Building Block Brilliance: A Review of the LEGO Mobile Crane MK II 42009

by Eve Alessa Arevalo

The LEGO Mobile Crane MK II 42009 is a part of LEGO’s flagship Technic line, a series renowned for intricate designs and robust functionality. This particular set, a 2,606-piece colossus, serves as a true testament to LEGO's engineering prowess. The model provides a hefty challenge even for seasoned LEGO enthusiasts, delivering a compelling mix of sophisticated design, immersive build experience, and rewarding playability.

lego lights

Design and Features

A. Main components or areas

The LEGO Mobile Crane MK II is packed with stunningly detailed and complex mechanical features. Composed of 8 wheels, a motorized boom, a rotating superstructure, and operational outriggers, the design showcases an impressive facsimile of a real-life mobile crane. The striking, detailed model reaches a height of approximately 77cm with the boom fully extended.

B. Minifigures

Given its Technic nature, this set does not come with traditional LEGO minifigures. However, this omission does not detract from the set’s appeal but rather emphasizes its technical realism and focus on mechanical operations.

C. Accessories and decorations

Accessories for this set are limited, centering on the crane’s operational components. The crowning glory, however, is the LEGO Power Functions motor included, which powers the crane's boom, superstructure, and outriggers. This feature sets it apart from more conventional LEGO sets, providing an educational insight into mechanics and engineering principles.

LEGO 42009

Building Experience

A. Complexity and engagement

With over 2,600 pieces, the Mobile Crane MK II is no walk in the park. It presents an engaging challenge that encourages critical thinking and patience. The complexity of the build is intriguing and rewarding, ensuring that each hour invested feels worthwhile.

B. Instruction manual and building process

The instruction manual is clear and well-structured, typical of LEGO's high-quality standards. It successfully breaks down the complexity of the model into manageable stages. The building process, while challenging, is quite the learning journey. Observing the intricate mechanisms gradually taking shape provides a real sense of achievement.

LEGO 42009

Playability and Entertainment Value

A. Interactive features

Beyond the construction process, this model offers a range of interactive elements. The LEGO Power Functions motor brings life to the crane, enabling the boom and outriggers to extend, retract, and swivel. The sense of satisfaction derived from operating the completed crane is a unique experience in the world of LEGO.

B. Opportunities for imaginative play and storytelling

Although the Mobile Crane MK II is more of a model than a traditional playset, the moving parts offer a myriad of imaginative play scenarios. Kids and adults alike can create their construction scenarios, extending the play experience beyond the initial build.

LEGO 42009

Value for Money

A. Number of pieces and design

Offering 2,606 pieces at its price point, the Mobile Crane MK II provides good value. The sheer size and complexity of the design, coupled with the motorized functionality, make it a standout model within the LEGO Technic range.

B. Compatibility with other LEGO sets and themes

While this set mainly caters to Technic enthusiasts, the crane can complement a larger LEGO city layout. It fits nicely into a broader LEGO collection, adding depth and authenticity to urban landscapes or construction-themed dioramas.

LEGO 42009

Pros and Cons

A. Pros

The Mobile Crane MK II shines in its detail-oriented design, showcasing the intricacies of real-world machinery. Its power functions enhance interactivity, while the complex build offers an engaging, educational experience. The high piece count makes it a long-lasting project and an excellent value for money.

B. Cons

On the flip side, the set’s complexity might be daunting for less experienced builders. The lack of minifigures and storyline-oriented accessories could limit its appeal for those seeking a more traditional LEGO playset. Additionally, the crane's large size might be a storage consideration for some.

Final Thoughts and Recommendations

A. Summary of the set's appeal

The LEGO Mobile Crane MK II is an engineering marvel in the realm of building blocks. Its intricate design, coupled with robust interactive features, provides a challenging and gratifying experience that goes beyond the typical LEGO build. Its emphasis on functional mechanical elements brings a certain depth and realism to the model, making it not just a toy but also a marvel of miniature engineering.

B. Target audience and overall value

This set primarily appeals to older kids, teenagers, and adult fans of LEGO (AFOLs) who relish a complex, immersive build. It would also serve as an exceptional learning tool for those interested in mechanics or engineering. Given the high piece count, functional design, and the hours of immersive building and play it offers, the LEGO Mobile Crane MK II is excellent value for money.

Despite its potential challenges, I wholeheartedly recommend this set to any LEGO enthusiast looking for a rewarding and educational building experience. The Mobile Crane MK II isn't merely a toy—it's a testament to the limitless possibilities of the humble LEGO brick.

A Game-Changing Addition: Light Kit for Mobile Crane MK II 42009 Review

The Light Kit for Mobile Crane MK II 42009, developed by the renowned company Game of Bricks, is a revolutionary accessory that breathes new life into the iconic LEGO set. With its easy installation process, enhanced details, customization options, and durability, this light kit elevates the overall experience of building and playing with the Mobile Crane MK II.

Light Kit for Mobile Crane MK II 42009

Easy Installation

One of the standout features of this light kit is its simplicity when it comes to installation. Game of Bricks has designed the kit to seamlessly integrate with the LEGO set, ensuring a hassle-free process for users. The package includes a detailed instruction manual that provides step-by-step guidance, making it easy even for beginners to install the lights. The wires are discreetly hidden, maintaining the aesthetics of the crane while effectively illuminating key areas.

Light Kit for Mobile Crane MK II 42009

Enhanced Details

The light kit truly shines when it comes to enhancing the details of the Mobile Crane MK II. Each light element has been thoughtfully placed to highlight specific features, such as the cabin, boom, and stabilizer legs. The lights provide a realistic and immersive experience, bringing the crane to life. Whether displayed as a static model or in motion, the illuminated components add a new dimension of authenticity.


Game of Bricks understands the importance of personalization, and this light kit offers a wide range of customization options. The kit includes multiple lighting modes, allowing users to adjust the brightness or create dynamic lighting effects. With the included remote control, users can easily switch between different lighting configurations, adapting to their preferences and creating unique displays. This level of customization ensures that each user can showcase their creativity and make the Mobile Crane MK II truly their own.

lego lights


The durability of the light kit is commendable. Game of Bricks has utilized high-quality materials that are resistant to wear and tear, ensuring the longevity of the lights. The wires are carefully protected and secured, minimizing the risk of damage during assembly and play. This attention to detail guarantees that the light kit will withstand the rigors of handling, maintaining its functionality and visual appeal for an extended period.

Minor Downsides

While the Light Kit for Mobile Crane MK II 42009 is an exceptional addition to the LEGO set, there are a few minor downsides to consider. Firstly, the additional wires can make the assembly process slightly more complex, requiring extra attention and patience. Additionally, the light kit requires three AAA batteries, which are not included in the package. While these downsides are relatively minor, they are worth noting for those seeking a completely seamless experience.

In conclusion, the Light Kit for Mobile Crane MK II 42009 by Game of Bricks is a game-changing accessory that takes the LEGO building experience to new heights. With its easy installation process, enhanced details, customizable options, and durability, this light kit adds a whole new dimension of realism and creativity to the Mobile Crane MK II. While there are a few minor downsides, they are outweighed by the overall quality and impact of the light kit. If you're a LEGO enthusiast looking to enhance your Mobile Crane MK II, the Light Kit by Game of Bricks is undoubtedly a worthwhile investment.

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