A fearsome upgrade for the LEGO Classic TV Series Batman Cowl 76238 Set.

by Mark Gini

There is nothing more easily recognizable than the Batman cowl. Batman’s suit could not be complete without his famous cowl. But what makes this cowl so important? Well, other than the cowl serving as a means of concealing Bruce Wayne's identity, it also serves several purposes. For starters, the cowl makes him look cool as he takes down supervillains who torment his beloved city of Gotham. But the cowl does more than that; it also consists of radio antennas that help him communicate with Alfred's friend and partner. The cowl is also bullet and fireproof, making it effective in protecting Batman from any damage.

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The Batman cowl also helps Batman intimidate his opponents, making it easier to take them down. Above all, the Batman cowl is iconic. And a symbol to all those looking to rise from the ashes and take control of their life. Did you alway wish you could be like Batman? Perhaps engaging in just a day of adventure, protecting the people of your beloved city? Or maybe you would prefer to be behind the scenes helping Batman upgrade his suit and cowl? Well, If that's how you feel, we believe you can start with the Lego classic TV series Batman Cowl 76238 set. You have your Batsuit, but not so fast, something’s missing, your cowl, and you need to put it together. Yes, the Lego Batman cowl gives builders the opportunity for imaginative role play. The building of this set also allows builders to test out their building skills. The Lego classic TV series Batman Cowl offers a very engaging building experience. What exactly does that mean? Let’s find out in the next section.

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The Lego classic TV series Batman Cowl set is designed to replicate its movie counterpart perfectly. And since Batman’s whole makeup is to emulate the behavior of bats perfectly, the cowl is designed to look like the head of a bat. The set is filled with lots of eye-catching details. These details include the iconic bat ears, dark brick color, a stand that makes it works well, a display set, and a small cut for Batman to see through. This set is designed for more mature builders, so you should expect the build to be a bit challenging. Still, those new to Lego could build this set if they understand the instructions from the manual.

The Lego classic TV series Batman Cowl set works well as a display piece and could be laid to rest on the center table of your house or the corner shelf with other Lego sets. This set is also be an excellent gift for kids obsessed with the Batman trilogy and Batman comic. Overall, the Lego Classic TV series Batman Cowl offers an all-around engaging and fun build. The set could also give satisfaction to builders because of its excellent display feature. So if you wish to build this fantastic Lego set, let nothing hold you back. But what cool features does this incredible Lego set possess? Let's find out in the next section.


The Lego classic TV series Batman Cowl set contains many unique features, which helps give the set a satisfying build. Let's now look closely at some of these fantastic features of the Batman cowl set.


The iconic Batman cowl consists of some fantastic, eye-catchy features that the Lego classic TV series Batman Cowl also possess. Some of these features include the iconic bat ears, two tiny cut holes on the face of the cowl where Batman sees through, and the dark color variations which make it look like the head of a bat. But the Lego classic TV series Batman Cowl goes a step further; how? Let’s find out in the next feature.


The Lego classic TV series Batman Cowl takes things a step further. Unlike the original Batman cowl, which is designed for battle, this Lego set replica is designed as a display piece. It is designed out of original Lego bricks, a stand, and an attached plate, with the model name and Logo. What is more, this set could be assembled and reassembled as much as you would like. This means you could even strive to improve your building time until you become a pro. This set also makes room for other additional features, which we would look into as we progress. But what other cool features does this set possess? Well, let's find out.

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As was discussed earlier, the Lego classic TV series Batman Cowl 76238 set works well as a display set. Its size is just right to fit on a center table without taking over all the space and yet big enough to catch the eye. The set comes with over 300 pieces, about 372 pieces of bricks, to be precise. This may seem small, but it is pretty challenging for even the finest adult Lego builder to put together. This makes this set perfect for mature builders looking for an escape from reality. When you have been able to rise to the challenge, accomplishing a perfect set, you would have put together a set worthy of your time. Overall, this set sizes up at about 7 inches high, 3 inches wide, and 4 inches deep.

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Well, Lego fans obsessed with the Batman trilogy will be eagerly anticipating just how to get their arms around this set. And if you are, then you must have the same feeling. If you seek to purchase this set, you should get yours from lego.com or Lego stores in the US. And if you do not live in the US, then lego.com or a store in your region will work just fine. This set is sold at about 59.99 dollars on lego.com and stores in the US. This price could differ in other Lego stores around the globe due to currency denominations and availability of the set.


The Lego classic TV series Batman Cowl 76238 set is designed to look close to its movie counterpart. But you can make your set upgraded much more than its movie counterpart with our unique Lego light kit. Are you new to our light kit? Well, thankfully, each light kit comes with clear, easy-to-understand instructions, making your installation process a whole lot easier. But before you rush into installing your light kit, ensure you take enough time to build your classic TV series Batman Cowl set. This is very important because it is the Batman cowl set you are trying to upgrade. Without the set, your light kit can not the installed to function. So make sure you take your time to put together the set. Let’s now look at some other helpful tips that will make your installation more successful.

Light Kit for Classic TV Series Batman Cowl 76238


Before you start installing your light kit, take time to inspect all light kits and accessories appropriately. This may seem unimportant but is, in fact, very important. Most light kits ordered go through shipping. This is a very long and exusting process of boxes moving from one hand to another. This could cause some damages to the light kits because of their delicate feature. So, take time to inspect each light kit and accessories as they arrive, so you can make needed changes if you do discover damaged kits. And if there are no damages, you can safely move over to installing your light kit.

Light Kit for Classic TV Series Batman Cowl 76238


The light kit is designed to help bring to the lamplight hiding details of the set. So for your classic TV series Batman cowl, you would need to install your light kit both inside and outside of the set. This is no easy installation, but with the help of your instruction manual, it shouldn’t be that difficult. So it is essential to follow all the instructions from the manual. After installing it, take your time to revisit the installation with the manual to ensure you have done everything right. If everything looks good, then you can test run your light kit. You would have to do this to ensure that your light kit is safe for the general public's viewing. So take this process very seriously. Look out for signs of short-circuiting and Sparks, for it could help you detect a problem if any. If all looks good, put your Lego classic TV series Batman cowl 76238 sets on display for all to see!

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