Lego Ford Fiesta M-Sport WRC 75885: A Rallying Adventure in Bricks

by Eve Alessa Arevalo

Lego, the iconic brand known for its creative play and intricate designs, has once again delivered a treat for enthusiasts with the Lego Ford Fiesta M-Sport WRC 75885 set. This rally-themed masterpiece allows builders of all ages to delve into the world of motorsport, bringing to life the excitement of racing through the power of bricks. In this comprehensive review, we'll delve into every aspect of this set, from its design and building experience to its playability and overall value for money.

lego lights

Design and Features:

LEGO 75885

a. Main Components or Areas: At the heart of the Lego Ford Fiesta M-Sport WRC 75885 is its impeccable design. With 203 pieces, the set ingeniously captures the essence of the Ford Fiesta rally car, renowned for its sleek curves and dynamic aerodynamics. Every angle of the real-world vehicle is replicated with precision, showcasing the dedication Lego puts into its products. From the detailed front grille to the distinct rear spoiler, each component is a testament to the art of brick modeling.

b. Minifigures: Unlike some Lego sets that feature minifigures as integral parts of the play experience, the Lego Ford Fiesta M-Sport WRC 75885 focuses solely on the vehicle itself. While some fans might miss the inclusion of drivers or pit crew figures, this decision ensures that the spotlight remains on the car's intricate design and features.

c. Accessories and Decorations: Adding to the authenticity of the set are the pre-printed accessories and decorations. The set includes Ford and M-Sport decals that are applied to the car's body, adding an extra layer of detail that stickers can't replicate. These printed pieces elevate the overall quality of the build, showcasing Lego's commitment to providing a premium experience.

Building Experience:

LEGO 75885

a. Complexity and Engagement: The Lego Ford Fiesta M-Sport WRC 75885 strikes a delicate balance between complexity and engagement. Its build is designed to be accessible to a wide range of age groups, making it an ideal set for families to enjoy together. While seasoned Lego builders may find the construction process relatively straightforward, the attention to detail in each step ensures that every builder can appreciate the intricacies of the design.

b. Instruction Manual and Building Process: The instruction manual, as expected from Lego, is a work of clarity and organization. It guides builders through the construction process with ease, presenting each step in a logical sequence. The illustrations are well-rendered and visually pleasing, ensuring that builders of all skill levels can confidently navigate the building process without frustration.

Playability and Entertainment Value:

LEGO 75885

a. Interactive Features: The Lego Ford Fiesta M-Sport WRC 75885 doesn't just look the part; it's designed for playability. The functional wheels enable the car to glide smoothly across different surfaces, adding an element of realism to the experience. This dynamic feature enhances the playability and provides a tangible connection between the builder and the finished model.

b. Opportunities for Imaginative Play and Storytelling: While minifigures aren't included, this decision opens the door to limitless imaginative play and storytelling. Builders can create their own drivers, mechanics, and racing scenarios, envisioning high-speed chases through rugged terrains or fierce competitions on the rally track. The Lego Ford Fiesta's scale makes it compatible with various Lego environments, facilitating endless possibilities for creative narratives.

Value for Money:

LEGO 75885

a. Number of Pieces and Design: With 203 pieces, the Lego Ford Fiesta M-Sport WRC 75885 offers a satisfying building experience that strikes a balance between complexity and attainability. The meticulous design and accurate replication of the Ford Fiesta's features make this set a worthwhile addition to any Lego collection, whether you're a racing enthusiast or a lover of captivating design.

b. Compatibility with Other LEGO Sets and Themes: One of the standout advantages of the Lego Ford Fiesta M-Sport WRC 75885 is its compatibility with other Lego sets and themes. Its compact size and versatile design enable it to seamlessly blend into various environments, from bustling cityscapes to thrilling racetracks. This compatibility enhances the set's value, as it can be incorporated into existing Lego worlds, expanding the possibilities for creative play.

Pros and Cons:

LEGO 75885

a. Pros:

• Impeccable replication of the Ford Fiesta's design, capturing its essence.

• Functional wheels for an interactive and realistic play experience.

• Pre-printed decorations enhance the model's appearance and quality.

• Engaging building experience suitable for builders of different ages.

• Empowers imaginative play and customization, fostering creativity.

b. Cons:

• Absence of included minifigures might disappoint some fans.

• Limited selection of accessories and features beyond the main car model.

Final Thoughts and Recommendations:

LEGO 75885

a. Summary of the Set's Appeal: The Lego Ford Fiesta M-Sport WRC 75885 is a masterclass in design, playability, and creative engagement. Its faithful recreation of the Ford Fiesta's iconic features, combined with its interactive wheels, culminates in a set that captures the essence of rally racing.

b. Target Audience and Overall Value: This set caters to a diverse audience, ranging from young builders with a passion for cars to adult collectors seeking a display-worthy model. The Lego Ford Fiesta M-Sport WRC 75885 is priced reasonably, considering its intricate design and compatibility with other Lego sets. It's a valuable addition to any collection, bridging the gap between the thrill of racing and the joy of creative construction.

In conclusion, the Lego Ford Fiesta M-Sport WRC 75885 encapsulates the exhilaration of rally racing within a compact and engaging package. Its meticulous design, immersive building experience, and potential for imaginative play make it a must-have for individuals of all ages who appreciate the marriage of craftsmanship and creativity that Lego consistently delivers. Whether you're a motorsport enthusiast or a dedicated Lego collector, this rally car model stands as a testament to Lego's commitment to excellence.

Review: Light Kit for Ford Fiesta M-Sport WRC 75885 by Game of Bricks

In the vast universe of LEGO enthusiasts, there's always a quest for the next accessory or enhancement that can elevate the standard building experience. Amidst this backdrop, the Light Kit for Ford Fiesta M-Sport WRC 75885, masterfully crafted by the acclaimed company Game of Bricks, emerges as a beacon of innovation. This comprehensive review aims to provide an in-depth analysis of this product, exploring its myriad features, benefits, and even its minor setbacks.

Light Kit for Ford Fiesta M-Sport WRC 75885

Easy Installation

A significant concern for many when considering add-ons for their LEGO sets is the complexity of installation. The Light Kit, however, shatters these apprehensions with its brilliantly user-centric design. The kit is accompanied by detailed, step-by-step instructions that are lucid and straightforward, making the installation process a breeze even for novices. The components are tailored to fit the Ford Fiesta M-Sport WRC 75885 model perfectly, eliminating the need for any extraneous tools or drastic modifications. This simplicity ensures that enthusiasts can swiftly and efficiently enhance their LEGO model, transforming it into a radiant masterpiece.

Light Kit for Ford Fiesta M-Sport WRC 75885

Enhanced Details

The prowess of Game of Bricks is truly showcased in the meticulous detailing of the Light Kit. Once affixed, the lights act as a catalyst, magnifying the beauty of the Ford Fiesta M-Sport WRC 75885, and spotlighting details that might have previously been overshadowed. Every light, from the piercing headlights to the subtle taillights, is designed with an uncanny resemblance to the real-life vehicle's lighting nuances. The LEDs are not just about illumination; they're about capturing the essence of the car. Their brilliance ensures that the model transitions from a mere LEGO set to a captivating showpiece, eliciting awe and admiration from onlookers.


Beyond its aesthetic appeal, the Light Kit offers a level of personalization that's truly commendable. Recognizing that every LEGO enthusiast has a unique vision, the kit provides the option to adjust brightness levels. This means that whether you're a fan of a soft, ambient glow or a dazzling shine, the Light Kit is equipped to cater to your whims. This adaptability ensures that every individual can mold the lighting to resonate with their distinct style, making their LEGO display not just a model, but an extension of their personality.

lego lights


In the realm of accessories, durability often becomes the dividing line between a worthy investment and a fleeting attraction. The Light Kit for Ford Fiesta M-Sport WRC 75885 stands firmly on the side of longevity. Crafted with premium materials, the LEDs promise not just luminance but endurance. They're built to shine bright for years, ensuring sustained enjoyment. The wiring, often a vulnerable point in many kits, is robustly constructed and shielded, drastically reducing the chances of wear and tear or accidental damage.

Minor Downsides

No product is without its flaws, and in the spirit of a balanced review, it's imperative to touch upon the Light Kit's minor downsides. For some, the investment might seem steep, especially when viewed as a supplementary accessory to the primary LEGO model. The installation, while generally user-friendly, might pose a slight challenge to those entirely new to the world of LEGO light kits, necessitating a steeper learning curve. However, it's crucial to note that these are mere blips in an otherwise stellar product narrative.

To encapsulate, the Light Kit for Ford Fiesta M-Sport WRC 75885 by Game of Bricks isn't just an accessory; it's an experience. It seamlessly marries ease of installation with intricate detailing, offers a canvas for personalization, and promises durability that stands the test of time. The minor downsides, when juxtaposed against the overwhelming advantages, seem almost inconsequential. For LEGO aficionados seeking to transcend the ordinary and venture into the realm of the extraordinary, this Light Kit is more than a recommendation; it's an essential. Embrace it, and watch your LEGO model transform from static to spectacular.

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