LEGO 31116 Safari Wildlife Tree House Review

by Nikita P.

The LEGO creator line has allowed the company to revert to the basics. These basics include the techniques used for building. These are also available to look at ideas and themes thatwould not fit any of the other ranges. One of the giant Lego sets coming up would include Lego sets like the 31116 Safari Wildlife Tree House. This looks like two mini-figures from the city that's on holiday to sub-SaharaAfrica. There's a choice of about three different models to create.


These brick-built animals are staples to the creator range. We could also get about seven different species that are included b this Lego set. Several different couples would not beout of place from their polybag. Let us look at how wildlife on Safari feels like.


The Minifigures

This Lego set has about two Minifigures. There’s the one of a young boy and a woman. They both wear jackets that have several pockets. The boy wears dark red, and the woman wearsblue. They both have unprinted legs.


Both of these figures look properly attired and all ready to visit the Safari. One could say they are dressed a little bit too much. You could imagine them wearing shorts, and that mighthave been more comfortable.


They both have different expressions. Their surprise is quite welcomed. The woman has a beautiful smile on every side. The boy has freckles on each side. You can see a beautiful smileon one and then a horrible expression on the other. He might not be so sure about being close to the wild animals.


The Primary Model

For this set, that's based on Safari. Some of these wild animals are expected. The primary build has a spindly giraffe and a small flamingo that's built using bricks. Both ofthem look great for minor parts. The giraffe has several points that are used for articulation. These capture the rather ungainly posture of the large animals charmingly. The head of these has been adequately represented.I was looking at the limitations of the LEGO bricks from this size.


It is quite a shame that the legs ha only limited movement. These movements include going backward or forwards. One suspects that only these ball joints would create a higher range ofmotion than that which has looked a little bit out of place. The coloring is entirely accurate, even down to the usage of this on the legs. These are points where you could notice the hides being patterned and points wherethe giraffe fades out to shade, which are a tone lighter.


The flamingo makes beautiful use of its 1x1 heart wings pieces. Though the beak looks a little bit odd, and it has a stud that's exposed. It is quite recognizable as it stands onits single leg. There's also the round blue tile.


The remaining part of the build is the single treehouse assembly. This is a ladder that leads up to the balcony which surrounds the little building. The green sand pieces are being usedfor several pieces of foliage all across the base of the tree. These include the creative usage of sausages that represent the unfurled leaves of this plant.


On the top of the quite stubby tree trunk sits the base point of the treehouse. This has a little balcony that's surrounded by fences on either building side. They are relativelysmall. Those are the standing tools of the four studs available on each, though.


lego lights

The treehouse is not significant. It does not take up the complete roof size—these over hands on every side. Red pillar corners propped it up. There are orange doors that provideaccess to the interior part. There are also windows on the three remaining sides. These provide a proper view of the surrounding areas that's inside the hut. You might disagree with the usage of color here because theymight not blend with the surrounding area well enough.


It would help if you liked the roof texture, though. These are created from a staggering set of bricks which are curved from the color dark blue. These have some slightly staggered setsof curved bricks. A small African hornbill is perched on top of this. There’s also the weather vane which is attached to the side. These help things spin without restraint.


What’s inside the compound

Inside the compound is what you should typically expect from a safari treehouse created in Africa. You would guess that the building would have like aplace one can properly relieve themselves if you’ve been waiting up the tree for a while for the crazy scary animals to disappear. The interior footprint is about 2x6 studs. Most of these are taken up by a sink on oneside, and then there's a cistern and a toilet on the other. Gh Lego group has lots of creative ways to show these two properly. You would think you've never seen this design of sink before.


You are checking the other side of the shack. The roof hands just by the three studs instead of just one. These aids in the provision of shelter to create an outdoor sofa. It was usinga sunset silhouette of two elephants that lay under an African tree. This hangs above the sofa. The only piece that's printed in the set. The sofa is white. One could imagine that this choice is relatively poor for a pieceof furniture staying outdoor. This could be a great place to relax, drink and enjoy what you'll be looking at.


In the end, these discrete parts create an attractive diorama. The giraffe and treehouse are scaled together perfectly. A camera is also included for the LEGO figures to capture whatneeds to be a moment that's magical on their Safari. The flamingo looks a little bit different and is not related to the remaining parts of the build. There is nothing else that's included by any form of water closeby. This would also feel like it's too big at some point.


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