GET thrilled by a new LEGO Tree House 21318 set!

by Nikita P.

There’s always something new and exciting to build with LEGO and this time, the company has produced a set much closer to home – a tree house. Without a doubt, having a tree house in your backyard is one of the coolest things ever. But what if you don’t even have a tree to build a tree house in? Well, LEGO offers an alternative option, why not build a tree house with LEGO bricks as many times as you want? 

With over 3000 pieces, the LEGO Tree House 21318 set is one of the largest sets ever produced. It also stands out because the pieces are created from sustainable materials, as part of LEGO’S effort to ensure more sustainable products. The set comprises over 180 botanical pieces, which are produced from polyethylene made from sugarcane that is sustainably sourced. This means that the leaves, plants, and Minifigures in the set are all made from polyethylene making this the most sustainable set LEGO has ever produced.

LEGO Tree House 21318 Light Kit

The LEGO building is so well-detailed that you can see a hair brush in one of the rooms as well as specific toiletries in the bathroom. The tree itself is detailed and the set comes with different colors for the leaves to represent the two different seasons (green for summer, and yellow and brown for fall). Building the Lego Ideas tree house is no simple task, but of course, with LEGO, that’s the fun part. Nonetheless, after building the treehouse, you get to play with it as much as you want. The roof (which is actually the tree) can be detached to get a bird’s eye view of the rooms in the Lego tree house.


1. Minifigures 

LEGO Tree House Minifigures

The LEGO Tree House comes with four Minifigures, namely, a dad, mom, boy, and girl. This makes it all the more realistic and fun to build. The dad has spiky hair, a beard and has a little smile on his face. He is dressed in a ranger outfit and a hat. On the other hand, the mom has a slight smirk on her face, with short brown hair and gray legs – weird color combination but it works.Meanwhile, the boy has a nerdy look, with a happy facial expression. He is dressed in a red jacket and features brown legs. The girl also has brown hair tied into a ponytail and she has on a camping vest. 

2. Interior 

Inside the LEGO 21318 Tree House, there are three cabins. These are the master bedroom, the kids’ bedroom, and the bathroom. These are some of the coziest rooms ever created by LEGO as the detailing is very precise. The main room features a bed, dresser, and cabinet, and hidden underneath the covers of the bed is a pair of scissors.  

3. Exterior 

LEGO Tree House 21318 Light Kit

While the interior has several specific features, the exterior is not lacking either. Outside, there is a picnic table, a bonfire, a winding staircase, a crane used to send supplies from below, a swing and even a telescope.  


To get the most out of this treehouse, how about adding some special LEGO lights? With so many details in the Tree House, these amazing lights will make building it much more interesting. You get to choose the type of lights you would like to light up your very own LEGO Tree House!


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