Different Ways LEGO Sharpens The Mind Of Children

by Nikita P.

With LEGO, anyone can create anything and everything without feeling bored. You don’t feel bored because of the colorful nature of LEGO bricks. It comes in different beautiful sets that can make your imaginations come through.

Making children develop love and habit for LEGO might seem like a non-profitable venture at first but with time, you will understand that it wasn’t a wasted effort at all because some smart minds of today once built with LEGO bricks.

Recently, it was all over the place that 60 percent of students, who passed out from prestigious universities were ‘grand’ players of LEGO. This discovery was made by Japan in a recent study. At the time they were playing with these beautiful bricks, many would have dismissed it as normal children play. Only a few people would have presumed this current happening. 

LEGO has a way of sharpening the minds of children but many people are yet to understand this. Young children can improve positively only if you expose their minds to tools that can shape the positive side of them. So might ask, how can LEGO sharpen the minds of kids. Well, you have to find that out yourself, in this article.

How kids learn with LEGO

When you ask parents or teachers the best way you can teach children. They will you that children tend to assimilate faster when the teaching was done in a playful mood. Children hardly stay attentive and it’s normal for them. Ever taken your girl child to a salon to get her hair done and she does so quietly without some elements of play? No, it’s hardly ever seen: they require that you spend your time singing rhymes, buying snacks and doing some other kinds of engagement. That brings us to a conclusion, children lose their patience easily, if you don’t do something interesting to keep them on the spot, hell no! They won’t ever listen to you and you can do nothing about it. That’s exactly the function of LEGO is for, it’s been introduced to children to make them play and learn alongside. LEGO proves that you can actually serve two or more masters at a time: play + fun + learn= Happy learning time!

kids learn with lego

Ways LEGO sharpens the mind of kids

Boosts creativity

When you want to trigger the creative nature of your child, you should consider buying a LEGO set for them. LEGO aids your child’s reasoning, his learning speed, triggers his/her imaginations and teaches lessons too. Every kind of LEGO set you buy comes with instructions on how to build and they can be used in several ways to build several things. When children are being given LEGO sets, they are expected to go through the instructions and in turn, find out ways to use it themselves. This allows the child to explore and an opportunity to think of different things they can create with the LEGO sets and also ways of creating structures with it. 

lego boost creaativity

Sometimes, when there are no instructions given, a child naturally acts on impulse and see what they can achieve with an item. When you give a child LEGO set without prior instruction they can look at the bricks and understand that the studs can fit into a hole. So yes, LEGO helps to click the creativity button in children. Also, children fantasize a lot. When you leave them alone, they get lost in their own world, let their minds work and create beautiful things that are always an icon of their imagination. A child’s life can interest them if you allow it. Introduce your child(ren) to LEGO and let their creativity start booming.

Excellent development of motor skills

The way LEGO building takes place allows children to develop their motor skills along with their strength when it comes to building with it. Children learn how to successfully hold the LEGO pieces, how to perfectly twist, how to turn and finally how to manipulate the bricks to make sure that the LEGO studs fit into the bricks hole. Building with LEGO bricks is the same thing as exercising and what does frequent exercise do to you? It helps you to busy your muscles busy which in turn makes you very fit and stronger. 

Why is it important to develop your motor skills? It makes you more coordinated, 


Boosts a child’s ability to Socialize

Oftentimes, children come together to play and when a group of children play, there’s always a sense of in unbounded unity that exists among them. LEGO building is a great way of allowing a child to create a good relationship with his mate. Since some structures built with LEGO bricks are sometimes complex, children try to converse and share ideas concerning how a particular building structure can be done. LEGO does more than helping people build imaginative structures. It helps to spring up smart kids that will grow to understand the importance of teamwork, friendship, interactive skills, and healthy relationships. 

kids plays lego together

LEGO teaches children how to be patient, persistent and perseverant

Like we said before, LEGO does more than helping people build imaginative structures. If a child continues to play with LEGO, the three valuable attributes; patience, persistence, and perseverance. When a child plays alone with these LEGO bricks, they can master the art of being patient. The reason being that, the quest to become a winner using the play toy. They patiently strive just so they can have something to boast of. LEGO helps to increase the percent of a child’s patience.

Having the ability to be patient, persistent and perseverant cannot be emphasized in the world. So having a child that exhibits these attributes isn't so common. LEGO lets a child subtly go through hardship while trying to make a beautiful structure. The curiosity instinct of a child won’t let him or her give up easily. Also going through these subtle hardship reminds them that good things aren’t gotten on a platter and they need to work for it, so they stick around and hope for results. 

lego lights

Everyone wants smart kids. You have to actively instill into your child that which you want him to be. LEGO is a blessing in disguise and every parent should invest in them. With the ways are going the current LEGO builders are slowly becoming the future world changers. 

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