are available in a documented statement form. A thick or bold line reveals what time the branding transforms from Cuusoo, which it initially is, to an Idea. Flags exemplify the inventor's heritage or homeland.

List of Lego Already Published Sets

Name of the Set (The title of the project)

Published inventor's name (Name used by inventor [username]) Notes of the Project

#001 21100 Shinkai 6500 Submarine

(Shinkai Expedition) February 17, 2011 (Japan) (at_guy) Disclosed only in Japan.


Lego Ideas

#002 21101 Hayabusa

(Asteroid Exploration Spacecraft Hayabusa) March 1, 2012 (Japan)

July 11, 2012 (international) Daisuke Okubo (Daisuke) the first declared set of Cuusoo to be accessible worldwide.


#003 21102 Minecraft Micro World

(Lego Minecraft) June 1, 2012, Mojang is Mainly about Minecraft, the video game.[22] The very First or beginning set to launch a fresh Lego Minecraft Lego theme.



#004 21103 Back to the Future Time Machine 

August 1, 2013, Sakuretsu & Masashi Togami Mainly on the DeLorean time machine Back to the Future.

Lego moreover, made use of this authorization for category packs and identities of the video game of toys-to-life in the Dimensions of Lego


Dimensions of Lego

#005 21104 NASA Mars Science Laboratory Curiosity Rover

(Mars Science Laboratory Curiosity Rover) January 1, 2014, Stephen Pakbaz (Perijove) Mainly on the Mars Curiosity Rover of NASA


Mars Curiosity Rover of NASA lego

#006 21108 Ghostbusters Ecto-1

(30th Anniversary of the Ghostbusters)[24] June 1, 2014, Brent Waller (BrentWaller) Mainly on the license of Ghostbusters from Ecto-1. The second set motivates a Theme of Lego among the group, mainly on the 2016 film and the firehouse of Ghostbusters.

Lego moreover, made use of this authorization for category packs and identities of the video game of toys-to-life in the Dimensions of Lego


Ghostbusters Ecto lego

#007 21109 Exo Suit

**(Exo Suit) August 1, 2014, Peter Reid (PeterReid) affected by the Space sets of Classic Lego.

Space sets of Classic Lego

#008 21110 Survey Institute

(Set of Female Mini-stature) August 1, 2014 Ellen Kooijman (Alatariel)


Little Red Riding Hood

#009 21301 Birds

(Project of Lego Bird) January 1, 2015, Tom Poulsom (DeTomaso) comprises prototypes of a hummingbird, blue jay, and robin.

prototypes of a hummingbird

#010 21302 The concept of the Big Bang or popularly known as the Big Bang Theory

(The Big Bang Concept) August 1, 2015, Ellen Kooijman (Alatariel) Primarily on The Big Bang Theory, a series on TV

The second certified notion set of kooijmans.


Big Bang Theory lego

#012[a] 21303 WALL-E

(WALL-E) On September 1, 2015, Angus MacLane (MacLane) Primarily on film known as the Pixar film WALL-E, MacLane worked as the leading animator.

The set was re-published two times due to the problems with the equilibrium of the group's neck. The waiver, for the second time, overhauled these problems.

Pixar film WALL-E lego

#011[25] 21304 Doctor Who

(Doctor Who and Companions) December 1, 2015 Andrew Clark (AndrewClark2) Mainly on Doctor Who, on the TV series of BBC.

Lego also used this license for character and level packs in the Lego Dimensions toys-to-life video game.

Lego Dimensions ideas


#013 21305 Maze

(Labyrinth Marble Maze) April 1, 2016[29] Jason Allemann (JKBrickworks) A marble game mystery of Labyrinth assembled from Lego bricks.


Labyrinth assembled from Lego bricks

#014 21307[31] Caterham Seven 620R[31]

(Caterham Super Seven) October 1, 2016 Carl Greatrix (bricktrix_Carl) Primarily on the distinctive sports of British cars.


Caterham Seven lego

#016 21308 Adventure Time

(brick-built Adventure Time figures) December 26, 2016 Ludovic Piraud (aBetterMonkey) Primarily on the animated series of Adventure Time.

Lego alike made good use of this privilege for category packs and image identity in the video game of toys-to-life in the Lego Dimensions.


toys-to-life in the Lego Dimensions

#015 21306 The Beatles Yellow Submarine

(Beatles Yellow Submarine) November 1, 2016, Kevin Szeto (Kevin Szeto) ed Entirely on the Yellow Submarine, the animated film of Beatles.


Entirely on the Yellow Submarine lego ideas

#017 21309 NASA Apollo Saturn V

(Apollo 11 Saturn V) June 1, 2017 Felix Stiessen (saabfan)

  Valérie Roche (whatsuptoday) Primarily on the missile or rocket, used for NASA's Apollo 11 quest to the moon, with the sum of pieces fitting the year the journey took place.

As a result of the set's trend, it was re-published in 2020 asset 92176.


NASA Apollo Saturn V lego

#018[35] 21310 Old Fishing Store

(Old Fishing Store) September 1, 2017 Robert Bontenbal (RobenAnne)


Fishing Store lego ideas

#019[37] 21312 Women of NASA

(Women of NASA) November 1, 2017, Maia Weinstock (20tauri) Primarily on women who are fulfilled and have served for NASA.


#022 21311 Voltron

(Voltron – Defender of the Universe) August 1, 2018, Leandro Tayag (len_d69)[40] Primarily on Voltron, the animated series.


Women of NASA lego

#020 21313 Ship in a Bottle

(Ship In A Bottle, The Flagship Leviathan) February 1, 2018, Jacob Sadovich (JakeSadovich77) A Ship in a container constructed from Lego bricks.

As a result of the set's trend, it was re-published in 2020 as several set 92177.

21313 Ship in a Bottle lego

#021 21314 TRON: Legacy

(Tron Legacy Light Cycle) March 31, 2018, Tom & Drew (BrickBros UK)[45] Mainly on the automobile, which emerges in the film Tron: Legacy.

21313 Ship in a Bottle

#023 21315 Pop-Up Book

(Pop-Up Book) November 1, 2018 Jason Allemann (JKBrickworks)

Grant Davis (Grant_Davis_)

Primarily on the typical fairy stories, Jack and the Beanstalk and the Little Red Riding Hood.

This is a list of Lego sets that have made it through and succeeded in granting their original authors Royalties through Lego Ideas.


The Flintstones was released on the 1st of March 2018. The Original Author is Andrew Clark. It was Primarily from The Flintstones, Hanna-Barbera cartoon.

The following upheld intentions of Clark sets.

The next one is Tree House 21318. It was published on the 1st of August, 2019, by Kevin Feeser.

Flintstones lego ideas

The next one is the Steamboat Willie 21317, which was released on the 1st of April 2019, and was from Máté Szabó. It was from the short movie of Walt Disney Studio, Steamboat Willie.


The next one is the Central Perk 21319 from friends. It was released on the 1st of September 2019 by Aymeric Fievet. The friends, a TV series, inspired it. Lego operated the privilege for a second; the Friends set below the Producer's proficient denomination in 2021.


The next one is the Dinosaur Fossils 21320, released on the 1st of November 2019 by Jonathan Brunn. This Involves the prototypes of a fossil skeleton of a Pteranodon, Triceratops, and a Tyrannosaurus.


The next one is the International Space Station 21321, which was released on the 1st of February, 2020. The Transnational Space Station inspired it. Initially, a Notion program that failed in its analysis; attained an aficionado voting in the presence of other declined proposals to come to be a set.


The next one is the Pirates of Barracuda Bay 21322. It was released on the 1st of April 2020 by Pablo Sánchez Jiménez. This idea was motivated by Pirates themes of Standard Lego. The published set combined several artistic characteristics from the 6285 Black Seas Barracuda pirate ship published in 1989 and can be assembled either as the pirate ship due to its modular structure or a pirate's ship-wreckage on an isle.


International Space Station 21321 lego ideas

Grand Piano (Piano Lego which is playable) on the 1st of August year 2020 Chen Donny. He was initially authorized for the third analysis of 2018, which was not accepted till the initial analysis of 2019. The published set stars an operational 25-key keyboard synonymous with a sheet music piece starring a maverick; Lego Powered Up mobile app. A bit with the first logo of Lego from 1934 to 1936 put out on it, themed by Chen, "Playday," which was executed in a video created for his initial compliance.

Sesame Street (On the 1st of November year 2020) Guerrero Ivan. Mainly on the Children's television program, Sesame Street.


Blacksmith of Medieval (On the 1st of February year 2021, Fiedler Clemens

Winnie the Pooh (On the 1st of April year 2021, Alder Ben, Mainly on the Pooh authorization, the Winnie.


Winnie the Pooh (On the 1st of April year 2021, Alder Ben, Mainly on the Pooh authorization, the Winnie.

Typewriter (The Typewriter of LEGO) On the 1st of the year 2021, Guinness Steves.


Seinfeld (The 30th Anniversary of Seinfield) On the 1st of August year 2021, Waller Brent, Primarily on Seinfeld series on TV


The succeeding endorsed suggestions of Waller sets.

Home Alone


(House of McCallister) On the 1st of November year 2021, Storozhuk Alex, Mainly on the license of Home Alone.

Home Alone lego

(Earth Globe) Guillaume Roussel (Disneybrick55)

(Legendary Stratocaster) On the 1st of October year 2021, Letenay Tomáš(TOMOELL), Site champion of the Music contest, to our Ears merchandise notion analysis.

(The Starry Night: Gogh van Vincent) Cheng Truman (legotruman) Site Mainly on The Paintings of the Starry Night.


(Green Hill Zone: Mania Sonic) Grannell Viv (toastergrl) Site Primarily on Sonic Mania, the video game.

The Lego Group formerly borrowed this authorization for an image identity and category pack in the toys-to-life Lego Dimensions video game. If you are interested in video games, you should really enjoy this one.

(Lighthouse which is Motorized) Quattrini Sandro (Roses Must Build)

 (Quartet of Jazz), Chi Hsinwei (The Office), Lewis Jaijai (The Office of Lego), Primarily on The Office (TV series of the American).


Advice to you if you want your idea, fantasy, or imagination to become a real-life Lego set

Well, I am sure that if you have come this far in reading this article, you have a million ideas, and you trust yourself that it would be easy to get a one percent royalty from the Lego Group. But as you have read, it is not so easy to get ten thousand votes and then get your imaginations or Lego Ideas to be an inspiration for the Lego Group to make a set. Our advice to you is to find something out of the blue (even though that’s difficult these days in the Lego world), out of the ordinary, follow the rules and make sure everyone you know votes for you to make your Lego idea become a real-life original Lego set.


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