Experience a Captivating Journey into the Grid with Lego TRON Legacy 21314

by Eve Alessa Arevalo

The world of Lego continuously expands, encompassing diverse themes and collaborating with renowned franchises. One such collaboration resulted in the creation of the Lego TRON: Legacy 21314 set. Inspired by the iconic Disney movie, this set invites fans of all ages to immerse themselves in the electrifying digital realm of TRON. In this review, we will explore the design, building experience, playability, value for money, and overall appeal of this remarkable Lego set.

lego lights

Design and Features

Main components or areas:

The Lego TRON: Legacy 21314 set impresses with its distinctive design, representing the iconic Light Cycle from the film. The set includes two Light Cycles, each constructed using transparent blue elements that brilliantly mimic the illuminated aesthetic of the movie. The intricate details and sleek lines capture the essence of the futuristic vehicles, providing an authentic representation.

LEGO 21314


To enhance the immersive experience, the set includes three minifigures: Sam Flynn, Quorra, and Rinzler. Each minifigure features unique printing, showcasing their movie counterparts' recognizable attire. The attention to detail extends to their identity disks, which can be attached to the minifigures' backs, adding an extra touch of authenticity.

Accessories and decorations:

Complementing the Light Cycles, the set also includes translucent light trail pieces, adding a sense of motion and excitement to the display. Additionally, the set comes with a brick-built TRON grid display stand, featuring a printed TRON logo, providing a visually appealing backdrop for the Light Cycles.

Building Experience

Complexity and engagement:

The building experience of Lego TRON: Legacy 21314 strikes a balance between challenge and enjoyment. The construction of the Light Cycles incorporates a satisfying level of intricacy, allowing builders to appreciate the thought put into the design. While not overly complex, the set presents enough challenges to engage both experienced builders and those new to Lego.

LEGO 21314

Instruction manual and building process:

The instruction manual is clear and well-organized, guiding builders through the construction process step by step. The visuals are easy to follow, ensuring that builders can assemble the set without confusion. The building process itself is rewarding, as each stage adds to the excitement of seeing the Light Cycles come together.

Playability and Entertainment Value

Interactive features:

Lego TRON: Legacy 21314 offers excellent playability with several interactive features. The Light Cycles feature movable handlebars and translucent blue light trail elements that can be detached, allowing for dynamic posing and imaginative action scenes. The minifigures can be easily placed on the Light Cycles, enabling role-playing and recreating iconic scenes from the TRON: Legacy movie.

LEGO 21314

Opportunities for imaginative play and storytelling:

The set provides ample opportunities for imaginative play and storytelling. The futuristic aesthetic and recognizable characters inspire creative scenarios within the TRON universe. Children and adult fans alike can immerse themselves in the digital world, recreating thrilling races, engaging in light cycle battles, or embarking on their own grid adventures.

Value for Money

Number of pieces and design:

With 230 pieces, Lego TRON: Legacy 21314 offers a satisfying building experience at a reasonable price point. The set's design captures the essence of the movie, faithfully recreating the Light Cycles and incorporating essential elements from the TRON universe.

LEGO 21314

Compatibility with other LEGO sets and themes:

The set's compatibility with other Lego sets and themes is worth noting. The Light Cycles can be combined with other Lego sets and themes, allowing builders to expand their TRON universe or incorporate the Light Cycles into other imaginative creations. This versatility adds value to the set, encouraging further exploration and integration with existing Lego collections.

Pros and Cons


• Authentic representation of the Light Cycles from TRON: Legacy.

• Detailed minifigures with unique printing and accessories.

• Interactive features, such as movable handlebars and detachable light trails.

• Opportunities for imaginative play and storytelling within the TRON universe.

• Clear and well-organized instruction manual.

• Compatibility with other Lego sets and themes.


• Limited minifigure selection, with only three characters included.

• The set may not appeal to those unfamiliar with the TRON: Legacy movie.

• Some builders may prefer a higher level of complexity in the construction process.

LEGO 21314

Final Thoughts and Recommendations

Summary of the set's appeal:

Lego TRON: Legacy 21314 successfully captures the essence of the iconic Light Cycles from the movie, offering a captivating building experience and playability. With its detailed design, authentic minifigures, and interactive features, the set will undoubtedly thrill fans of TRON: Legacy, immersing them in the digital world of the Grid.

LEGO 21314

Illuminate Your Imagination with the Light Kit for TRON: Legacy 21314 by Game of Bricks

Lighting up your LEGO sets can take your building experience to a whole new level, and Game of Bricks understands this perfectly. Their Light Kit for TRON: Legacy 21314 brings life and vibrancy to this iconic LEGO set, enhancing its futuristic appeal. In this review, we will delve into the installation process, the enhanced details, customizability, durability, and any minor downsides, providing you with a comprehensive overview of this illuminating experience.

Light Kit for TRON: Legacy 21314

Easy Installation:

Game of Bricks has designed this light kit with ease of installation in mind. The package comes with a detailed instruction manual, which makes the setup process straightforward and hassle-free. The kit includes neatly organized LED lights, connecting cables, adhesive tapes, and a battery box, ensuring that you have everything you need to bring your TRON: Legacy set to life. The intuitive design of the light kit ensures that even novice builders can install it with ease.

Light Kit for TRON: Legacy 21314

Enhanced Details:

One of the most impressive aspects of the Light Kit for TRON: Legacy 21314 is how it enhances the intricate details of the original LEGO set. The strategically placed LED lights highlight the glowing lines of the motorcycles, the neon accents of the minifigures, and the luminescent Tron disc. The subtle lighting effects create an atmosphere that truly captures the essence of the TRON universe. The glowing aesthetics add depth and realism to the set, immersing you in the digital world of TRON.


Game of Bricks understands that every builder has their own vision, and they have designed the light kit to be customizable. The kit includes extra LED lights and extension cables, allowing you to tailor the lighting setup to your preferences. Whether you want to accentuate specific areas or experiment with different lighting effects, the Light Kit for TRON: Legacy 21314 offers flexibility to bring your creative ideas to life.

lego lights


The durability of the light kit components is crucial to ensure a long-lasting and reliable lighting solution. Game of Bricks has paid attention to this aspect, utilizing high-quality materials that are built to withstand the test of time. The LED lights are bright and energy-efficient, ensuring they will illuminate your TRON: Legacy set for hours of enjoyment. The cables are sturdy and well-insulated, minimizing the risk of damage or wear over time.

Minor Downsides:

While the Light Kit for TRON: Legacy 21314 excels in many areas, there are a few minor downsides to consider. Firstly, the adhesive tapes included in the kit could be slightly stronger, as they may require reinforcement in certain areas to ensure a secure fit. Additionally, the battery box, while functional, could be more streamlined to better integrate with the set's design. However, these minor issues do not significantly detract from the overall experience.


Game of Bricks' Light Kit for TRON: Legacy 21314 is an exceptional addition to the original LEGO set, taking it to new heights with its easy installation, enhanced details, customizability, and durability. The kit allows you to bring the world of TRON to life, immersing yourself in its futuristic glow. While there are a few minor downsides, they are outweighed by the overall quality and immersive experience provided by this light kit. If you are a fan of TRON or simply looking to add an extra touch of brilliance to your LEGO collection, the Light Kit for TRON: Legacy 21314 by Game of Bricks is undoubtedly worth considering. Let your imagination shine and step into the digital realm of TRON

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