LEGO 007 Aston Martin DB5 76911 Set Review

Travel back to your best James Bond movie when you build the LEGO 007 Aston Martin DB5 76911 Set.

Are you a huge James Bond fan? You will befamiliar with his signature ride, the 007 Aston Martin DB5 car. This car wasfeatured in the primer of the James Bond movie in 1964 and soon becameassociated with the character. This car was known for its durability,extraordinary speed, and all the cool features. As the James Bond characterlikeness grew among fans, so did their love and appreciation for his signatureride, the Aston Martin BD5 car. Fans loved seeing James Bond in this car. Itfeatured in the newest and maybe final installment, " No Time To Die."In the movie's intro, we see a spectacular display as James Bond uses itto escape his enemies and protect Madeleine. 

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For years, Lego fans have longed for a setfeaturing a James Bond Minifigure. This year, fans can be thrilled because thenew Lego Speed Champions set features our very first James Bond Minifigure andLego's latest adaptation of his signature ride, the 007 Aston Martin BD5 car.If you love the Lego Speed Champion collection of sets, then you would lovethis set. Not only do you get the chance to bring the Aston Martines to life inLego form, but you also have a James Bond Minifigure to help you relive epicmovie moments, like when James Bond realizes he has been played by the woman ofhis dreams, Madeleine. This set also offers a mouth-watering buildingexperience and other cool features. Let's deep dive into all you stand to gainwith this set and how our light kits can give you the desired finish you seek.

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Though the Lego 007 Aston Martin DB5 set issmall, it's really fun to build. Because of the set's small stature, you don'tget to repeat the same building technic more than once. So each building stageintroduces a new technic to help pass that stage. So as you build, you do notonly get originality in every build, but you also experience consistent funwith every build. The Lego Aston Martins set is very fun to build and wouldkeep both old and young builders engaged for hours. You can get the best out ofthis set by really focusing on the build and how every brick comes together togive you a set that overall looks amazing. 

The Lego Aston Martin DB5 set also comes withan instruction manual that clearly explains all you need to know about the setand accomplishing your desired finish. The set also includes detailedinstructions on how to approach each building stage. With this amazing manualto guide you, roadblocks would be the least of your worries. Because of this Legoset's simplicity, both old and new to Lego could successfully build this set.And to help give this Lego set authenticity, Lego included stickers. You wouldhave to attach all these stickers to your Lego set to give it a nice finishingtouch. The Lego set also includes number plates to help make the set look somuch more authentic. Overall, the Lego 007 Aston Martin DB5 set is really funto build and a great addition to your Lego collection. The set also comes withsome cool features, which the next section will cover.

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The Lego 007 Aston Martin DB5 set comes withfive different number plates, which you could fix on both the front and back ofLego sets. We believe that each of these number plates is taken from one ofeach of the James Bond movies. So you could enjoy relaying epic James bondmovie moments from whichever year while changing the number plates to addauthenticity to the look. You could even do research to uncover which numberplate was for which year. This research could be fun and give you an extraappreciation for the efforts put in by the Lego team to give you a set thatstays true not just to the most recent adaptation of the movie but also to mucholder James Bond movies.


Undoubtedly the best part of this set is thevery first James Bond Minifigure which seems to replicate the most recent JamesBond adaptation, the Daniel Craig version. The only thing a  bit off about this Minifigure is the hairthat does not look like the movie character. Nonetheless, this Lego Minifigurestill looks pretty amazing with his nice suit exclusive to the Lego set. ThisMinifigure is a cool addition to the set and looks pretty amazing when put behindthe wheels. 


Lego has been the custom to ensure that alltheir sets are made3 of the best material possible. All materials passedthrough the Lego company's quality assurance test needed to be released. Allsets also go through a compatibility test to ensure they are user-friendly. Allthe efforts put in by the Lego team make the set not only easy to use but funto use. The Lego set is also very safe to use and can be worked on withchildren. 

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     SET SIZE.

The Lego 007 Aston Martin Db5 set could beconsidered small, just like other Lego Speed Champions sets. The Lego set comeswith a total of 292 pieces. The Lego set measures 2 inches high, 6.5 incheslong, and 2.5 inches deep when fully put together. The ratio of this set makesit a perfect display set. The size also makes it a great set for kids to engagewith because of its portable size. 

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You can buy the Lego 007 Aston Martin DB5 setfrom any Lego store in your area. You could also try toy stores if you do nothave any Lego stores in your area. If you do not have time for that stress,visit the Lego website and place an order. The Lego set costs 19.99 dollars inthe US but could cost way more in other countries depending on the availabilityof the set. Once you have purchased this Lego set successfully, you would needto include another cool feature to complete your set's overall look. Thatfeature is our Lego light kit. The next section will help explain why our lightkits are a must-have with your set. 


You would need our Lego lights to help improvethe overall look of your Lego set. Our Lego lights add to the overall look ofyour set and make it all the more authentic. Our light kits are also very easyto use. But before you begin to install your already purchased light kits, hereare a few things to keep in mind. 


Make sure to inspect all your Lego light kitsand accessories. You are doing this to ensure that all installed light kits arein the best condition. So make sure to inspect this Lego set carefully. If younotice any damages with your Lego set, make sure you request a replacementusing your 30 days warranty card attached to each set. Once all damaged kitshave been replaced, and everything looks good, you can go on to install yourlight kit. 

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If you are unfamiliar with our Lego lightkits, use the kits instruction manual. The manual is clear and very explanatory.So take your time to study each installation step. Also, ensure to handle yourLego set with care because our kits are delicate and could get badly damaged ifnot handled properly. If you follow all the instructions in the manual whilehandling your set with care, you will surely experience success.

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Once you have concluded the installation ofyour Lego set, make sure to test run it after. This should ensure your lightkit is well installed and safe to use. So search out for signs of damage, maybea cut wire or spark. You could also check for signs of short-circuiting. If younotice any damage to your set, get it fixed. Once your inspection is done andeverything looks good, put your set on display for all to see. 

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