Make your building a lot more adventurous with the LEGO AT-AT Ultimate collections 75313 Set.

by Mark Gini

There are lots of Star Wars war machinescreated during the movie franchise. But there is non as amazing as the AT-ATwar machine. This machine was not only large but also very durable, making itthe ideal war machine. Another thing that made this set, so epic is itsfearsome size and features. If you are a Star Wars fan and have seen this setin action during the civil war in the Star Wars Empire Strikes Back movie. TheAT-AT has drawn up a huge fan base since its first appearance in the Clone War.How would you feel if you were allowed to own one of this fearsome machinery?Where would you first display it? 

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As you think of the answer, you will bepleased to know that the Lego team has decided to build every Star Wars AT-ATfan a replica of this amazing set. Lego launched this amazing and authenticreplica of the AT-AT machine on the 26 of November 2021. Since its release, theset love and admiration have gradually increased. Lots of cool new featureshave been included in the set to make it stand out as an amazing set. Asidefrom the cool new features this set has, it also offers epic gameplay and theopportunity to recreate your favorite AT-AT moment. Do you have kids who areactive and always want something to do? If yes, you could get them this Lego setto help keep them busy and entertained while you handle other businesses. Well,we know you are here mainly to know whether or not to purchase this Lego set.So let's look at all the information you need to decide whether or not topurchase this set. Let us start with the sets Building experience. 

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The Lego AT-AT set can be considered a largeLego project, so you can expect to spend lots of time building this set. If youhave a tight schedule, you should probably be considering making out time tobring this set to life. The Lego set comes with over 6000 pieces. But there isno need to work up because all Lego bricks are neatly packaged in numberedbags. This not only makes identifying your work tool much easier but also makesbuilding fun. Because of the design of this Lego set, you can decide to startyour building from any part of the set. You could decide to start your buildingfrom the feet of the machine or the body. The machine's body also has hiddencompartments with enough seats to hold all nine Minifigures. If you are a fanof Lego sets that pose a challenge in the area of technicality, then you willsurely love this Lego set. Though this set could be very fun to build, it couldpose a challenge to those new to Lego. 

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So if you are new, starting your building withsomething small and basic will be advisable before trying your hand at thisset. Regardless, Lego's covered you if you decide to go at it on your firsttry. If you are good at reading and following instructions, you will love thenice instruction manual with the Lego set. This manual contains helpfulinformation to help builders of any age and experience get the most out of theset. The manual contains pictures and diagrams which are and diagrams that aredesigned to make work easier for whoever decides to use it. So if you are newto Lego sets and still want to participate in building the set, you should makethe manual your guide. But if the information in the manual is not good enough,you could visit youtube for more assistance. Overall, the Lego AT-AT set has anamazing building experience, making it worthy enough for a place on your shelfthis winter. The set also comes with awesome features. Let's look at some of thesefeatures. 

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As far as Lego display sets go, none is asbreathtaking as this set. This set stands at a dominating height and can beposed with all four legs. And like other Star Wars display sets, this Lego setalso comes with a displayable board that contains valuable info on the set.This board makes displaying this set all the more fun. So if you have beensearching for the perfect collector's item to display this year, this Lego setshould be your number one pick. 


Like the AT-AT from the Star Wars movie,controlled from the inside, the Lego AT-AT Collectors set comes with hiddencompartments. These compartments feature passenger seats. It also comes with aseat at the head of the war machine for the craft's captain. Since the Lego setcomes with nine Minifigures, there are enough seats In the set for all theMinifigures. This means you have more than one display option. You could decideto display the set alongside its mini-figures, or you could display it exposingthe compartments to show off all the Minifigures seated in the craft, or youcould choose to display the AT-AT Craft with the Minifigures hidden. The sky isthe with what you can achieve with this Lego set. 

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The Lego AT-AT set comes with 9 Minifiguresrepresenting characters from the movie. There are so many Minifigures that giveyou multiple opportunities for roleplaying. You can display the Minifiguresalongside the set or inside the compartments in the set. Kids can enjoy goingon fun war adventures, utilizing the power of the weapons of the set. 

     SET SIZE.

The Lego is a very large one. It comes with atotal of about 6785 pieces. When the set is completely built, it measures about25 inches high, 10 inches wide, and 28 inches deep. This set may be difficultto display on your regular shelf but will fit quite nicely on a shelf youcustomize yourself. 

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You can purchase the Lego AT-AT set from Legostores in the US or around Europe. The set can also be bought from Amazon orany other brick website. The Lego set is sold for about 850 dollars in the UnitedStates. The set could be even more expensive in the UK or other parts ofEurope. Some may consider this set to be quite expensive. But in all fairness,it is just the right amount when considering the number of details and featuresthe set possesses. So if you feel just the way we do, then go and get yourselfthis Lego set, and while you are at it, get our special light kit to accompanyit. 


Our Lego lights are special lights used toimprove the overall look of a set. Our lights are sold separately from the setand can be bought directly from our website, here at game of bricks. Our lightkits may seem a bit complicated for new users. But to make the job easier, keepa few steps in mind.

Light Kit for AT-AT 75313


When your Lego lights arrive, it would be safe for you to take a few minutes to inspect them. This ensures that every shipped light kit and accessory is working perfectly. It is not uncommon for light kits to sustain damage during shipping. This is because our lights are very weak. So to ensure you get the best quality Lego lights, check through the light kit. If you notice any issues when you inspect, request a replacement using your 30days warranty card.

Light Kit for AT-AT 75313


When you install your light kits, set out a time for inspection. The inspection should include checking the batteries, wires, and power capacity. You would also need to look out for signs of short-circuiting. If you notice any issues with your light kits, make the necessary changes. Once you have successfully fixed your light kit, have fun with this Lego set as you engage in an epic battle in the clone war.

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