How LEGO can help your kids build important skills when they get back to school

by Nikita P.

The majority of people in the world know about LEGO. Almost everyone grew up with it. 

LEGO is one of the largest brands in the world, it has a massive fan base and it is also recognized.Did you know that LEGO has a lot of educational benefits? 

For over three decades, the LEGO education brand has been working with educators to develop experiences in the classroom that brings learning concept to life. 

Most people think that LEGO is just a toy as a result the benefits of playing with the brilliant, multi-angled bricks aren’t always clear. 

Below are some benefits of configuring, creating, and crafting with LEGO. 

● LEGO promotes motor skill 

Children connect pieces of different sizes and shapes. 

As a matter of fact, they practice dexterity.This requires a different amount of pressure to assemble in other to become a wonderful exercise for the kids.This supports their little fingers in being able to control the pressure they apply while writing. 

● LEGO stimulate teamwork 

Playing with kids that love LEGO helps them to learn to take turns. 

When working as a team on LEGO construction, children have to agree on the general idea of their play; it may be a spaceship, a boat, or a castle.Children need to follow one another’s lead & begin understanding how different concepts can actually add-up and extend their play.In order to have an enjoyable social experience, children have to learn to negotiate roles and responsibilities. 

LEGO improves creativity

● LEGO develops mathematical thinking and solves problems 

LEGO has a lot of benefits to children’s problem solving, focus, and attention.During LEGO play, ideas of balance, symmetry, shapes, and sizes are explored. Children also experience work with fraction numbers when they monitor how many amounts of brick pieces can fit into a large set and can begin to experiment with divisions. 

● LEGO improves creativity 

How does LEGO improve creativity? Children use varieties of LEGO bricks to construct designs and as a result, their creativity improves.When there are no limitations to what they can make, children nurture creativity. This helps them to expire and be able to have the intellect to make something in their own way. So LEGO is very beneficial. 

● LEGO enhances communication skills 

LEGO is a wonderful way to engage in meaningful conversations and as a result, reduces stress. As children comment on their creation, they develop important communication skills.These include the ability to explain ideas, talk about the prices and challenges that they had along the way, and describe their work. 

LEGO enhances self-esteem

● LEGO helps in developing persistence 

Did you know that no matter how careful you are, your creation may likely collapse? Persistence is really important.Some kids find it very difficult to persist because they feel very tired, and they sometimes think that it is not fun.LEGO helps kids see the importance of been persistent. As they persist their construction and creation become beautiful. 

● LEGO enhances self-esteem 

Pieces of LEGO are challenging when you cannot find a very fitting one for your construction. Every kid is always satisfied when their task is achieved.Proud smiles arouse in their face when their task is completed. This helps to improve the child's self-esteem. 

● LEGO develops lateral thinking and planning skills 

Instructions involving constructions are really challenging, especially when it comes to LEGO bricks. This helps the kids to develop planning skills as well as thinking.When kids face problems during construction, they analyze their work in order to see parts that require fixing. 

LEGO decreases anxiety and stress

● LEGO decreases anxiety and stress 

LEGO can actually help in calming and relaxing one's mind. Playing with LEGO can help reduce anxiety and worries in children.Playing and creating with LEGO can bring a feeling of order to the stressful day and can have a huge therapeutic benefit. 

● LEGO builds patience 

Did you know that LEGO can test patience? Not everyone likes their patience to be tested but sometimes it is very important.This Is necessary because when creating, you need to keep important bricks you need. Sometimes you may not see the brick your looking for, patience is needed to look for it and continue your construction.This helps children understand that in order to get good results, you need patience and hard work. 

● LEGO improves focus and concentration 

Following LEGO instructions, getting to know what piece comes next, waiting for their turn, and listening to others all requires focus.It can help children who sometimes need concentration. 

LEGO helps solve puzzles

● LEGO enhances stem 

What does STEM mean in this case? STEM means Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math.They are all driving component behind every LEGO. Science requires someone to come up with an idea and to practically prove it.LEGO helps kids help do through natural imagination. Technology is an act of using a new technique to carry out a task.LEGO teaches children to use basic equipment to do just that. LEGO helps children helps Learn engineering skills through building techniques. 

● LEGO helps solve puzzles 

 Whether a child uses an instruction booklet or builds from their own imagination, they are all solving a puzzle.When kids are picking little pieces around them to form a building, creature, or plane, they are bringing order out of chaos. LEGO bricks become a new opportunity. 

● LEGO helps in organizing 

The organization is really important. If the room is not organized, you may likely get hurt. Kids tend to learn very quickly as a result, they do not have to leave their bricks loitering across the room.When this is done the love for the game decreases. The game becomes stressful and less fun, and you may likely get hurt.When the bricks are organized, you will enjoy your play and have fun. 

LEGO improves coding skills

● LEGO improve coding skills 

LEGO serves as a terrific tool for tutoring kids the rudiments of coding. It is perfect for tech minds or even game minded kids.There is no shortage of resources to connect STEM and LEGO. Using LEGO to teach coding to kids is a great suggestion. 

● LEGO improves designs and architecture 

Whether your kids construct the I own manmade structure or try to copy renowned landmarks, the ability of LEGO bricks makes them great for creating everything from a pyramid to skyscrapers.Kids will really love the LEGO architecture aspect. It is a serious and most spent kit used by architects, designers, and builders.LEGO architecture series brings some of the world’s most beautiful buildings into our home.You can get close to various intricately designed landmarks without buying a plane ticket. You can take your kids to see the art of bricks. 

● LEGO improves storytelling 

LEGO helps kids to hone their storytelling skills, even from tense age. Questions like, eh building that tower? Or whose wall is this? Would get the kids' imaginations going.But even kids that are older can take those stories and turn them into plays. 

LEGO helps in socialization

● LEGO helps kids meditate on the future 

When creating with LEGO bricks children tend to reason and know what is to be done in the next minute.This aspect of benefit really helps the kids to think deeply about the future or what is likely to happen next.LEGO helps kids to think ahead of time especially when constructing or when the construction becomes difficult. 

● LEGO improves neatness and well-organized environment 

When a kid wants to build a tower, he or she does not take any piece of bricks rather the kid will have to know which come first.As a result of this benefit, kids have seen the need to be well organized and clean. Just imagine a kid playing with a LEGO full of mud, Definitely that kid will not be comfortable.This situation helps kids to keep their environment and everything around them clean. 

● LEGO helps in socialization 

Kids love team games because it is fun playing with family and friends. However, this helps them to socialize.A lot of kids don’t like mingling with their others. But when playing with LEGO, take turns and wins, they will see the need to socialize and make friends because they all want to be happy and loved. 

lego lights

● LEGO helps the family stay united 

You might wonder how LEGO can make a family stay united.Well when there is no good approach or communication in the family, there is no unity. When children cannot talk to their parents the way they want to there will be no unity.When parents and children engage in LEGO games from time to time the family will be happy. Especially the kids would really love it and they would be able to talk to their parents, respect them and most of all stay united. 

● LEGO promotes cooperation 

When kids come together and form groups, they tend to cooperate.Everyone will want his or her team or group to win the game and as a result, they would all cooperate. Some kids don’t like cooperating with friends.But when playing LEGO often they change their actions and see the love, joy, and fun it brings when cooperating with friends. 


Who would have thought that such a colorful toy could bring so many benefits? 

Yes playing with LEGO is really amazing, you will have fun, learn from it, and be able to create with it. Always use LEGO.

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