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Awesome LEGO Animals to build with a few bricks

Do you have someLEGO bricks that you want to put to good and fun use for you and your kids? Didyou know you could help your kids explore their imagination and creativity bybuilding any LEGO animal that they want? And yes, they can do this with LEGOpieces from any LEGO set that you have. It doesn't have to be LEGO DUPLO or aset that is designed specifically for building animals, so get that box of LEGObricks out because it's time to get creative.

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One awesomething that we all love about LEGO is the fact that we can think of an idea, adesign, anything awesome in our heads and always count on our LEGO bricks to bethere for us when we decide to build. Your LEGO set may have been designed toprobably build a car, a Star Wars space ship, or even a LEGO City. But with aLEGO box containing bricks from several LEGO sets, there are over a hundredideas that you can build from them.

In this article,you will be getting ideas on what animals you can build with your kids usingyour box of LEGO pieces, I'll tell you what LEGO pieces you'll need and thenyou can explore your creativity from thereon. It would help a lot more to lookat the pictures of the animals when building your own.

First of all,let's look at some of the benefits ofhaving your kids build with LEGO.

     It helps them learn more aboutwhat they're creating. Whether it's an animal, a car, a movie character, abuilding, or anything at all, building with LEGO will help you easily teachyour kids about the creation and how it fits into our own lives and experiences

     It helps to motivate them tosolve problems. Every LEGO set or box of LEGO is a new challenge that needs tobe dealt with, a new puzzle to be solved, and a new fun experience to beachieved.

     It helps you connect more withyour child. One thing LEGO helps you build as a parent is a good connectionwith your child. You can help them along the building process and help ensurethey're on the right track. This helps you get involved in their lives more.

     It helps them learn tomultitask. Thinking and building, following directions, and building.

     It also helps them to learnsoft skills like teamwork, management, architecture, basic maths, and manyothers.

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So you see whyyou must let them build these awesome LEGO animals. Now let's get to it.

1. LEGO Elephant

The LEGOelephant is one of my favorite LEGO animals to build. Although there may not bea possible way to attach a tusk to the face of the elephant, it still looksamazing anyway. We can just assume that our elephant got in a fight trying toprotect his family and lost his tusks, that's cool, isn't it? The elephant is amassively huge animal, but ours is going to be a little version of it.


To build thiselephant, we'll need more LEGO bricks with the ash color. That would make itlook more like an elephant than when you use a different color like black,white, or red. However, we'll need a few black ones too, just two to beprecise. We'll also need LEGO bricks with up to eight studs, but don't worry,you can easily join two or more pieces together to get the desired number, justmake sure it forms a rectangular shape. Now you can start to build.

LEGO Elephant

2. LEGO Fish

This one willtotally be dependent on your child's creativity level, they have to pull it offwith the idea they have in their head. There are several kinds of fishes out inthe sea and that makes it even more beautiful because now they have a varietyof designs to build. They can decide to build a tilapia, a shark, a big whale,and a little tuna fish.


You also don'tneed to worry about using a specific color, several fishes come in differentbeautiful colors, most are even mixed. Some colors, however, that you can mixare ash and black; yellow and red; ash and blue; yellow and black; yellow,blue, and black and so on. Anyone you decide to go with, just ensure that allthe pieces are put in strategic places to make your fish look beautiful.


3. LEGO Giraffe

You would expectthis one to be really difficult, however, it is not. Just like with the LEGOfish, you're going to also need bricks of different colors. You know the realgiraffe is striped, so you have to make it look like it. You can decide to useonly one color of LEGO all through, you'd still get the desired giraffe shapebut to give it an extra touch of reality, you should mix the colors.


The best colorsyou can mix to create the stripes will include, yellow and red, yellow andblack, black, and red. Building a LEGO giraffe is pretty straightforward,you're mostly going to need pieces with just two studs and some with one studto create the stripes. It is a really beautiful animal to build with LEGObricks.

 LEGO Giraffe

4. LEGO Lion

Who is the kingof the jungle? Yeah, you got that right. You cannot build a complete set ofLEGO animals without a king to rule and protect them, can you? The Lion is sucha majestic animal that your kids would be thrilled to get a chance to create.


Building theLion should be challenging, but really fun, it would take up more time andcreativity. The colors that will be needed to do this are yellow, red, andmaybe a bit of black. You can use the color yellow for the main body, the blackfor the tail and feet, and the red for the mane (if you're making a male Lion,which you should, in order to make it more real),


5. LEGO Horse

Another elegantand prestigious animal that your kids would love to build is the horse. Thehorse is known for its agility and stamina, this is a great opportunity toteach your kids about the heroic nature of the horse and how it was used infighting ancient battles. Other animals that look like the horse that you canbuild are the donkey, the unicorn (although only in fairy tales, it's anawesome animal that your child would love to build), and then we have the zebra(the zebra is striped so it makes it slightly different but you can still buildit in the same shape.


To build a LEGOhorse, however, you'll need a couple of yellow two-stud LEGO bricks, some whiteor black. You can build a white horse with yellow mane, a black horse with awhite mane, or a yellow horse with black or white mane, just always rememberthat it all depends on your idea and your creativity.

LEGO Horse

6. LEGO penguins

Penguins arebeautiful animals that live both on land and in water. They practically spendhalf of their lives living inside the water and the other half on land. They'reknown to live in large groups, so when you want to make your own, you coulddecide to make more than one so it pushes that idea. Penguins don't fly, so youdon't need to worry about making feathers or big wings.


Basically, allpenguins have black and white colors on their bodies and maybe anorange-colored beak which you can make as yellow or red if you don't have aLEGO brick with orange color. The white color should be at the belly part (infront) and the black should be at the back. This is a cool LEGO animal to buildwith your kids, especially during winter.

LEGO penguins

7. LEGO sheep

Just likepenguins, sheep are usually black and white. However, sometimes they could betotally white and totally black. Wherever you decide to fix the colors shouldbe up to you, what is most important to us is to ensure that the sheep lookslike one. You don't have to worry about creating the horns, just like with theelephant, we may not have bricks to build that unless we're building a verylarge one.


Building theLEGO sheep is also straightforward, we'll mostly need two-stud LEGO bricks andmaybe a few others, but majorly two-stud. Your child would definitely bethrilled to learn about the over two hundred breeds of sheep out there and howthey're also useful for our clothes too.

LEGO sheep

So there you go,some awesome animals to build with a few LEGO bricks. Always remember thatthese LEGO animals don't need to follow a specific pattern, it's totally up tothe builder to decide the size and color, the shape is what matters the most.Good luck with your exploration.

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