Lego 10289 Bird of Paradise Review

by Nikita P.

The Lego group launched the first two collections,which were botanical, at the beginning of 2021. They proved to remain sopopular that they've not been in stock or back in order from the Lego group fora lot of time.

Being the third one in the series, this Lego setthat’s titled Bird of Paradise 10289 has been due to get released on the 1stof June 2021, and it ha going to be received very well because of its beautifulappearance and it looks pretty fundamental.

The Strelitzia or the Bird of Paradise plant isentirely native to South Africa. That's the real bird I'm speaking of. But onecould find this bird growing in other places with the necessary climate for itto grow very well. Several people have created photos of these flowers found inplaces like Madeira in the year 2019.

These house plants are pretty popular too. The entiremodel was created and made by no one but Chris McVeigh. He creates beautifullypotted examples.

LEGO 10289

How are the Parts of this Lego 10289 Bird of Paradise?

The Lego 10289 Bird of Paradise has about a thousand,one hundred and seventy-three parts packed in bags that are numbered. There arebulks of them which are packed in bags number 2 and 1. These are the bags thatare used to make the pots.

The third and fourth bags help build the flowers andfoliage, while the bags from the fifth bag helps in holding the soil.

How is the Pot Constructed?

The entire pot is substantial. It makes use of platehinges which have 3x6 corner plates. They end up creating octagonal shapes thathave got SNOT brackets available on the vertices used to attach them on thesides.

You could look around the edges closely from thecircular section, and you could notice about three Minifigure rings. Theserings are slipped on axled pins, and they are used in the provision of properspacing through the 4x4 bricks in circles to the center and the 1x2 bricks onthe axle to the primary assembly. These are narrower marginally than standardhalf bushes, and it just seems like they are made with the appropriate width.

There are formed sides that are created using 2x2 andthose with 2x8 that have got curved slopes. About four are connected to thelime green vertices, which have 2x2 curved inverted slopes available on theinsides that aids in closing the gaps between the neighbors and them.

You would specifically love the strip of these mediumpieces that could be found close to the center, which seems like a left line ofpaint appears before glazing the pot.

LEGO 10289

After you're done with the pot, it is going to feelheavy. This would help in the prevention of the plant falling or gettingknocked over. Without the heavyweight of the pot, one could quickly push it,and before you know it, your entire pot would be on the floor. Broken and allyour hard-earned energy would waste for nothing.

After you've completed your pot, you need to turn yourattention to the plant itself. You should save a lot for the heads of yourflower. This is made entirely from pieces that are Technic.

There are about three different connectors to angles.These are used very well, like if you have to criticize the set, then one wouldsay just a single one of them like the third one has the color dark green. Allothers are either dark grey or completely black. These might be well, so theycould get differentiated completely as you build your set. After it's complete,the model might have looked way better if the color was nothing but dark green.

The leaves here could get twisted in many directionsto help position them separately in organic ways.

Some leaves are created using about four differenttechnic panels that have not been created using the dark green color before.Together, they create what is known as a perfect leaf shape. One is very surethat when these were initially designed, the designers didn't imagine that theycould be used for giant life-sized foliage.

One of the best parts of the build is that it is lefttill when you're about to finish. The entire head of the flower would be thelast thing you'll be left to create. There isn't anything complicated, hard, ortasking about the construction. However, one isn't quite sure if they weresimple to create in the beginning. There are parts of this set that havebeautiful purple colors. These parts Lego includes the fencing épée. Thefencing épée are the only parts that are colored purple, just like thehelicopter blade with the sand green color. There’s also the click hingeconnector which could be found at the high part of the stem.

When you're done, you'll end up with an exquisite andpretty design. It would look almost identical to the original flowers.

The pot top looks quite unsightly. All of that ends upleaving you to fill everything in using two hundred medium nougats and onehundred brown 1x1 plates with a round shape.

How does the Completed Model Look?

The entire thing stands at about forty-five cm high,and it looks beautiful. Looking at things from a distance, it looks a littlebit realistic. Or would likely be surprised at those who do not know about itbeing a Lego set until they come closer and look at what is in front of them.Like the Lego 10289 Bird of Paradise is that beautiful, and it has shapes thatlook exactly like what it is made out of or what it is made to look like.

It is about forty-five cm tall, and it looks epic.Looking at it from far, you wouldn't know it isn't the original plant. For allthose, not Lego fans, you could surprise them and make them think it's areal-life flower whenever they come a little bit closer. They would get to knowthat "Hey, it's Lego, not the real flower, Whoa."

Several people might complain that all of it is leavesand it doesn't have a lot of beautiful flowers. That's the truth abouthouseplants, though. This takes a lot of years and time for them to getproduced inside.

LEGO 10289

What’s the Price for Lego 10289 Bird of Paradise?

It is priced at AU$169, $99.99, £89.99, €99.99. Lego10289 Bird of Paradise is a little bit expensive, especially when you compareit with other botanical sets. This might be due to the low price, which hasmade the Lego group get high demand. So with a price like this, the level ofdemand has got to remain in check so the Lego group can deliver to all whoorder this product.

Lego 10289 Bird of Paradise could be gotten from theLego official website, also known publicly as It could be gotten fromthe 1st of June all around America apart from North America. Itwould be available in North America from the 1st of August. Thismakes an epic gift for people that love killing their plants at home with thispresent, you could leave it wherever you want, and you can't pour too muchwater on it or pour too little. It would be best if you dusted it a bit hereand a bit there. It is also an excellent present for people that are expectinggreat news. People hoping for the best, and people who want to be in peace wantto live happily and in harmony.

We're glad the Lego group provided us with such aremarkable Lego set to review. Everything stated here is simply our opinions.Everyone has the right or the freedom to criticize or talk about this Lego setor any other Lego set as they see, please.

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The collection botanically keeps surprising andleaving one with delight, honestly. A lot of Lego fans are pretty delighted andimpressed with the Lego 10289 Bird of Paradise. It is perfect on its own. Youdon't need a lot to display it. It is fantastic, easy, and fun to design,organize and build. It is realistic, just like the actual leaves and flowers,and best of all, it is pretty significant.

There isn't any doubt that this collection botanicallyhas been received very well. One is quite sure that all of these would fly offthe shelves and soon out of the Lego group's storage containers. It would flyoff as quickly as bonsai and other flowers, you know.

You should order this Lego 10289 Bird of Paradise setbefore it goes out of order. You can take your friends and your loved onesshopping. They would be glad you did.

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