LEGO 40417 Year of the Ox Review

by Nikita P.

The LEGO Group has been creating the Year Lego sets that has been featuring New Year Zodiac animals since the year 2013.

Year of Ox would commence shortly with the 40417. This present can get purchased from Lego stores or through the internet. It has orders that have surpassed eighty-five dollarsin Canada and the United States of America in February and in March in Europe.


The six which got produced since 2016 are quite similar in style. So if you want to have a collection of them you would need to add the latest one to this.


Like other Lego sets previous to this one, you get an envelope which money can get inserted before you gift it.



If you are wondering what an Ox is exactly, trust me, you are not the only one that has had these thoughts. An Ox according to information from our lovely Wikipedia, reveals that itis also popularly known as a bullock. It is a bovine that's grained as a working draft animal. Oxen are normally castrated male cattle.


The animal is sitting in an uncharacteristic, cartoonist anthropomorphic pose. But don’t mind all of that, for sure it is bovine.


Given its suitability in the eye printed tiles. One might think that they must be brand new. They first appeared in 11003 Eyes and Bricks from the year 2019.


One might not be so sure about the usage of the grey 1x3 plate that has reduced studs for the nostrils. It is too blocky and big. At the end of this review, you would find brand newsolutions to handle these issues.


What the set is like

All four ears and four legs are properly articulated. The head is mounted on a turntable. This allows for several different poses.



A circular 8x8 base that gets decorated using gold and red is created to sit this beast of burden on which adds a much essential color splash to the model.


Here check it out with its predecessors, rat, pig, dog, rooster, monkey, sheep. The sheep don't come on a round base but you could create one that would fully match all the others.These have all been explained from the 40186 Year of the Pig in the year 2019, this is not just sitting on its hind legs like the other previous ones. Though it all looks okay with the others.


Oxen are truly quite attractive and glamorous. Designer Mel Caddick has done a great job of making this model quite appealing. This isn’t the favorite but if you’ve got alot of zodiac animals, you might want to add this too.


You might not like its nose. There are solutions to which one's eyes could enjoy the nose better. How do you feel about these adjustments?


Lego fans that love these brick-built animals are truly catered for and they got spoilt as choices this year. With brickheadz Easter bunnies, teddy bears, and now this lovely Ox. Whichof them would you purchase as a present for your partner this Valentine. Well, we can't wait to know the choice you would go for. In the end, they are all going to be available for purchase at from the 1st of February in Canada and the United States of America. Even Australia should begin their sales of this lovely Ox too. So what are you waiting for? Make sure you pre-order thislovely Ox set and get ready to enjoy.


You could always get tickled whenever people realize that certain elements first appeared in the LEGO classic. When people that have collected Lego for a long time notice their firstLego sets have been opened, then Google searches for some things for the first time and they get surprised by the things it does that are not the same with other Lego products.


What you could do to the nose of this Lego set could be very nice. You could get stunned by the masterpiece you end up creating. Another guess is that you might want a bigger shape forit. But it does not work like that at all times,


lego lights

Some people are so unhappy with the fact that it wouldn't be available in places like Europe in February. They also keep asking if there would be any chance they can get somethinglike this Lego set in February cause it would not be fair for Lego fans living in Europe that want to get this Lego set but cannot. My advice to them is to order like those in the United States and Canada. Then they can getit sent to them in Europe. This information is for epic Lego fans that want to have these Lego set as soon as possible.


So many different people love the nose fix. It is a beautiful fix you know. It is quite exciting to finally appreciate and get this model. There are several ways these could get improvedtoo.


With luck, one has collected each of these and there are recent ones that are even available widely. So that’s epic news when you think about it.


So there we have it. Now you know everything about the Year of the Ox Lego set which just got reviewed. I've got to say, I would like to have this set personally speaking. It isa cool Lego set. I mean, I have seen a lot of cattle. Both Male, females, and even kids. But I've never had the chance to see an Ox. A real-life Ox. I know this is simply a Lego set and it is not the real-life Ox but thisis a stepping point. Who knows, from this point I should soon see a real one cause my heart is in the right place. That's looking for Ox of course. It's all good though, by February 1, all those who have pre-orderedwould be getting their Ox sets delivered. Enjoy these lego sets when it gets delivered.


lego lights
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