Find stocks boring? Find out why LEGO investment is awesome!

by Nikita P.

LEGO ages like wine the older, the better

According to a study first conducted in 2015, LEGO sets have risen in worth yielding an average of about eleven percent in returns from 1987 to 2015. LEGO sets are mostly free from risk and even though they are present in the market, they aren't necessarily affected by market-related issues. So, when you ask do LEGO sets appreciate in value? Be rest assured that they do. The reason for this is that LEGO creates sets for different enterprises, movies, video games, etc. These sets are usually limited edition and in a couple of years, they can be worth four to ten times their original price. 

LEGO as an investment can be great if you know what to do

LEGO investments in 2019 are relatively profitable. A Captain America and Iron Man LEGO set sold for over eleven thousand dollars ($11,200) during the 2012 New York Toy Fair. In 2015's Manager Conference the very rare LEGO Magician and Zombie set sold for $11,150. When most people think LEGOs they don't think investment they think children and toys but this isn't the complete case. LEGO as an investment can be great if you know what to do and how to find LEGO sets that will increase in value. However, before you sprint to the store to purchase any set of LEGO you must know a couple of things.

LEGO New York Toy Fair Captain America and Iron Man


   1. PASSIONYou need to be passionate about LEGO investment. You have to really love the stuff. This doesn't mean that people who are uninformed about the games can't collect LEGO sets and sell them decades later, it just means they're more likely to be duped. If you love collecting LEGO sets just for the sake of it you'll be more aware of the worth of the set because you'll know a lot of things about the set. When it was made, how many more sets still exist and other things like that. Collecting LEGO sets needs knowledge because you have to be able to identify the ones that will increase in worth. Without in-depth knowledge, you're at a disadvantage because anyone could be lying to you about the worth of your LEGO set or sets. Documentation is also important. Record the sets you buy, how much you bought them and how much you sold them in order to improve your knowledge of trading. This helps you take note of LEGO sets that will increase in value. 

   2. PATIENCE - LEGO ages like wine, the older the better. LEGO as an investment works better in the long run. When we say long-term we're talking twenty to thirty to forty years, anything less won't be as profitable as it should've been. It needs a lot of patience, it isn't like the stock market where you can watch your stocks rise or fall, it takes a lot of patience to wait for the prime time to sell. 

   3. UNDERSTAND RISK - If you make a bad investment or buy a bad set, the risk is all on you. You bear it completely and fully. This is why it's better to love LEGO before you choose to invest in it. You also have to be able to keep the sets dry and in a good environment, if the packaging gets damaged or a block gets cracked the worth immediately reduces. LEGO as in investment has pros and cons. So, you have to understand that whatever happens, you bear all the risk but also remember that on the flipside you enjoy all the profits. 

LEGO Lights


These are the main points you should know before investing in LEGO. Yes, LEGO as an investment in 2019 is good and relatively safe but they a few guidelines which we have already discussed. Another thing to keep in mind is that opened packages tend to go for less if they've been opened, they're worth much less and if they're still in the original packaging they are worth more. Also, keep in mind the audience of the sets, if you're looking to purchase a set find sets like Star Wars sets or other franchises that have a strong cult-like following. These are LEGO sets that will increase in value. Finally, never ever sell all the sets at once, there is always a chance for an increase in value.

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