Lego 21326 Winnie the Pooh Set Review

by Nikita P.

The Winnie the Pooh Lego set was launched together with that excellent Star Wars Lego set in 1999, and several different DUPLO sets have joined. These include several diverse residentsfrom the Hundred Acre Wood that have simple models. Typically, these were created for young builders.


This Lego set is alive, and it has incredible details. This focuses on the charming house of pooh. It also remains hugely accurate when you compare it with the location from the cartoon.There are about five lovely characters which are available. They look great, and they comprise molded components that are plenty.


The Contents and the Box

Some criticism was provoked by Sesame Street, which was based on the eighteen plus age recommendation. Winnie the Pooh also has this type of branding. The packaging looks quite attractive.It features a yellow, orange border theme that stands out due to the black color that can be found all around it. There are details integrated subtly. These are splendid. They illustrate E.H illustrations.


Five characters are displayed on the cover of the instruction manual. These are packaged with about seven numbered bags. The manual has various illustrations which you would love. Italso has Ben Alder, who is the designer of the fan. He discusses the influence of the LEGO Group and Winnie the Pooh on all members of his family.


There are product comments available too. The instruction manual has information that is included about the Hundred Acre Wood. Apart from character resident's profiles. Robin Christopher'smap from the forest can also be seen. There corresponds properly using depictions through animations from Disney movies and cartoons. This design gets its attention from the absence of characters like Christopher Robin, Roo,Kanga, and owl.



These Lego ideas set does not have stickers that favor printed elements. At times they are not because of decorations created in a high number. About 12 stickers are included. This isa reasonable amount of stickers, I guess. A map Of hundred Acre Wood could have been printed. These stickers are quite simple to apply, and they provide appealing details.


It’s Minifigures Time

You can, with faith, recreate your lovely animal characters. This has been an issue, and we know Winnie the Pooh has a rotund appearance on screen. This Minifigure does not have thatWinnie Pooh's chubby look. He has medium-sized legs, which would have looked better if they increased their size. It also has a particular head component which has the unique facial expression that Pooh walks around with.This shows the astonishing personality of our lovely Winnie the Pooh. The torso and arms created using dual mold appear lovely.


Piglet has legs which, when you compare it to her friends, is relatively shorter. The merge of different shades of pink is quite brilliant here. To continue across these Minifiguresand then matching onscreen characters, specialized heads also feature proper details that would correspond with the source material—incorporating the prominent ears.


Each of these Minifigures has accessories that fit them appropriately. These all make references to their epic adventures from the animation. Winnie the Pooh always as his ballon. Thisballon came from the famous Winnie the Pooh and the Honey Tree. He got this ballon when he disguised himself to look like the rain cloud.


Piglet has her fabulous red and white scarf. This is inspired by Winnie the Pooh and the Blustery Day. The colors of these accessories are not the same as those from the animations,though.


It’s so sad that these color variations aren’t identical. It is giving me a headache thinking about the number of things that are different now. Oh well, it’s all good.


Tiger, ah, I almost forgot about a tiger. He looks great as a Minifigure in this Lego set and could be because his representation as a Minifigure fits the original version from the animations.The head component looks excellent, especially when it is compared with our lovely Tiger from the animation. His color combination of black stripes with orange also correctly reflects the animations. There's a higher textureon these stripes. They are outstanding, and they continue to Tiger's excellent tail, which always bounces.


I feel the head element of Rabbit is in more ways than one so awkward. The texture has been made too simple, and they got rid of the whiskers. Sadly. I feel the pink highlights on theears and nose are good to go.


The torso shows proper decoration on both sides. These notably include fluffy tails. They, in the end, appear perfect.


These rabbits hold a lot of carrots. These also reflect the carrot harvest that never ends. Like watching Winnie the Pooh that year, I always wondered, is it Easter on every episode.Because this bunny was always carrying his carrots and planting them non-stop. The accessory never appeared during the classic animations. He has had several various toys, though. The design here looks great. There's alsothe white sack element. It is brand new in this color. Another necessary keepsake that Tiger owns can be found inside the house of Pooh.


With the fantastic characters mentioned above, Eeyore has four legs with which he walks on. He has his unique element. Or our peaceful, humble donkey, sand blue was used. He got a facialexpression that correctly grabs his peaceful personality. Specifically because his eyes always look downcast. He has got detailing outstanding looks. These correspond with the Eeyore we remember from the animation.


Eeyore has features on his hair, including those that have matching textures, and they are lovely. They can be seen on his tail. There are attachment points that show little accessoriesthere. There's also a provided magenta bow. These reflect source materials. Sadly, the nail which secures Eeyore’s tail cannot be found. Though he has a seated stance that is excellent, these allow the figure toconnect all of these to studded surfaces.


lego lights

The Model after it is Completed

Apart from the fact that Winnie the Pooh's home is focused on, this Lego set has wooden signposts, which quite attractive for the Hundred Acre Wood. This wooden texture looks great.You would like the uneven shapes. They look like several various signposts all through the forest. The foliage decorates bases at the back of empty honey pots owned by none other but Winnie the Pooh. Our lovely bear visitedthis signpost some seconds ago. 

Our bear's house remains the same when you compare it with the ones from live-action depictions, animations, and all other forms it has been depicted. These designs work very wellwith features that were gotten copiously. They are accurate, and they flow with several Winnie the Pooh stories. There's an impressive tree that stretches about 25cm in its height. Then there's the base that measures21 cm deep. Some dimensions do not rejection the magnificent details which distinguish these creations from several others.


At times Winnie the Pooh likes to sit down on a log you can find outside his house. This log can be found in this Lego set. Two studs are available for you to put any Minifigure youdesire. There are also the printed tree rings that are available to grant you epic effects. There's also a fire that looks identical to the ones we know from the animations. You would love the ramshackle path, which isclose to the door of our Winnie. It has olive-green pants and a dark tan which goes against the color of the grass.



There are bright colors that are available all across this Lego set. The grass is made using bright green plates and limelight. The rounded tuffets that are flanked to the house of Poohhave darker green pieces. These lead to a spectrum of several shades, which make them all look lovely. There are high levels of integration of leaves that are angled with mushrooms. These provide additional splashes of colorwhich seem to look natural.


All around the house of Winnie the Pooh, you can see honey pots everywhere. These proper corresponds to the animations. The mound appearing close by also looks excellent. It has a brick-builtsnail. You'll be delighted with the level of integration between the tree and both mounds. These include a four x4 brick which is curved. These wrap around a specific side, and then there are the nougat tube elements onthe other side. You would like the asymmetric rate here. You can increase the rate at which you mirror the natural environment.


There are dark brown and reddish-brown pieces used traditionally by the LEGO Group to create Lego trees. Ben Alder has stated that these were part of his original ideas. The designerof this Lego set, Gotlib Ilia, instead employed dark tan pieces and medium nougat to brighten the entire structure. This choice has been quite successful for me. There are lots of pieces that have been created using mediumnougat for the first period of usage.


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